Are you looking for Youtube Advertising in Perth? A stunning fact about video between 87-90 % of customers are more likely to buy your product after watching your promo video. When the first websites were around when the internet was launched engagement rates on text and pictures was massive. Now we are lucky if a website attains 3-5 percent of website users long enough to get them to convert.

On YouTube there are over 4.5 billion videos watched every day! It makes sense then to fish in a pool with this many fish in it. If you want to get your brand online at Perth Digital Edge we can make it happen.

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The YouTube Impact
on Marketing

In the tech industry a day is long time, back in 2005 a event happened that was descend to change all our lives forever and that was the launch and upload of the first ever YouTube video for public consumption. These days though, there are almost 8 billion videos available on YouTube!!!

YouTube is what most marketers believe to be the future of all online advertising as people become more enthralled with it as a medium online. To put it bluntly the traffic that goes through YouTube daily is 4 times higher than the whole Australian population and it its reported that over half of us use it every day for our viewing pleasure. Worldwide the upload rates of video content on YouTube in the last 30 months is higher than all the US television companies put together have released in the last 3 decades.

So, with all the growth and traffic think about the potential impact for your brand or business by adverting in the space could be…. We don’t need to spell it out any further, This offers you an opportunity that cant be ignored so your brand or product can connect with your desired audience in an exciting and engaging way.

Video Retention Rates

It’s an old strategy that stands true, brand awareness can create or crush businesses. When customers view a video of your products or service the statics tell us that 95 percent of people will recall what the ad is about compared to text which is around 10%. This means that views who see views who see video or YouTube adverts can tell if asked about an ad they saw a few days about what the point of it was and what message it was trying to get across.

Targeting Your
Video Ads Effectively

So we have all seen them online, those funny videos that don’t really serve a purpose, well as a business its only natural to be concerned about your video being shown in the wrong search results as its likely that your target audience wont be found in that space. Luckily Googles smart targeting algorithms can get you heaps of specific traffic that is useful to your brand. Perth Digital Edge can assist with researching which audience will be interested and create a buzz or increase ROI for your brand.

There are several different factors that are worth considering including but not limited to:

– Age

– Gender

– Parental status

– Household income

– Time of day your video ad is displayed

– Topic selection

– Interests

– Related watched videos

This means as an agency we can get very granular with your video campaign and target only the required audience to give you decreased spend and a higher ROI in the long run, sounds good right?

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YouTube Adverting
Ad Types

There are a few different YouTube marketing services that are available through the YouTube platform and at Perth Digital Edge we can help guide you which advert type is the right fit for your goal. The four main marketing video types are:

Instream YouTube adverts

This type of ad medium is displayed before you a Video is played through the YouTube page. These videos are not skippable for the first five seconds and this should be the time to make sure your video content is meaningful in order to encourage viewers to stay engaged.

In Video YouTube adverts

In video ads appears as suggested viewing material for users. This is done by looking at the persons previous view history and targeting accordingly. The benefit of these adverts is that they don’t interfere with a user’s overall experiences and only promote views to people who click on the videos.

Bumper YouTube adverts

These types of ads are non-skippable and can only run for a 6 second time period. These are what you would call a snipped or a teaser type advertisement. Done correctly these ads can be very effective in a marketing campaign.

Master Head YouTube adverts

The most expensive of all the advertising on YouTube but probably the most effective. These make your ads visible on the YouTube homepage for a period of 24 hours. This essentially means everyone who visits youtube in your targeting will see your video.

YouTube Advertising
at Perth Digital Edge

When we say, “Your Ally in the Digital Space” We mean it! Having a manager who is skilled can greatly increase your conversion chances and lowers your costs.

Video advertising is often overlooked but can be leveraged for great success within a marketing campaign. As its relatively cheap and effective at building brand awareness its defiantly something you should consider for your business. Let Perth Digital Edge help you strategies a effective online video marketing campaign today and your only regret will be that you didn’t think of it sooner.

So if your looking for the next step and the edge online and you think Perth Digital Edge is the right YouTube advertising agency for you remember that we can give you top quality video marketing services at a competitive price. We can help you dominate the space with great quality video production that get you the best ROI for your brand.

Youtube Advertising


As a are SEO Specialists in Perth we make sure that when we always build ads with our SEO  hat on. This means we always try to ask a simple question “what is the user or client looking for” and create video ads that answer that.

Perth Digital Edge offering customized YouTube channel for you, text transcription of videos, content and more. We will help you reach potential customers thru youtube advertising.

Reach out us to discuss YouTube ads today.

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