Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of enriching a website to rank highly in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Customer engagement is amongst the main purposes for SEO practices. by developing sound digital marketing strategies it can help enhance the virtual presence of your business, convert customers into sales and increase website return of investment (ROI). Perth Digital Edge are Perth SEO experts that can help you achieve the best results with the most up to date digital marketing strategies, such as the use of targeted keywords which can guarantee your place on top of SERPS.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the process of purchasing the top positions in a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and management is one of the primary responsibilities of a digital marketing agency. Each key phrase or keyword has a corresponding dollar figure in a cost-per-click (CPC) situation. In simple terms, Perth Digital Edge can create and maintain your SEM campaigns to help your company or business achieve the best return on investment (ROI) possible. Moreover, we can aid in your SEM campaigns by creating display ads and add effective dynamic campaigns or highly optimised video campaigns. Do you want to achieve better return from your ad spend or lower cost of conversion in AdWords? Let Perth Digital Edge help you!


Web Design & Development

Website development refers to ways or practices of developing a website for hosting through the internet. There are many forms of website development such as web design, web content development and network configuration. The web developer’s task varies depending on the type of website features and functions that need to be produced. Do you need a professional website developer? Choose Perth Digital Edge! We are a team of expert Perth web developers with years of experience. No matter your website needs we specialise in back-end development, WordPress, Square space and Shopify sites. Reach out to us to complete all your web development requirements today and remember – we are a digital marketing agency first, this means we always create websites that convert for customers.

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Creative Apps Design

APP Design refers to designing applications for mobile phones or similar. A user-friendly mobile APP can help drive more traffic to your website and help you achieve higher conversions. If you want to achieve an edge amongst your competitors, hire a professional to design an APP for your business. Additionally, many people are using smartphones to look for products and services, you will have greater opportunities in finding clients. At Perth Digital Edge, we create custom Phone or Tablet Applications that is tailored to your needs and target audience. We create user-friendly applications by considering the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Our APP design covers overall style, features and functions of your applications.

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LinkedIn Digital Marketing

Are you in the business to business market through online marketing? Not having much luck with AdWords or Facebook marketing? Maybe LinkedIn Advertising is what you need. At Perth Digital Edge We are Perth LinkedIn advertising Specialists. We have several different options available but our most popular is targeted social media marketing which makes meaningful connections for your business. Interested? Get Perth Digital Edge help and start dominating your LinkedIn social media marketing goals now.

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Creative Video Production

No matter your promotional and advertising video production needs Perth Digital Edge can facilitate them. Our accredited production team of have completed some of the best corporate engagement videos in Perth. When it comes to corporate video production our creative videos help clients reach their ideal audience in and around Perth and leave a lasting impression. We work in the field of corporate events, promotional advertising and web-based content. We are dedicated to producing innovative and high-impact videos that engage, inform and entertain your audience, let Perth Digital Edge help you today.


Innovative Photography

Perth Digital Edge is a boutique photography studio with 2 photographers with over 22 year’s experience between them. Our photography team is passionate about taking the best possible photos for your needs and are proud to be part of the Perth Photography industry. Perth Digital Edges Photo specialists can facilitate all our photo needs from products, corporate shoots and weddings. the most important part for us is seeing how happy our clients are with the imagery we create for them. Need a photo shoot? Let Perth Digital Edge help.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design a key component of digital marketing, involves problem-solving and visual communication using photography, illustration and typography. A graphic designer has varied duties but essentially, they take ideas and messages and create visual versions of them by using images, text and symbols. but commonly they specialize in corporate design (logos and branding), advertising, web design, editorial design (newspapers, magazines and books), signage, communication design and product packaging. At Perth Digital Edge we can facilitate all your graphic design needs that will complete your online digital or web presentation.

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In Western Australia there are alot of companies that think they are a digital agency. At Perth Digital Edge our moto is “Your Ally in the Digital Space” and we mean it especially when you get us to do your digital marketing. Based in Perth Western Australia, we are a complete service digital marketing agency who specilise in custom digital marketing strategies. Our main aim is to help you dominate your own niche and create a highly effective digital marketing campaign that works. With all the above services we can create innovative and inspirational screen based solutions that allow companies to effectively engage with target audiences, have an effective presence online and dominate their specific industries.

Please call us today and as your digital marketing agency we will create an online marketing strategy that is custom to your brand, or edit your current web design so that it encompass’s all the elements that are essential to crush your online marketing goals.

We're in The Business OF Giving Companies The EDGE Online!

Life is stressful enough without battling the chaos of the virtual world and worry about your online marketing. Perth Digital Edge a professional digital marketing agency are here to help you every step of the way if your in Perth, Western Australia. Having an IMAGE online is important so please share the ideas with us for your business or project and Perth Digital Edge will make it a REALITY. No matter what your online marketing needs are including social media marketing, google ads or SEO the team at Perth Digital Edge is ready so call us now.



Like many good things in life digital marketing and web design all starts with a initial conversation. Before any contracts or dollars are discussed we will listen to your idea, so we can understand what direction you want to take your brand or business in. This will allow us to make a plan that will result in a great digital experience that’s custom made just for you.




Once all the initial details are worked out and understand what makes your business tick, the team at Perth Digital Edge will start planning your digital project. Plan development is based around your customer needs, so no matter if your doing digital marketing or website development it all starts with research. By defining the goal that you want to achieve we can positively effect the online return on investment (ROI) that your brand has.

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Project design is all about communication, its a lot like a game of tennis between developer and customer. The team will work out a initial concept and put it into action. Then we will ask for your feedback ALOT. This allows us to custom fit solutions to your companies needs and the needs of your clients. no matter if its SEO, graphic design or website development the goal of all of our designs are to drive your brand further and give it the edge it needs online.

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Project development takes all the work that we have done in the design and planning phase and puts them into action. You probably wont hear from us much during this time, but don’t worry we are working hard to make your digital dreams a reality. Concepts come to life in the development phase, and its always our goal to create something that’s in tune with customer needs and and is in tune with business goals.




Product & project testing is important. its important to test continually to make sure that a project delivers what its meant to. In SEO this involves measuring the data to see if the changes we have implemented are working effectively. In website design this involves looking for bugs and eliminating them so your digital project works how it should. When we test at Perth Digital Edge we do it on the client and developer side so you get exactly what you need.

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Its a long overdue day! When all our hard work comes together to create a digital journey that excites and thrills. but the hard works just beginning! At Perth Digital Edge our work is never done. Once you have a online business image that you are proud of its time to promote it online. If no one knows about your awesome work what would be the point of creating it in the first place? We can help by promoting your business with a ROI driven digital marketing plan for your needs.

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