As a web design company, whenever we undertake Website Development at Perth Digital Edge we do it from scratch. A website is essentially in this day and age a shop window and we understand that yours needs to stand out. As Perth web design experts we strive to use web design techniques to give your brand edge over your competitors, that are interactive and a beautiful websites so you can put your best foot forward in your chosen marketplace and reach your business goals. Since we have been in the industry, we have worked with a variety of clients on there web design projects. We are always learning at Perth Digital Edge, as the internet is constantly evolving we now have a great skill set to help clients build and design websites that have a good user experience and most importantly get your message found by the right audience.

As we are a digital marketing agency in Perth, whenever we make a website we think about the SEO FIRST! Our goal is to design a website that is user friendly and search engine friendly. We customize our website design for the client’s needs.

development process

Web Design and
Development Process

Like a lot of good things in life web design starts with a coffee and a chat. When we undertake Perth web design, we want to answer the questions the customers are asking in search engines to find what your business has to offer. We will ask you a list of questions and get the best understanding of your business so that we can create something truly unique and special just for you.

Understanding the goals and objectives may seem trivial but understanding this will allow us to complete your website design & copywriting tasks quickly and effectively.

It’s important that you share what’s unique about your business with us so that we can get your message across to your target audience. Once we understand your goals we will give you some ideas and schematics of different websites that we think will be a good fit.

cms platform

Choosing a Web Development CMS Platform

As web developers Perth Digital Edge don’t just use one platform to build our sites, we can build complete Custom, WordPress, Shopify and Squarespace websites. Each of these platforms have their own unique purpose and depending on the goals that your business is trying to achieve, it will dictate what we recommend so your needs are perfectly to create the greatest impact online. WordPress is the easiest website platform, it very easy to rank as Google and has a High User experience.

If you need an ecommerce website Shopify is currently the leader for building online stores. Shopify is uniquely suited and featured for online shopping as it has the correct set of functionalities built in for selling products digitally.

Sometimes our Perth web design team will require custom coding to build your dream site. Custom coding has its place. For example if you need a data base or a user management system then customer coding is the correct choice as it will achieve results without slowing down the website so much that it will be impossible to use. We are specialists in custom coding and we design and develop fast interactive websites.

Responsive Web Design

As we are an SEO agency Perth, our first priority is for your business to get found by Google. We don’t just design a website platform and say away you go… We do the research for you so that your site has the highest level of reach built into it. As an internet marketing company we think about factors such as Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Advertising whenever we build a website. At Perth Digital Edge we use our marketing perspective to find the right keywords and website design to give you optimal chance of driving conversion to your site and obtaining a higher ROI online.

The website marketing strategies include:

– Keyword research

This is the start point of any website build. You cannot just create pages with no point and purpose, every page should be targeted towards something within your target market.

– Sitemaps

when we identify the leading search terms in your industry we will then map out a site map that makes sense and targets the highest performing terms.

– Call to actions

whenever we create a page for you, we think about what a buyer would want to do and give them the opportunity to do it.

– Social media links

connecting social media links increases SEO visibility and sharing so you have a greater reach online. its important to include these throughout any website design.

– Website updates

When we finish a website project the work doesn’t stop. If there is something missing, we often will make updates along the way.

responsive website development

Website Content Writing
from Perth web design

By far the hardest step of any website development is creating website content. There are  2 ways to do this, you can do it yourself and we are happy to provide the key word research to you so you can target & write or if you would rather we can get a content writer in house to do the hard yards for you.

If you decide to get a content writer involved, we can help you. It’s important to note that depending on size and budget will ultimately decide how you proceed in getting content done.

Designing your Website

When we start work on your web design we work on the frame first. When building this we take what we have learnt about your business along with our SEO research and design a website that look good with user experience at its core. To save you money we involve our clients in this phase of production to ensure firstly its exactly how you want it and secondly it works exactly how you want it.

Website requirements will dictate how long the design and development process goes for. If your site is simple it could be done in as quickly as a month, however more complicated inclusions take longer to code and as such will take longer.

designing websites
Website completion

Making your website
a reality

Creating a good website is a lot like building a car, it takes time effort and love. We normally spend some time on the back end of the website to connect all the dots and make it SEO friendly. This is by far the most complicated part of web development and a lot of questions will be asked of you as the client during this period so that get everything exactly how you want it.

Our team leader will have a lot of personal interaction with you asking questions and showing you website functionalities. In the background our website developers will be making the engine of your website run like a race car.

We will ensure the following is completed in conjunction with you as the client:

– Site is put onto a test server for continual construction

– Functionality testing and error finding

– Website speed implementations

– Mobile optimisations

– Ask questions so that you get the chance to give feedback on the product we have created for your business

Making Your Web Design Live

Before any website goes live, we want to make sure you are happy! That’s why we don’t rush getting a website online it’s all about getting a product that gives your business or idea the chance to put its best foot forward. So, when it comes time for a website to go live for all the world to see we are ready. We will always ask your permission to put your websites live and the testing phase is completed to so it works fully.

When it comes to making your website live – you as the business owner have reviewed the site so many times that you will be confident with the result. Sometimes when you put a site on a live URL errors occur; don’t worry we will take care of this as well.

If this is a site upgrade or replacement, considering search engines rankings is important. We will make sure that no old site traffic is lost by completing all the redirects towards your new website pages. Site wide SEO will also be implemented including meta descriptions and title tags to make it easy for you to get found online.

At Perth Digital Edge we also do website hosting, so don’t worry if you haven’t got a good host or you not a “tech head”. We can provide website hosting services from our Perth based server. If you require this, please talk to use prior in the developmental process so we can set up the right website hosting for you.

making your site live
digital marketing

Digital Marketing Options
to build online reputation

The on page SEO has been completed during the build but that unfortunately doesn’t mean that your site will rank on the first page of google in your niche. What it does mean is that your website is registered in Google search console and that all on-page SEO has been completed. To get a site to rank and be a truly effective marketing tool, off page and continual search engine optimisation needs to undertaken.

Ranking in a search engine is continual work because the landscape and search algorithms are constantly evolving. To achieve first page results please talk our team today. We can help you get found online! by maintaining your website off page SEO we can give you the ROI you have been dreaming of.

Experience Online Growth

Website Builds

Custom website development can be used in a variety of situations and can deliver great benefits to the users and business’s alike.


At Perth Digital Edge we love using WordPress websites to facilitate our client’s website needs. WordPress makes up around 28% of all internet websites out there.


Before the days of the internet to make extra money, people got a second job. These days however, with the introduction of platforms like Shopify.

Landing Pages

When you first go onto a website and what’s your first thought? Normally there are 2 firstly does it look good and can I find what I want quickly a good website landing page design should do both.

Squarespace Development

Squarespace is a design-orientated website builder used by companies worldwide to create beautiful, functional websites. It was launched in 2004, since then it has become one of the top website platforms.


User experience, or UX design establishes a project to provide a product or service that give users meaningful and relevant experiences. This is a powerful tool to any business as these positive experiences aid.


When you finally get to a website finished it’s a fantastic day! Web hosting Perth services are a lot like race cars or a gaming PC they should perform the user demand without acceptation.


A good domain name is a lot like business partner, it works for you. At Perth digital edge we can help you organise with domain name registration that will greatly benefit your business growth.

Perth Digital Edge!

Choosing us as your digital marketing agency is going to produce the best results with a customer focused digital strategy. Contact to start your Google Journey, We give you the EDGE you need in the digital space.