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Telling your brand’s story can be difficult, but by using the power of video production to tell your story you can effectively increase your brand’s reach & overall message effectively. Statistically, using video content in marketing campaigns can greatly increase brand awareness by around 70%. So far, every marketing video that we have produced has had a great ROI for our clients. As a company, Perth Digital Edge are in the process of producing video marketing content for our own use as we believe it to be such an effective marketing tool.

Perth Digital Edge videographers are the best in Perth. Our video professionals work with brands such as St John’s and the Glory. So, when you hire us for videography services you can rest assured that we will create top-quality and attention-grabbing films for your business.

The Start a Video Journey

The process all starts with an idea. We get your dream idea down on paper in order to come up with an effective marketing strategy. Next comes a storyboard, which we plan out what we need and how we are going to create it all. Once the planning is done and a solid “goal” orientated narrative is in place, that you as the client are happy with, the filming starts. This is where the magic happens and our team sets out to deliver a beautifully presented video with the perfect combination of graphics, sounds and content.

As we are an SEO agency, we believe that its best practice is to distribute your new video content across all platforms to get the greatest bang for your buck (Including AdWords, Facebook and YouTube). If you need assistance, our team is always available to offer digital marketing advice and services.

We have a specialist team in charge of film making and can assure to meet your advertising needs. Our expertise in video production allows us to continually reach new limits within the digital film industry in Perth. At Perth Digital Edge, we always aim to be “Your Ally in the Digital Space” and we mean it, that’s why we have the goal of creating to quality video content for our clients that engage and excite viewers.

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Sales Driven Video Production Services

The video production team at Perth Digital Edge are specialists. We always aim to produce video content that will give your brand or service the edge it needs. Once we have your film recorded and we begin editing it when our true passion and love of video shines. We want to tell a story that represents your brand and always aim to complete it in a few days:

At Perth Digital Edge, we can assure the quality of our video production by:

  • Implementing only the best production processes.
  • Creating videos that engage your target audience.
  • Creating videos that are marketing orientated.

With all of these steps, we can directly impact your target market by exciting them in a visually creative way. We believe that we stand out as a video production company in Perth and with our digital marketing focus, you are in safe hands.

Video Production Services Offered

Our team can facilitate every aspect of video production that your brand or business needs including:

  • Corporate Videos
  • Promotion and Advertising
  • Website and Digital Content
  • Music Videos
  • Documentaries

If you think one or all of these services can create a positive message for your brand, we would be happy to discuss it with a free initial consultation.

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Video Production Steps

At Perth Digital Edge, we follow a systematic process during video production. These are:

Design – This is a comprehensive plan where we figure out the best narrative, the aim is to create a message that will stay in audiences’ minds, so they remember your message long after your video has stopped playing.

Production – If you need a studio or on-site video, our team can use their years of experience and the latest technology in video production.

Editing – Our team uses only the best editing software and has years of experience editing and revising videos. This allows us to create videos that rival Hollywood.

Sound – it’s obvious when you see a movie if it hasn’t been sound edited correctly. It is important that the sounds and visuals match. We have access to a huge list of sounds and we are great at creating the correct feeling

Digital – We are experts at creating graphics to go into your video. It is essential that your video match the rest of your branding.

Get the Edge with Video

A lot of businesses overlook video marketing as an advertising strategy because they don’t think it’s necessary. In fact, is a great benefit. All brands and businesses could benefit from video implementation, including yours! No matter what industry you’re in, promoting yourself on YouTube and other digital mediums can return an impressive ROI when it’s done correctly.

Whenever the team at Perth Digital Edge creates a video marketing campaign we like to answer marketing questions. As we are a digital marketing agency who provides top quality SEO services in Perth we have the skills to get your message heard online. Speak to us today so we can make your video vision a reality!

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