User experience or UX design establishes a project to provide a product or service that give users meaningful and relevant experiences. This is a powerful tool for any business as these positive experiences aid in keeping users as loyal customers. The UX and UI Design team at Perth Digital Edge – Seo Specialist Perth are a dynamic team that takes the time to offer specialised plans to help in establishing a great customer experience for any business.

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What Is UX Design?

UX design is a fairly new term that can take days to fully grasp the concept, Nonetheless, it’s something that all businesses need. However, not many people know what it really entails. This particularly focuses on the real human users and the interaction they have between everyday products and services such as apps, websites or coffee machines. This is a very technical skill as it combines aspects of technology, psychology, market research, business and design all into one in order to increase customer loyalty.

User Experience Design

In order for a business to be successful, they need customers to keep coming back. At Perth Digital Edge, we have the right designer for you. Our goal is to give your business the ability to increase customer loyalty.

Our team is an experienced group of designers that can deliver every point of the user experience creation process. This includes:

  • – Conducting user testing
  • – Conducting user research
  • – The designing of user flows and wireframes
  • – The creation of prototypes
  • – Researching the information on the digital product’s architecture
  • – The creation of user personas
User Experience Design Perth

Experience Online Growth

Website Builds

Custom website development can be used in a variety of situations and can deliver great benefits to the users and business’s alike.


At Perth Digital Edge we love using WordPress websites to facilitate our client’s website needs. WordPress makes up around 28% of all internet websites out there.


Before the days of the internet to make extra money, people got a second job. These days however, with the introduction of platforms like Shopify.

Landing Pages

When you first go onto a website and what’s your first thought? Normally there are 2 firstly does it look good and can I find what I want quickly a good website landing page design should do both.

Squarespace Development

Squarespace is a design-orientated website builder used by companies worldwide to create beautiful, functional websites. It was launched in 2004, since then it has become one of the top website platforms.


When you finally get to a website finished it’s a fantastic day! Web hosting Perth services are a lot like race cars or a gaming PC they should perform the user demand without acceptation.

Why Choose Us?

Our company is founded on the promise to provide a service that digitally gives you the ability to improve your business. We’re experienced in what we do and guarantee that we can get the job done right. No project is too big or small, whether you’re a start-up or a huge business. We take the time to provide you with help for anything digitally related to your business such as your brand and website.

As a UX designer in Perth WA, we consider the What, Why, and How of your product or service. Our approach to conducting UI/UX research allows us to get data that is useful to providing a great product or service which satisfies the needs of your customers. We are creative, productive, innovative, and motivated to create something that you can change your business for the better. Experience online growth and email us today.