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Technical SEO is the process of improving the technical side of a website. This is so that it functions better and intern increasing user experience and rank within the search engines such as Google. Technical SEO is the first step that is normally taken is On-Page SEO as fixing commons mistakes and errors are easy wins within the SEO. Making a Website faster or more indexable by Google / Search engine spiders will give you a giant advantage ahead of your competitors. Technical SEO differs from On-Page SEO, as is it edits back-end (coding) elements to improve your overall ranking in Google.

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Why Optimize & Fix Technical Issues on your Website

Even though Search Engines like Google continually updates their search algorithm the outcome is still the same, to present users with high-quality results for their search query. The Search Engine Spiders crawl a web page in order to evaluate it so they know where to rank the particular page in the search results.

There are many technical SEO issues that these spiders look at some are as follow:

– Page Speed

– Its has a robots.txt file

– High user experience

By improving the technical aspect of a website, you can help search engines to crawl and understand your site better. This can cause an increase in your overall page rankings if done correctly. It is important to note if you have technical issues on your website it can cause a drop in rankings, and in some cases block your site from being listed altogether. This is why you should always employ a professional to complete technical SEO on your website, the team at Perth Digital Edge are ready to assist you today.

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Technical SEO Characteristics

A Technically correct website has 2 major characteristics, its great user experience and is crawlable by Search engines.

There are 7 major factors that need to be addressed when fixing sites technical SEO:

– Page Speed

– Its crawlable

– Has a robot.txt file

– No duplicate content

– Security

– XML Sitemap Implementation

– Minimal dead or broken links

These are the first aspects of a site that should be addressed in any SEO campaign. If your site is running slowly then all the SEO in the world isn’t going to help you reach page one.

page speed

Page Speed

We all hate waiting doesn’t matter where we are, the World Wide Web is no different. If a page doesn’t open within the first 3 seconds 53% of mobile website visitors will leave. This means that you need to make your website speed fast! So customers don’t leave as you will be missing out on potential sales. Google and other Search Engines use this as one of their ranking factors so, a slow web page also ends up further down the search results than its faster equivalent, resulting in even less traffic. Wondering if your website is fast enough? Let the team at Perth Digital Edge test your site speed today and perform an SEO audit for you which can outline any speed issues you may be facing.

Search Engine Crawlability

As stated a search engine is essentially a large library. A Technical SEO Issues like Crawlability effects where the spiders or robots put you in the search engine ranking results so you can be found. So you want to make sure you have an internal linking structure that spiders and users can follow easily.

Robots.txt Files

We have all used a road map or google maps to navigate somewhere. A robot.txt file is essentially this, a road map for your website for the search engines spiders to crawl and navigate effectively. This is a very important step in getting your website indexed so this should be handled with due dalliance and care. These files contain code that tells browsers what your site should look like and how it works. If those files are blocked, search engines can’t find out if your site works properly.

search engine crawlability
duplicate content issues

Duplicate Content Issues

Unfortunately, you cant just copy and paste content anywhere on different pages on your website, This confuses search engines immensely. Think about it if you have the same content on different pages how does a spider know which page to rank for a search query? It doesn’t! what normally occurs is that your SERPS are negatively affected & you rank in a lower position, as you can see this can be costly to your overall SEO.

If your facing this problem within your own domain there is a solution that can be implemented called a canonical link. This allows you to tell the spider which page is the original so they can rank you effectively.

Website Security

No matter if it’s in the street, in a pub or on the internet security is important, so a technically optimised website should always be a secure website. Making clients and users safety and a priority is considered a requirement these days. There are many things you can do to make your (WordPress) website secure, with the simplest and crucial is making sure your site is HTTPS.

In basic terms, HTTPS security makes it so your websites data cant be hacked when data is sent between a user’s browser and the site itself. This keeps people details such as credit card or personal email addresses safe when they fill in details on your website. In order to get this security feature, you need to install an SSL certificate on your site.

As Google and other Search engines value security, they rank SSL secured websites more highly in their search engine results. In order to get an SSL certificate, you need to contact your website, hosting provider. How do you know if your site has an SSL secured? Easy look at the menu bar and it will say not secured then you don’t have one. Reach out to Perth SEO Company in relation to installing SSL certificates and we can help secure your website today.

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XML sitemaps

Implementing an XML sitemap

Everyone knows that websites are made up of code, there is the user side to your site and the code side that browsers and search engines use. Implementing an XML sitemap is on the code side and serves as a road map for Google to move around your site effectively. This allows the spiders that navigate and rank your website to easily navigate the data and categorize it effectively.

Removing Dead Links

There is nothing more frustrating for a user than landing on a page that no longer exists, the famous 404 Error. Like the user Search Engines also dislike them as it doesn’t give them confidence in the information you present. There are often dead links that you didn’t even know about as search engines crawl sites to discover these 404 pages even if they’re hidden.

This is a major ranking factor in technical SEO that needs to be addressed as dead data can cause you to be penalised by Google for a topic if they can’t find the information. A 301 redirect is the be the best way to do get around this and will resolve the issue quickly.



When we say “Your Ally in the Digital Space” We mean it! Implementing Technical page SEO on your website can greatly increase
your chance of getting found online, remember a technically correct website will rank more highly.

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