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We all know that feeling, where our heart skips a beat from a good old tune. Wouldn’t it be good if you could get the same reaction from adverts through the power of music also? At Perth Digital Edge we are passionate about producing quality musical and digital advertising that converts into leads for your business.

Spotify Advertising Advantages

Its a fact, Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service with over 9 million Australian subscribers. Spotify advertising has a distinct advantage over display or search advertising as it enriches more of our bodies senses which allow you to:

Reach your target audience effectively

Using Spotify targeting algorithms a business’s message can be not only heard but seen. This allows your message to be engaged with on a much higher level by your customer base on a continual basis. At Perth Digital Edge, we use top-level audio and video production that can give you the online edge in Spotify and make your brand story stand out. When measuring performance on Spotify they have insight from their own analytics software which allows brands and companies to pinpoint there perfect audiences and maximise the ROI.

We can help you interpret this data effectively as we always aim to provide you with helpful insight throughout your campaign.

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Spotify Ad Mediums

There are several Shopify advertising mediums that are useful for getting your message across including:

  • Audio Everywhere – These are ads that are played between songs allowing the listener to additionally see your brand message.
  • Sponsored Sessions – This advertising medium revolves around the principle of user interaction. If a listener clicks on your ad they will unlock 30 min of “ad-free” listing time within Spotify. This only occurs if the user watch’s the entire advertisement, so there is an incentive for the user to watch, this allows to take the opportunity to get across a more complicated message.
  • Takeover Ads (visual) – A video is played in between songs with your brand message.
  • Overlay Advertising – These are similar to display banner adverts in Google AdWords that showcases your brand message is a digital graphic format.
  • Home Page Take Over Advertisements – Like all digital products, there is a home page. This type of advertising allows your message to be seen on the home page for a period of 24 hours.
  • Song Playlists – Your brand can create its own custom playlist. This can be useful in creating a theme and feel for your company.

Getting a Edge with a Spotify Advertising Agency

In internet terms, Spotify is a baby! Like a baby, it keeps on growing and currently have around 190 million users who each listen to about 2 hours of airtime. Its market potential advertising reach is HUGE and simply can’t be ignored if you are serious about growing your brand online. At Perth Digital Edge we want your message to get heard. We provide Spotify advertising because we care about the message that we create for our clients. We can do it all for you including:

There are lower costs associated with advertising on Spotify compared to traditionally radio advertising.

Perth Digital Edge can get your message heard on Spotify today and help you build brand awareness now.

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