Why hire us as your SEO Perth Expert?

Did you know that 70% of internet users click on the results on the first page of a search results. Hire us today as your digital marketing & SEO Agency and we will help your brand conquer your company goals and engage with your target audience to become industry leaders.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) in Perth is a continually evolving game, its recommended that a SEO campaign should be the cornerstone of your online marketing plan. To effectively market your brands website online, it needs to appear in the 1st page search engines results of google for any given keyword phrase that your prospective customers may type in to a search engine relating to products or services that you offer (essentially harnessing traffic to your website). As a business owner its important for you to know that website content is king. for successful brand awareness and conversion rate optimisation to occur you need a professional SEO firm on your side.

Search Engine Optimisation brings a fantastic growth opportunity to harness organic traffic for any business that has an online website because, unfortunately without search engine optimisation there is a very low chance of you ever being found online or first in the search queries (SERPs). Without continual organic traffic and ongoing SEO results the likeliness of website traffic and profit will be very low.

Hiring A Trusted SEO Perth Company

As a SEO Perth agency, we always look to build long term, mutually beneficial client relationships, where the client and our customer service are always put first, so they get a superior Return on Investment (ROI). When Perth search engine optimization is done correctly, its an ongoing process. Our SEO Perth Specialists’ focus is on long-term results. Our methodical SEO service approach is aimed at showing continued results for your brand.

This means we are a digital marketing & SEO agency that never stops trying to give you the edge online. We don’t just set and forget campaigns for our clients, we understand that it’s a partnership and for us to grow you need to grow first. We provide the best search engine optimisation strategies & the best SEO service possible, So our SEO team is continuously looking for growth opportunities to put your website on page 1.

A trusted SEO agency

There are a lot of SEO companies in Perth why should you trust us? At Perth Digital Edge we understand that time is money especially online and that is the bottom line. This is why we use the latest techniques to build rankings without “fuss” on the client side. When you undertake SEO Services from with us, you can rest assured that our Search Engine Optimisation campaign specialists will do all the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on what you do best.

When venturing online, SEO Optimisation should be the beginning of your company’s online strategy. At the beginning of every campaign we will carry out an initial full-scale analysis of your SEO landscape to find out the best overall strategy that will give you the best ROI and appear higher in the search results. This can be a time consuming and costly exercise if you don’t know what your doing that’s why business owners should always hire SEO specialists to help create the perfect online marketing strategy.

The SEO Website Audit

A SEO web site audit serves a very important purpose. Like when you get your car serviced, audits look under the hood of a website design and examine it fully to discover any positive or negative issues that are lurking within.

this allows us to look at your SEO goals as a whole and put the website through a the correct tool (for validation purposes) , most SEO audits are simple and can be completed in a short period of time, sometimes however a comprehensive audit is required. this can look at issues such as search terms (google analytics), missing meta’s, content issues or a lack or an unnatural back-linking profile. In a comprehensive audit every elements which can affect your website’s ranking will be addressed. The trick is to be attentive to “every detail”.

When we complete an SEO audit on your web content it will provide you with the opportunity to find out what issues are affecting your ranking performance. by looking at both On-Page and off-page factors as a team we can effectively make a road map for your online success.

Copy Writing

Did you know that your website visitors will make a decision about your brand in 3 seconds ….. Let that sink in for a second. 

While Keyword research and analysis will determine your customer demographic, only great engaging copy and a high user experience will keep them on your website. So whenever we undertake search engine optimisation content strategy we look at the on-page written content. By editing this your website will then attain a higher rank – what you are really looking for is good quality content that flows naturally. Its important to not that your business goals can not be met by magic tricks or black hat SEO techniques.

When a brand decides to undertake SEO, there goal is to usually reach the highest possible position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). SEO is not just about reaching the top of the position, it’s about converting the resultant traffic that your website gets into actual sales. Is there any value in reaching the top of the SERPs if all your visitors are just leaving?

At Perth Digital Edge understanding the relationship between the SERPs and content is vital. This is why our SEO agents align your content (blog post) with a developed strategy that will ensure that you get the best (ROI) out of your SEO services. Our in-house experts can write content that will make a connection with your reader. We can also look at and improve your overall user experience with the aim to reduce your bounce rate and increase conversions overall.

Link Building

Link building or links are a key component of a websites position within the SERPs. Since good quality, sustained backlink profile is a sign of your websites credibility and domain authority, its the most important aspect of off-page SEO and is arguably the long term ranking factor determinant in any SEO campaign. Perth Digital Edge only uses world class, high quality links to increase your conversions and phone calls overall.

The SEO team at Perth Digital Edge always ensure that our clients get the best, relevant quality backlinks on an ongoing basis using the correct anchor text. We take into consideration link quality, domain authority and relevance. which will contribute in a positive way to your sites rank improvements. Let’s talk today!

Effective Communication

As a SEO Perth Agency we believe as our client, you deserve to be kept in the loop at all times regarding your website’s strategy.

Your account manager will communicate with you on a weekly basis and focus on being  transparent.

We take great pleasure in providing our clients with transparent reporting using google analytics that will offer insights that help you thrive in the organic search results.

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SEO that’s Trusted by Top Brands


SEO strategies can generate excellent return on investment over a 12 month period. The package that we recommend will usually depend on how competitive your industry is – and how wide your expected target market reach is, please be aware the more competitive the industry the longer it will take to rank as more authority is needed.

Plan 1

$1000 month

  • Local SEO Suburb Targeting
  • Non-Competitive Industry

Plan 2

$1500 month

  • Small Business
  • Competitive Industry

Plan 3

$2500 month

  • Medium Business
  • Very Competitive Industry

Plan 4

$TBA month

  • Enterprise/Large Business
  • National Campaign

Plan Differences*

I know your wondering what the difference is between the plans right? Well let me tell you…

In SEO the competitiveness and size of the industry is proportionate to the amount of work that is required to make a page rank on the first page. The more competitive the industry the more links and content we need to produce for you to make your site reach the top of search engine pages results (SERPs). We work on an hourly scale, so more work on our side means better results for you. Another thing is if you want to rank FASTER then we suggest higher plans as Google will not be able to ignore the increased content.

As an SEO Agency Our Packages Include:

  • No Setup Fees
  • No Limit on Keywords
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • Complete Competitor Analysis
  • Current SEO Metric Analysis (volumes)
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Site Structure Review
  • Content Optimisation
  • Copy Writing Services
  • Content Creation
  • Perth’s Best SEO Strategies
  • Blog Posts
  • Website Coding (if required)
  • Highest Quality Link Building
  • Local Business Listings & Optimisation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Technical SEO
  • Consulting & Advice on web topics
  • Reporting
    (Frequency varies depending on plan)
  • Ranking Reports

Not Sure what SEO service is right for your brand?

Make sure you talk to our SEO team to get on the top of Google now.

Ranking Reports

How do you know if your we search engine optimisation (marketing efforts) are working? You need to be able to measure it right? At Perth Digital Edge the SEO Perth experts don’t use glossy folders or large jargon to confuse our clients. We hand write our reports and we are proud of it! We take great pleasure in providing our clients with transparent reporting that our managing director looks over personally,  so your brand can get insights that will help you thrive. when undertaking SEO Work, we always have one goal in mind – to increase your SEO results.

Don't Take A SEO Risk

We continue to hone our SEO skills! That is why we are trusted by top brands. Using an unskilled SEO team can cost your brand in the long run.  Our Perth SEO experts thrive on producing outstanding, sustainable results for our clients.

Putting your webpage on Google for your Search Terms 

SEO services are a ever evolving game. Every SEO strategy is different with one underlying similarity, that is to RANK no1 in the search engines. We help Perth based businesses with there SEO strategy to develop an online presence.

As an Perth SEO Company, the team of SEO specialists at Perth Digital Edge takes online marketing very seriously, that why we do extensive keyword research into what your brand does and how your business works. When strategizing for your brand we use both analytical data and company information to make an overall SEO plan the is custom to you.

From our first meeting with you, we ensure you get a clear and transparent set of expectations about the SEO services we provide, and as we get in to your campaign, we consistently educate you along the way.

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Converting SEO Traffic into Sales

When designing a strategy to get you on the first page of the search engine results, our seo techniques are centered around converting organic traffic into paying customers for your business. Through specific research, we can gain more relevant organic traffic by employing the correct targeting.

The SEO specialists at Perth Digital Edge will complete an analysis and pick and map the right pages with the right key words for the best ROI. In some cases we will suggest that new pages are created to allow us to bring traffic to your site.

Our SEO service team at Perth Digital Edge is always learning so we can continually to be ahead of the game to keep giving you the EDGE so your product or service can be found online, We know that search engine optimisation is only a part of the solution we also optimize your site & social media accounts to give you every chance to convert potential customers into leads.

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What do our get from us as your Perth SEO company?

After getting to know your business, we start implementing the work right away so we can get you to page 1.

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

SEO faq

Are we an Australian run company?

Yes, we are. Perth Digital Edge is 100% Australian-owned Digital Marketing and SEO agency. We work solely with businesses in Australia (western Australia predominantly) . Our staff are digital experts, writers, programmers, designers and developers so talk to us today about selling your product or service more effectively.

What Is SEO?

The SEO process (Search Engine Optimisation) makes your website more appealing to search engines, primarily Google. This is achieved by making your domain follow seo standards, this is a combination of on-page (keyword research) and off-page optimisation and strategies. Off-page optimisation strategies include creating high quality back-links. This in turn builds the authority of your site, which is seen as a ‘positive’ metric by search engines. Make us your Perth SEO team today

What do SEO consultants do?

A SEO consultant is primarily responsible for increasing a websites seo rankings. When employing SEO tactics on web pages the overall marketing needs should be evaluated so that the correct tactics can be employed, by making changes to and manipulating on and off site factors. Being a SEO expert is a every evolving game as Google continually changes the rules.

What is on-page SEO

On-page SEO is any optimisation done on your actual website. On-page SEO includes strategies for keyword-rich URLs, keywords in titles, keyword-rich headings, keyword content optimisation, image Alt tag attributes etc. It is important to mention that keyword stuffing is no longer a effective technique there is no substitute for really good content.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO are strategies that will improve your ranking in search engine results pages and happen outside of your site (ie: off-page). This includes the use of relevant links (back-links) from other websites, shares on social media and citations across the internet. By increasing domain authority it cause a positive organic SEO result within the google machine and increases your overall rankings.

How long does SEO Take?

There are a lot of factors that determine how long SEO will take. These will including

1. How old your website is (a brand new website, just launched, it will take considerably longer to rank than a website that is 10 years old because of any residual domain authority that the site may have collected). 2. The current authority of your website. How many back-links you have already and the quality of those back-links etc.

Does HTTPS effect SEO?

When you visit a website, if you look at the URL bar, you will normally see either ‘HTTP’ or ‘HTTPS’ at the start of the website address.

This stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, and the ‘S’ stands for Secure. If the domain has HTTPS it means that the website has a certificate that authenticates the it and the privacy and security of any data is secure.

Google has made the decision to give greater prominence to a website with HTTPS as opposed to one with HTTP. So obtaining has huge benefit for very little effort.

Can SEO guarantee results?

This is a complicated question to answer, Google makes the rules of SEO and the rest of us just need to play the game.

SEO services are a “LONG TERM” strategy and it is normal to see ranking fluctuation initially especially.

To answer this question fully, There is NO science to SEO therefore its an ongoing leaning experience, not every site is the same so every situation is different. Its all about finding what your site is missing and getting that ingredient. Our SEO team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in doing this so speak to us today.

Are our SEO services lock in? (SEO contracts)

As SEO experts, we ask for an initial 3 month commitment on seo contracts. This is because online time moves more slowly, back links can take up to 3 months to take effect and on-page content can take time as well. Our success rate is high enough that we are confident offering our service without a long-term agreement. A cancellation time of 30 days exists on all SEO contracts.

What is the difference in the SEO plans?

The main difference is the amount of time that we put into a website and the amount of backlinks we make overall. This also can depend on if the campaign is national or local – every keyword has a difficulty associated with it and that will determine how hard it is to rank.

Are you the cheapest SEO company?

Defiantly Not! As A SEO Perth agency we focus on getting you to the top of the results.

Its like anything in life if you pay peanuts your going to get monkeys.

We have taken on new campaigns from larger companies in Perth and produced better results in the first months of a few campaigns.

How do you start SEO for your website?

If you have an existing website then the first thing that should occur is an SEO audit. This will show you how good your SEO currently is.

Most companies don’t have SEO knowledge so its better to employ a professional to do this so you can gain the leverage organic traffic and make more profits. This will give you a clear pathway of actions that you need to be take in order to fully optimise your website.

What is a long-tail keyword?

A long tail keyword can be a industry word that isnt the main search term. If you have a roofing business for example the main key phrase that you would want to rank for is roof restoration. The problem is that all your competitors also have this idea.

The use of a long-tail keyword could be used to make your site rank for roof restoration West Leederville, and then you could rank for that word instead. A keyword like ‘roof restoration West Leederville’ may not have as many searches as Roof restoration but it will have very little competition.

The best SEO will involve using them so you can have quick wins in your chosen field while our experts focus on the main keywords in your field.


Perth Digital Edge is a SEO Company in Western Australia. We offer results driven results for our clients. We are committed to continually producing outstanding results for all clients. Speak to us today about starting your SEO journey and let Perth Digital Edge be “Your Ally in the Digital Space”

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