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Do you need to increase your online presence? The growth of your business depends on your website being found online – and that is what we specialise in! If you want to achieve higher search engine rankings and get more organic traffic to your website, our premium quality SEO services in Perth are designed for you. Our highly qualified Affordable SEO Perth experts will perform a complete audit of your website, then optimise and improve it until your website ranks at the top of Google Searches for your local or international audience. When it comes to ranking websites, our team of certified SEO specialists in Perth take pride in our work and our ability to provide the highest quality SEO service & digital marketing in Perth, Western Australia.

Did you know?

Did you know that 70% of internet users will click on the search results on the front page of
Google? If you aren’t there, they will click on your competitors. That’s why we are focused on delivering SEO campaigns that put you in front of your customers with increased website ranking, better brand awareness, improved organic traffic, more lead-related phone calls and website traffic plus overall improvement of your website’s ROI. As a top-rated Perth SEO Agency, we provide a complete SEO service to your brand that is based on helping you achieve your business goals – more visibility online means more traffic and more potential customers for you! Our professional SEO consultant in Perth will make the entire process simple, understandable and effective.

Who We Are & What We Do?

Perth Digital Edge is an Australian owned SEO Company in Perth. We are here to take the frustration and confusion out of getting your business seen and heard online. Using white hat (legal and effective) search engine optimisation techniques, we will help your brand implement proven website ranking strategies to give your business an outstanding digital presence and help your website be found on the first page of the search engine ranking results for your chosen target keywords (search terms). In short, if they are Googling for services like yours – we help them find you!

At Perth Digital Edge, we care about your business just as much as we do for our own. We are a established a digital marketing company with an ethos of continual learning where our forward-thinking Perth SEO specialists adapt to the continually changing online environment to give your business the boost it needs. Our SEO account managers are data-driven. That means that every decision we make around SEO and digital marketing is based on real data so your brand benefits from a well-executed, practical and effective SEO and digital marketing plan that will increase your ROI and drive your profits up.

Do you want your business to be seen on Google Searches and found online by your customers?

The Team at Perth Digital Edge can help you achieve all that and much more.

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Don’t just take it from us, our customers recommend us because they have experienced real results!

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Rebecca O'Hearn
Rebecca O'Hearn
Being Sydney-based and producing a shoot in WA was a difficult task made seamless thanks to Ben and his team. Exceptionally professional communication and work which alleviated all my concerns and a quick turnaround on assets was much appreciated.
Andrew E
Andrew E
Ben has amazing attention to detail and care when it comes to working with his clients. I appreciate the time he invests in explaining not just what is taking place, but why, and how those things relate to our long term SEO goals. He's quick to jump on the phone and discuss new ideas and delivers great value
A2B Windows & Blinds
A2B Windows & Blinds
I have been working with perth digital edge now for one month. As SEO experts that are the real deal. They also clean up my backend database and they are very capable of completing any task in website development, software development or seo. These guys are the real deal when you think of SEO in Perth, think Perth Digital Edge
Nigel Richards
Nigel Richards
Perth Digital Edge absolutely know customer service. I contacted them in the morning, and literally within an hour or two they had attended my site and solved my problem. These guys are AWESOME!!!!! I can not thank them enough. So thank you again Perth Digital Edge.
Jonathan Huston
Jonathan Huston
A big thanks to the SEO Company, Perth Digital Edge for the great work done on the development of my custom website. Happy customer!
Business Growth
Business Growth
Ben from Perth Digital Edge is an SEO expert. I have seen his Perth SEO services increase sales for many of my clients. Honest and reliable service with proven results
West Coast Youth Connection
West Coast Youth Connection
Ben and his staff are absolutely amazing, they helped our non for profit charity set up with ease and answered all our questions in record response timing. I am very pleased with the outstanding service I received and would recommended this company to any and everyone. Well Done and Thankyou Perth Digital Edge Mike - Founder WCYC
Franklyn jardine
Franklyn jardine
Ben helped our City Beach Basketball Club develop a new website and took us through the tricks and traps to produce a fresh and professional image. I can highly recommend Ben and his team at Perth Digital Edge.
Very knowledgeable, Excellent understanding and advice.
Steele and Tiffany Walster
Steele and Tiffany Walster
Ben is a true SEO expert, very knowledgeable - he did a great job developing our website and getting it ranked top on the results. Thanks Ben!
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What Businesses Can Benefit from Our Perth SEO Services?

Our team of full-time search engine optimisation specialists can perform SEO for businesses of every size, scale and need we have worked with small, medium, and large businesses over the years with proven results. No matter what service or product you provide, our professional SEO can make a huge impact.

At Perth Digital Edge, our SEO Perth experts have worked with some local brands you may recognise, such as Westside Auto, Perth Security Services, Fremantle Roofing Services, Guitar Lessons and Foster Fencing.

By trusting us and choosing our team as your preferred SEO agency in Perth, all these brands are consistently seeing the rewards from our search engine optimisation services and their businesses are growing! We are continually optimising their websites to ensure they get the maximum online exposure in Google and other relevant search engines.

Even today, our clients are ranking and earning money on some of the top keywords in Western Australia – would you like to be one of them?

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    Looking for a Professional SEO Perth team? We’ll help you achieve success online.

    Your success is the best testimonial for us as an SEO Perth company – so we always aim to be your ally in the digital space, helping you achieve your goals through our search engine optimisation services. Through building relationships and understanding your business, we can help achieve lasting results for our clients’ businesses to grow online. We are strong believers that good relationships with our clients enable us to deliver them the best results possible – and everyone wins. Our primary goal is to increase the SEO traffic to your website and bring your brand a maximum return on your investment with us.

    Perth Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an on-going process that requires continual attention for continuous improvements. With the ever-changing Google algorithms and ranking factors, our dedicated Perth SEO services make sure your website will keep appearing in front of your target market – no matter what may change in the industry.

    As an established Australian SEO company, we don’t just work in Perth, we also provide our SEO services in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne & Sydney. Whether you are targeting local or international customers, we can create strategic, customised campaigns to help you succeed.

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      Why Choose Perth Digital Edge Over Other SEO Agencies in Perth?

      We don’t like to brag, but our team continues to hone our SEO skills daily – we know how quickly things change and the work it takes to deliver results! That is why we are trusted by, and have long-term relationships with, clients all over Perth. They know what happens when you use an unskilled SEO team, and that it can cost your brand long term. Our Perth SEO Expert services are delivered by highly qualified experts who thrive on producing outstanding, sustainable results for our clients.

      We can measure the performance of your website’s SEO in comparison to your competitors to make a clear proposal on what will be required and how long it will take to deliver results. Then you can judge the results for themselves!

      Online Growth Requires a Multi-Disciplined Marketing Plan

      SEO Website Audits

      SEO audits are the backbone all SEO strategies. Our Audits look ‘under the hood’ of your website (website analytics) to get the data needed to build a targeted plan for improvement.

      Local SEO

      This allows you to get local traffic and customers by delivering advertisements to a specific location. Local SEO Services is based around google my business marketing strategies.

      On Page SEO

      The first step in the SEO process, Google is the BIGGEST FISH! We help make sure that your website is ticking all the boxes that Google looks for so it can hook and catch Google’s attention.

      Content Marketing

      Today, every business needs an online marketing strategy that helps them stand out from the crowd in a competitive environment. We’ll help you with content creation that is unique and targeted that does just that!

      SEO Link Building

      On-page SEO techniques are awesome, but without increasing the off-page SEO it’s a job half-done. Building solid, trusted links to your website boosts your SEO and increases your search engine rankings.

      Technical SEO Issues

      ‘Technical SEO’ is the process of improving the technical side of your website so that it functions better, no matter if its improving the user experience or recovering from a google penalty its all about SEO success.

      Here’s What You Get with Our SEO Services in Perth

      Looking for the SEO Perth experts? Wondering what type of services our SEO company in Perth has to offer you? Take a look below:

      A SEO Agency You Can Trust

      There are a lot of companies in Perth who brag about SEO success – so why trust us?

      At Perth Digital Edge, our business model is built around the understanding that time is money online. When performing Search Engine Optimisation on a website, we use the latest technology to build ranking with minimal “fuss” for our clients. When you undertake SEO Services at Perth Digital Edge, you can rest easy knowing that our Search Engine Optimisation campaign specialists will take care of all the “nitty-gritty” so you can focus on servicing your clients. SEO growth should be the start of your company’s online strategy and is one of our major company goals – so you can trust us to deliver it well. At the beginning of every individual campaign, our team will carry out an initial full-scale analysis on your website to gain an understanding of the landscape in your field to find out the best overall strategy.

      This will allow us to help your business to generate the best ROI possible and get your site higher search engine visibility. This process can be a time consuming and costly exercise if placed in the wrong hands. Business owners should always hire experts to help create the perfect online marketing strategy that is correctly aligned with their SEO goals.

      No Lock In SEO Contracts

      At Perth Digital Edge we don’t have lock-in SEO contracts. We believe that we will help your business succeed and our relationship will last based on the results and the service we deliver. In the event your circumstances do change, we only ask that a cancellation period of 30 days is provided in writing so we have enough notice to wind your services down in a way that will affect your ranking as little as possible. Please note, if your just starting SEO it normally take around 3 months to start seeing first page results.

      No one likes to get stung with a massive bill and a quality SEO service is a long-term marketing plan. That is why we manage client expectations from the beginning and our SEO services are delivered with fixed costs.

      No Hidden Fees or SEO Costs

      Whenever we quote for the SEO management of a website we thing about your return on investment first. Every agreement is different, and our fee is based on the amount of work required in your industry. We want to get you on page 1 and keep you there! We perform a complete analysis of keywords and your competitors, so you have a complete picture of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Campaign and know what you will be paying at every step to implement it.

      Copy Writing & Content Marketing

      You might be shocked to know this, but statistically, your website visitors will make a snap decision about whether to purchase your product/service or not within 3 seconds… Let that sink in for a second.

      While performing on site keyword research and page analysis, we can determine your desired audience and demographics, but only great engaging copy, correct content marketing and a high user experience will keep clients on your website for long enough to convert. When undertaking a content strategy, our specialists look at the on-page written content first. Duplicate content can also be an issue so editing and changing the on-page content of websites can achieve higher rankings.

      The ideal site content should be easy to read, include your SEO keywords and flow naturally. Copying content or pasting content from other sources can create penalties and work against your business goals. When undertaking the SEO campaign, our main goal is to reach the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) for your selected keywords.

      Good SEO strategy can only get you a presence. By having additional good conversion rates and quality, well-written on-page content, it will dramatically improve your chances of converting the traffic into actual sales. No matter if its social media, website service page content or blog posts our content team can write targeted, engaging and unique content to create a connection with your audience.

      We can also look at and improve your overall user experience with the aim to reduce your bounce rate and increase conversion rate optimisation overall.

      Backlink Profile Building

      A link building campaign or a ‘backlink profile’ is the key component needed to get your business website appearing at the top of page 1. A high-quality backlink profile is a sign of your websites credibility and domain authority, this is why it’s the most critical aspect of off-page SEO. If links are built correctly they are arguably the number 1 ranking factor of a SEO campaign. The team at Perth Digital Edge only use world-class, high quality links to increase your site’s position and conversions overall. The SEO team at Perth Digital Edge always work to ensure that our clients get the best, relevant and high quality backlinks available. We consider the following SEO factors – link structure and quality, page titles, domain authority, anchor text architecture and relevance. All these factors will contribute in a positive way to improving the ranking of your site.

      Effective Communication

      As a Perth SEO Agency, we believe as our client, you deserve to be kept informed at all times regarding your website’s SEO campaign and strategy. Your account manager will communicate with you on a weekly basis and focus on being transparent at all times, helping you to understand what we are doing, why we are doing it and the results. We make sure to provide our clients with transparent reporting using Google Analytics. These insights will help your performance in organic search results.

      Who Can We Help With SEO

      Our SEO services help Perth businesses of all sizes, from small and micro, to large and established – our services will be delivered based on your goals and budget. If you are looking for a quality, trusted SEO agency in Perth, we would love to offer you a free website SEO audit so you can experience our services and decide if we are the right fit for your business.

      The SEO Optimisation Website Audit

      A Website SEO audit is essential and should be the first step of any well-thought out marketing plan. (it helps plan out all the SEO strategies.)

      Similar to getting your car serviced, site audits look ‘under the hood’ of your website so we can understand what is working, what isn’t and how your website and your SEO ranking can be improved. Most SEO audits are simple and can be completed in a short period of time – and we offer an initial SEO audit completely free of charge as a ‘thanks for considering us’ since we know building trust is so important in a new business relationship! In some situations, a more comprehensive audit is required before any work can, or should, begin. This can look at issues and more technical aspects such as keyword research and search terms (Google Analytics), missing metadata, user experience, content issues or a lack of an unnatural back-linking profile. In a comprehensive audit, any elements that can affect your website’s ranking will be addressed. This is carried out by our experts with thorough attention to detail.

      When we complete an audit on your web content, it will provide you with an awareness of the issues that are affecting your ranking performance so improvements can be made. Our professional Perth SEO team can then suggest a practical, targeted approach to help your website achieve online success.

      Our Point Of Difference

      At Perth Digital Edge your online presence is our number one priority. You have access and communication with the Managing Director throughout the process. Our proposals are customised according to your SEO goals with our pricing reflecting your needs.

      We will never price above your positive ROI point. Tackling your strategy is something we take seriously, and with this, in mind, we aim to be your ally in the digital space. Through our guidance, customers get a firm understanding of the work we do helping to increase their bottom line. The Perth SEO team ONLY use white hat SEO strategies to achieve long-lasting results for clients. We also frequently talk to the best minds in the SEO industry including Matt Diggity and Michał Suski to stay up to date with the latest trends.

      Want exceptional results from your website rankings well… Investment in SEO strategies can generate a high ROI over a 12-month period. Different industries and keywords have different levels of competitiveness. Our plan recommendations are suggested by analysing what is required to get you the best long-term results in your industry. Please be aware that, the more competitive the industry, the longer it will take to rank as more website authority is required on each one of the landing pages you want to Rank. We’ll make sure you know the plan, your costs and what it will take to get results upfront, so you can trust you are working with a quality SEO agency!

      See Results from REAL SEO clients in Perth

      Search engine optimisation

      Boost Your Online Visibility with The Best SEO Services in Perth

      More than 90% of your target audience considers Google as the place to find answers to their problems – so that is where they go for answers, recommendations and to find their products and services. The only way you can be found when they are looking and deliver those answers and solutions when they need them is by appearing on the first page of search results. With the right SEO marketing practices, your website can start appearing in front of potential customers right when they are searching for the products or services that you deliver! At Perth Digital Edge, we work tirelessly to give your business the exposure it needs. We know what to do to make your website appear in front of your target audience. Let our certified SEO Perth experts optimise your website today so you can outrank the competition.

      Rank At The Top of Google with Proven SEO Services

      Every business owner wants to appear at the top of Google Search for the keywords or key phrases being searched by their customers online. With our Perth SEO services, we make sure your website is well-optimised with high-value keywords so it will appear on the first page in the Google search results. Our experts have years of experience in optimising websites for better results – generating real leads to drive more sales! The SEO Specialist Perth Digital Edge team is always ready to help.

      We Promise to Deliver SEO Results

      Do you need affordable SEO services in Perth to help you outrank your competition? With our comprehensive SEO services, we promise to generate profitable results that can give you the edge online. While some SEO agencies only focus on paid traffic, we focus on the long-term marketing strategies – generating increased organic website traffic. When you have our Best SEO Perth experts working tirelessly on your website, it allows you to harness organic traffic and turn it into profit. SEO marketing is an ongoing process, and it can take time for you to appear on the top searches, but with Perth Digital Edge on the job, it’s only a matter of time before you begin to see results.

      Frequently Asked SEO Questions

      Are we an Australian run company?

      Yes, we are. Perth Digital Edge is 100% Australian-owned Digital Marketing and SEO agency. For many years now we have been working with businesses in Australia (Western Australia predominantly) . Our staff are digital experts, writers, programmers, designers and developers so talk to us today about selling your product or service more effectively.

      We always aim to provide successful SEO strategies to move your businesses website in the right direction. No matter if you have had previous SEO work completed that hasn’t worked, all our new clients get treated as part of our family.

      What do SEO strategies do?

      The SEO process (Search Engine Optimisation) makes your website more appealing to search engines, primarily Google. This is achieved by making your domain follow SEO standards, this is a combination of on-page (keyword research) and off-page optimisation and strategies. Off-page optimisation strategies include creating high quality back-links. This in turn builds the authority of your site, which is seen as a ‘positive’ metric by search engines. Make us your Perth SEO team today.

      What is on-page SEO?

      On-page SEO is any optimisation done on your actual website. On-page SEO includes strategies for keyword-rich URLs, keywords in titles, keyword-rich headings, keyword content optimisation, image Alt tag attributes etc. It is important to mention that keyword stuffing is no longer a effective technique there is no substitute for really good content.

      What is off-page SEO?

      Off-page SEO are strategies that will improve your ranking in search engine results pages and happen outside of your site (ie: off-page). This includes the use of relevant links (back-links) from other websites, shares on social media and citations across the internet. By increasing domain authority it causes a positive organic SEO result within the google machine and increases your overall rankings.

      Can I perform SEO for my business myself?

      To perform SEO for your business property, you will need to stop working on your business and instead focus on your site SEO & you will have to learn how the Google algorithm works. There are also several expensive tools that you may have to purchase to perform SEO on your website so you can get the data to optimise it.

      We are here to do all the hard work to provide you with the required skills and tools that are needed to complete SEO without having to invest large amounts of time and effort learning SEO. Let our Perth SEO experts do it all for you at a much lower cost. The packages at Perth Digital Edge for SEO implementation are comparatively cheaper and we never price our service above your qualified leads ROI.

      Are we the cheapest SEO company?

      Definitely Not! As A SEO Perth agency we focus on getting you to the top of the results.

      The suggested costs are based on the work involved to get you the results, without cutting corners.

      How do you start SEO for your website?

      If you have an existing website then the first thing that should occur is an SEO audit. This will show you how good your SEO currently is. we also recommend web page competitor research so we can help you target what they are so you can dominate the space.

      Most companies don’t have SEO knowledge so its better to employ a professional to do this, so you can gain the leverage of google & increase organic traffic to make more profits. This will give you a clear pathway of actions that you need to be take in order to fully optimise your website.

      What do SEO consultants do?

      An SEO consultant is primarily responsible for increasing a websites SEO rankings so a client can get SEO results. When employing SEO tactics on web pages the overall marketing needs should be evaluated so that the correct tactics can be employed, by making changes to and manipulating on and off site factors. An SEO expert has to keep up to date with continually evolving changes as Google always changes the rules.

      Why is SEO relevant for your business?

      Without effective SEO implementation on your website, there is next to no chance your website will appear on Google.

      Google Search identifies a website on the Internet through keywords. The algorithm focuses on the content relevancy and how effectively the keywords are mapped within the content to make sure it ranks on the top search engines results.

      Therefore you need to have SEO in place, your website can then start earning your brand money online by appearing on the top searches in your industry with relevant & well-optimised content. Not everyone has the skill-set to follow the guidelines set by Google & here’s where our SEO experts come in.

      Get In Touch for Perth’s Best SEO

      Want to be on the first page of Google? With us as your digital marketing agency, we promise to produce real results with a customer and data-focused digital strategy. Contact us today to get started – we are here to give you the EDGE you need in the digital space.