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On-Page SEO is Awesome, But without increasing the off-page SEO it’s a half measure, Search Engine Optimization off page is just as important if not more important. Off-page SEO link building is all the actions that are taken to make your website rank more effectively in the search engines that are conducted away from your sites domain, this is done to create authority for your site through SEO link building so that your overall popularity and SERPS score increases.

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Every website has a AUTHORITY score attached to it, this domain or page authority is past like trust from one page to another. So if you could get a site with high authority to mention and link to your site this would pass and provide a massive boost in Rankings. There are several factors that are worth considering including:

As you can see SEO link building isn’t the only way to provide ranking boosts, we can look into each one of the above and how the effect off-page SEO.

SEO Link Building

Links are the number one way to move authority around the internet and should be the foundation of any off-page SEO strategy that is undertaken. Even though this step is vital, it can also be the most challenging to complete as done to fast or to poor sites it can be seen a spammy links and have a negative effect on your rankings. Positive link building is done gradually and the best way to do this is by being proactive as a business, this includes:

  • Making comment on other websites with high authority about topics that are relevant to your business in order to create a good authority footprint.
  • Answering questions that are relevant to your business web page on forums (include a link back to relevant information)
  • Adding details about your services to website directories
  • Sharing images/documents or videos with your clients through other mediums external to your own website.
  • A blog is also a great way to win authority as it offers other websites the opportunity to use you as authority within your industry. Also you can offer to be a guest blog poster on another site.

The number of back links isn’t as important as the quality of where the back link is. This should be the focus when link building, create links that direct customers to useful information that answers there questions.

The Link Building Process
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PBNS (Public Blogging Networks)

In the world of Off-Page SEO, PBN is a relatively new strategy. PBN involves the use websites with high authority to build links. But have you ever asked yourself what happens to website domains when a company goes broke? Normally the site is torn down, but the authority attached to it remains. PBNs allow us to harness these old sites by creating content that is relevant to your business on these old domains with authority and passing it to your site. This could be tricky and challenging process. It requires a highly skilled SEO specialist to make such a strategy work.

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Content Marketing use in Online Promotion

At Perth Digital Edge we have said it a million times “CONTENT is KING!” Let say you create a meaningful blog article; this goes hand in hand with the link building process. But the content cant be rushed if it is, its actually detrimental to the SEO process. If high quality content is created – you’ll find that links begin to build on your site organically.

There are a lot of opportunities to use content marketing effectively including but not limited to:

When undertaking a content marketing strategy for your website the main focus should be on producing content that people are likely to read and share. This can create an online reputation for search engines and people alike. Creating good content means you’ll also be more likely to get guest blog spots and mentions on other websites.

content marketing
Social media ideas

Social Media Sharing

It is important to effectively manage your social media accounts (E.G Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) that are attached to your business because it can contribute to traffic growth and brand reputation. When talking about Off-Page SEO and social media, you should look at every post that you make on these platforms as a linking opportunity. Social media shares can greatly boost your Google ranking results if it is done correctly. Always remember to make your social media pages attractive and interesting. Include full set of business information and use them to promote links. However, this shouldn’t be overdone. Not every post needs to be a linked.

Only use links if you think that information is useful to your followers. Make sure the contents of the post are ORIGINAL! Also, don’t forget to leverage YouTube and other video/image sharing platforms. A picture paints a thousand words! It applies in social media marketing as well. Consider making videos about your product or service to engage and entice sales.

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