What Are

SEO Audits?

SEO website audits serve a very important purpose. Like when you get your car serviced, SEO audits look under the hood of a website and examine it fully to discover the any positive or negative issues that are lurking within.

what involved in a seo audit

What is involved
in a SEO Audit

The process of an SEO website audit matches your website to “best practice”. Within the Perth SEO Community it is accepted that it is the first step in creating and implementing any online digital marketing plan that will have meaning and lasting results.

When an SEO Audit is undertaken by the team at Perth Digital Edge we look into the fundamental issues affecting a sites organic ranking, We will look at the following:

Technical SEO issues

– Website structure issues

On-page SEO issues

– Potential off-site problems

– User experience issues

– Content gaps and opportunities

– Competitive marketplace insights

Does that all go over your head? In lameness terms It is essentially a “health check” for your website.

SEO Audit Types

There are 2 types of Audits that team at Perth Digital Edge will perform for our clients, initial and ongoing.

An initial report is for the clients eyes, they are easy to understand and is a broad overview of there website as a whole. These audits are a complete overview of what your website is showing to your customers and to the search engines.

The second type of audit that we perform is the ongoing audit. These audit are for our professionals and have A LOT more data in them and to the public are very hard to understand.

Both types of audits we create for clients are comprehensive, the main differences is the language that is used in each report. These reports should delve into both structural and content components affecting your SEO rankings. To give you the EDGE online, we provide the “big picture” of how your website is performing in its current state.

When we create an audit report for you, we make sure that its “actionable”. We will lay out a step by step guide to fixing the issues from most important to least important that is easy to follow.

Search engine optimisation
seo website audit

What Is Analysed in a SEO Audit

When the team at Perth SEO Digital Edge does an audit to your website they look at sitemaps, server errors, and metadata. At a high level, our audits should cover off on accessibility, indexation, and optimization.

In an SEO audit, our experts analyse over 193 different SEO elements across the following categories:

Technical Audit (initial)

  • – Indexation analysis
  • – Status Codes
  • – Redirects
  • – Page Speed
  • – URL Structure
  • – Robots.txt
  • – XML Sitemap
  • – Canonical Tags
  • – Duplication
  • – Crawlability
  • – Legacy Domain Issues
  • – Off-page Analysis
  • – Mobile SEO analysis
  • – International SEO analysis

On-Page Audit (ongoing)

  • – Site Content Structure
  • – Keyword Research
  • – Page Copy Theme Analysis
  • – Keyword Use
  • – Meta Data Analysis (Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Heading Tags)
  • – Schema
  • – User Experience
  • – Images & Video
  • – Internal Linking & HTML Sitemap

Server Log Audit (initial)

  • – Crawl Budget Analysis
  • – User Agent Analysis

The information captured during the auditing process allows our team to make accurate, impactful recommendations for your specific website and situation.

Performing Website Audits On A Regular Basis

Your website is the “Shop window” of your brand – So, it’s important to have regular checkups to ensure everything is working well. It’s also important to note that your website is a living digital property, it’s typically not stagnant for long periods of time. In any given year, content is added and/or removed from your site. SEO Website Audits arn’t the only part of the equation by any stretch, but it’s a start point to any SEO campaign. The lay the groundwork for all other SEO related plans to keep your site competitive.

Experience Online Growth

Local or Geo SEO

Geo-Targeting or Local SEO is an effective marketing strategy that will allow you to get local prospects through delivering content and advertisements to a specific geographical location.

On Page SEO

In the Search engine world Google is the BIGGEST FISH! They make the game and make the rules, in SEO we must find the best way to do that for you as a business. Google like to change the rules, by updating the algorithms they use.

SEO Content Marketing

Every business must have a marketing strategy, whether that be traditionally or online. You want to stand out from the crowd in a competitive environment.

SEO Link Building

On-Page SEO is Awesome, But without increasing the off-page SEO it’s a half measure, Search Engine Optimization off page is just as important if not more important.

Technical SEO Issues

Technical SEO is the process of improving the technical side of a website so that it functions better and in turn increases user experience and rank’s within the search engines such as Google.

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