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The Remarketing Facts

Every website has visitors leave all the time without making a purchase or making an enquiry, but this doesn’t mean that there not interested in what your business has to offer. It could mean they either ran out of time or couldn’t decide at that time. The reason they didn’t purchase isn’t relevant at the end of the day, the question is how are we going to get them reengaged with your product or service?

Using a remarketing service with your AdWords campaign can achieve this – by creating specifically targeted ads that are aimed at visitors who have already been on your website. These remarketing ads (if they are turned on) follow users using cookie files and display your brand message on online platforms (EG the Google network) so it gives them the opportunity to complete what they started on your website.


Retargeting as
A Business Marketing Strategy

When a business use retargeting services as an online marketing strategy it can be very effective in converting old lead into fresh ones. At Perth Digital Edge, when we design and set up a remarketing campaign for a customer, we always ensure that they are structured and thought out. If your not taking advantage of a well-managed and thought out remarketing strategy then your missing out on an incredible opportunity to harvest warm leads into sales.

The cost of remarketing is also very competitive, for a small investment you could be tapping into a revenue source that you thought your business had lost for good… WHY?

There is no reason to miss out on this opportunity as with Perth digital Edge we can manage the reconnection smartly, so you can reengage with our audience to get a higher ROI overall. find out more about remarketing direct from Google.

Optimisation of
Remarketing Campaigns

Some agencies use a “set and forget” policy when it comes to AdWords and remarketing, at Perth Digital Edge – SEO services Perth we always review the retargeting and remarketing campaigns to continually optimise them so you save money and increase profits. We aim to bring good quality traffic to your website for minimal cost to you throughout the remarketing campaign process. We like to keep it FRESH! So we continually think of new creative ideas to stimulate audience engagements so your brand stays at the forefront of peoples minds and lips.

We can also custom design landing pages and complete on-page SEO on your website. This will greatly increase your buyers interests being peaked when they find you through your remarketing campaigns. Trying out different optimized landing pages for an Remarketing campaign is also a viable option as it can promote different services through different campaigns and make your brand shine in different areas. This will stop your ads from getting annoying firstly and secondly allow the reengineering of the creative continually.

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The main step to any remarketing is being able to analyse the data and believe us this isn’t as easy as it sounds. If your not sure what your doing it can cause huge hard ache, loss in time and loss in revenue all of which you business doesn’t need. At Perth Digital Edge we know how read and leverage the data in your favour to give you the Edge in front of your competitors. We can successfully help you with retargeting Perth businesses or Australia wide if that what you desire, when remarketing Perth we have a range of services that we can leverage including Google ads, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Gmail and Spotify just to name a few. This will allow your business to get see and have a brood reach online.

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Search Advertising

Paid search advertising (also known as sponsored ads, search marketing, search-engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and cost-per-click marketing) is a technique. Find out how we can help your brand thrive through search advertising today.

UX Design

Its starts with a heart flutter, that feeling you get when you look at something beautiful. User journey and EX/UI Design increase conversions rates overall. Find out how we can help you get more conversions through the power of UX today.

Dynamic Search Ads

Google AdWords has a interesting ad type known as Dynamic Search ads. This type of advertising is actually a very effective method to implement so clients and customers can find exactly what your offering online. Find out how to leverage dynamic ads.

YouTube Advertising

Are you looking for YouTube Advertising in Perth? A stunning fact about video between 87-90 % of customers are more likely to buy your product after watching your promo video.

Display Advertising

Are you interested in targeting people in Perth and beyond with banner advertising? At Perth Digital Edge we are Display advertising agency that can create banner adverts that are designed with conversion in mind.

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