How to Improve Your 

Search Engine Rankings

If you find yourself searching for on-page search engine optimisation (SEO) services, you probably already know that the Google search engine still dominates the internet.

The primary goal of SEO involves finding new ways to make your website appear on the first search engine result page (SERP) of Google by appeasing the company’s complicated algorithms.

Google remains acutely aware of modern SEO practices, so it frequently changes its algorithms. Engaging a trusted digital marketing company in Perth, such as Perth Digital Edge, for on-page and on-site SEO services represents your surest way to follow Google’s rule changes. Hiring us will lead to more traffic and higher conversion rates.

At Perth Digital Edge, we consistently place our client companies on the first page of Google search results, enabling potential customers to find them more easily.

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The On-Page SEO Process

Google modifies its algorithms often, and these rule changes determine your website’s ranking on SERPs. Google will automatically update its rankings based on how well the content of indexed websites follows these new rules. If your site adheres to the algorithmic changes, your rankings will improve. If not, your website will plummet in the rankings.

Some of the most determinative factors for the success of your website include:

  • Meta description, SEO title, and tags
  • Keyword density
  • Link building
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Page speed
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Schema markups

At Perth Digital Edge, ensuring that your website satisfies the Google algorithms represents the heart of our business efforts. Contact one of our SEO consultants in Perth today.

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Meta Tags & Title Tags

The first step towards optimising your on-page SEO includes rehabilitating your meta descriptions and SEO titles. Proper construction of these elements remains vital for companies that want their websites to rise through the Google rankings because search engines use them to understand your website.

Meta descriptions and SEO titles consist of short phrases that tell search engines what the web content contains. Many companies find it all too easy to skip over these elements, but every time a customer submits a query, these elements will appear as the page title and description on the Google SERPs. In other words, they will be the first thing a customer sees.

When Google automatically tests your website for compliance with its rules, it will cross-check the tags against your web content. At Perth Digital Edge, our expert team researches, analyses, and inserts the most impactful keywords into our clients’ meta descriptions and SEO titles, improving their Google ranks.

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Tag Improvements

In addition to meta descriptions and SEO titles, every web page should contain tags. For search engines, tags act like beacons that tell algorithms where to find the most relevant keywords at set places on your website.

The placement of tags allows web crawlers to navigate your website efficiently, allowing Google to understand your website, index it, and rank it on SERPs.

All of your tags should tie together, fitting seamlessly into your web content to avoid alerting readers to your SEO strategies as they browse. When all of these elements work together, they improve your customer experience and provide a much bigger SEO boost than they would individually. As a result, our clients enjoy more new leads and customers.


The Effects of Keyword Density

Most business people already understand the importance of keywords within web content. However, fewer are able to appreciate the balancing act involved in keyword placement. Keyword stuffing can get your website flagged by Google. However, limiting the number of times a qualified keyword appears on your webpage too much can cause Google web crawlers to miss it.

Search engine algorithms frequently shift their parameters to ensure that ranked web content remains dynamic, topical, and current. Your keywords need to flow naturally with the rest of the language on your website. If it seems like you’re fishing for a higher ranking, you have a higher chance of turning off your customers and the algorithms.

At Perth Digital Edge, our SEO specialists know exactly how to customise your content to maximise the effect of your keywords, limiting their use and ensuring they appear organically in your copy.

Internal Link Building

An underrated element of SEO involves internal linking between your own web pages. This tactic should factor into every SEO strategy so that customers and web crawlers can easily navigate your website. Internal links represent the highways that connect the various neighbourhoods of your website, and the search engines like to see a well-planned city.

Another benefit of internal linking involves page authority. By linking between your various web pages, you can pass page authority from one web page to another. Examples include promoting certain areas of your website, answering common questions from customers, and replying to reviews. Internal linking will not improve your domain authority.

It remains crucial that your internal linking process looks and feels natural, not forced. Your internal links should enhance your customers’ experiences in order to pass muster with the Google web crawlers and algorithms.

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Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Since everyone now owns a mobile device and trillions of dollars of commerce take place via smartphones, your website needs to function well on mobile devices. Your next customer will likely come to you over the internet while using a cell phone. In recognition of this market shift, Google algorithms consider your website’s mobile-friendliness as well.

For better or worse, your customers are often Google’s customers, too. To serve its customers better, Google ensures that mobile compatibility remains a high priority for its algorithms. At Perth Digital Edge, our SEO experts employ several strategies to ensure that your website functions perfectly within mobile browsers so your customers can enjoy it.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) allow your mobile browsers to load web pages faster than ever before. By optimising the coding of your website and utilising updated caching strategies, our SEO specialists can ensure that your web pages will stay compatible with all mobile devices and open more quickly than they otherwise would.

AMPs will make a huge impact on the popularity of your website because customers will find it easier and more enjoyable to use your website than those of your competitors.

Page Speed Improvement

Another factor that Google looks at when its algorithm checks your website involves the speed at which your web pages load. Most business owners find it all too easy to overlook page speed. However, at Perth Digital Edge, we see firsthand how page speed can mean the difference between a first-page and second-page Google ranking.

Page speed optimisation represents one of many tasks that an SEO professional carries out. Our expert staff will analyse your page speed, determine where to improve it, and bring about the changes that will make your website load as quickly as possible.

Think of your potential customers. You can easily lose a sale if your web page does not load quickly enough and the customer grows impatient. We can modify several aspects of your website to improve page speed, including loading time for pictures and server speed.

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Google-Friendly URLs

Many SEO companies find it all too easy to ignore how the content of a URL can affect a web page’s ranking on SERPs. However, at Perth Digital Edge, we know how a streamlined, keyword-rich URL can make it easier for Google web crawlers to find your website. It will also allow your customers to understand what your web page contains as they type in your address.

Your URLs should match your web content so customers and search engines can easily comprehend what they will find on your web page.

What is Schema?

Schema is microdata that allows search engines to keep your web pages indexed. Schema provides a little extra data on your web page for search engine algorithms to interpret. At Perth Digital Edge, we see this as the final step of the on-page SEO process because it does not improve your rankings on SERPs. Instead, it gives your web page a higher chance of showing up at all.


On-Page SEO at Perth Digital Edge

Managing your online presence is a complicated, evolving process. Ensuring that your site shows up in the right search results represents a specialised task for digital marketing agencies like ours. However, at Perth Digital Edge, we have proven time and time again that we can rise to the occasion and deliver first-page Google results for our clients.

Reach out to us today to obtain more information on any of the following services we offer.

Experience Online Growth

SEO Website Audits

SEO audits represent one of the best ways to understand the current status of your website and develop strategies to give your web pages the Google rankings you need for success. Think of it as a spot check of your SEO strategy.

Local SEO

This emerging marketing strategy allows you to deliver web content, including advertisements, to customers in specific geographical locations. Also known as geo-targeting, local SEO proves very effective as a marketing strategy.

SEO Content Marketing

Your business needs a strategic approach to digital marketing, and SEO content remains an integral part of any digital campaign. Improving your SEO content allows your website to shine, elevating it above competing web pages on Google SERPs.

SEO Link Building

Link building remains crucial for businesses because it involves improving your off-page SEO along with on-page SEO. This process can help your website rank higher on the search engine results pages of Google and its competitors.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the process of improving the backend of your website. It allows your website to function better and enhances the user experience. It will also help your web pages rise through the ranks of Google SERPs.

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