How Local SEO Can 

Improve Your Local Rankings? 

Do you know that 82% of individuals use their smartphones to perform relevant searches when looking up local businesses? If you want to make sure your business is positioned effectively in front of your local customers, then you need to hire the right local SEO marketing agency which can give your brand the well-deserved online exposure it needs to succeed. At Perth Digital Edge we can optimise your local SEO so let our local SEO Perth experts drive the best leads to your doorstep.

By leveraging search engines like Google with effective local search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies we will help your business attract qualified local customers.

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Local Search Engine Optimisation – A Valuable Service for Better Local Rankings

Why do you need to invest in Local SEO services for your Perth business? Are you tired of seeing other businesses appear in the  search engine results above your brand when you know you’re delivering a better quality product & services to your customers than your competitors are? If you want to make sure your business reaches the maximum number of people in your local vicinity then feel free to contact Perth Digital Edge today.. We can help optimise your website with the correctly placed  keywords to rank it on top of the Google Search results to maximise your websites profitability and exposure, so your business can thrive online.

Not only that, but through our practices we will ensure your business appears in Local Business Listings, GMB listings, and make sure it ranks in the  first on the top 3 pack of Google Maps. This is mainly done by creating NAP/Local Business citations.

When it comes to local SEO rankings, our team of SEO experts do everything with maximum consistency, this ensures the search engines take notice of your site quickly and effectively.

Appear in GMB 3-Pack with the best Google Map Optimisation in Perth

More than 95% of the global audience uses Google to search up businesses online. By creating a Google my business listing (GMB)  we can help list your business in “Google Maps” and optimize it to rank in your specific area in the first 3-pack. With proper GMB optimisation, we can optimise it to drive more sales & bring more potential leads right to your doorstep. At Perth Digital Edge, we optimise your GMB listing by performing a thorough technical analysis of all the local SEO aspects. Let’s place your business details where it matters.

Rank Your Business on Top with Top-Notch Local SEO Services in Perth

We are not just any local Search Engine Marketing agency, we provide the best Perth based local SEO optimisation service. We take small business SEO to a whole new level. Until your business appears in the Google Map Pack, our SEO experts in Perth don’t rest. We take every possible step to ensure you start appearing on top of all local intent based relevant searches in the Australian Market quickly.

How Can Local SEO Improve Your Local Rankings?

Who doesn’t want to drive more potential leads and generate sales for their product/services? At Perth Digital Edge, our SEO consultants in Perth are highly talented and supremely skilled in attracting a large chunk of customers from your local market right to your business’s doorstep online. Search engines such as Google have now become smart & adaptive. It has now realized that many users now search for services located near them. Approximately, 60% of all Google Searches are based on local search intent.

How can local SEO improve your local search rankings?

  • With Local SEO & citation listings, you get enhanced online visibility in local markets.
  • Greater online visibility in a local market will ensure you get increased foot traffic.
  • Local optimisation brings more targeted traffic to your website on relevant search terms.
  • GMB optimisation will add more enhanced Google Maps visibility.
  • With content marketing & local link building, it will improve your website’s relevance.
  • Effective online reputation management will ensure you establish trust among your customers.
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Why is Local SEO the Best Option for Your Small Business?

Gone are the days when customers used to pay close attention to advertisements reaching them through mail, newspaper or other traditional ways. We are now living in an era of smart technology where customers search local trades and businesses online & make a selection on Google based rankings.

How do you make your business reach your local area and appear on the top of relevant searches to dominate the correctly targeted Google’s search marketing keywords? This is where our Perth based SEO marketing agency comes in. Let us ensure your website appears in front of your relevant audience so you get the a well-deserved exposure your brand deserves. At Perth Digital Edge, our objective is to deliver qualified leads who are fresh & ready to convert with our white hat local SEO services.

What can we do for you as a Perth based local SEO company?

  • Perform thorough competitor analysis
  • Put together your local SEO marketing strategy
  • Perform website page optimisation
  • Increase your website ads click-through rates
  • Perform a complete website SEO audit
  • Get business citations
  • Perform on-page/off-page keyword optimisation
  • Optimise your Google My Business listing (GMB)

And much more.

How is Local SEO Different from Complete SEO Marketing?

Local SEO allows your brand to appear in front of your local customers. For example, if you’re in Perth and you want people in Perth to know you as a brand selling the best product/service in the market, effective local SEO will place you on top of Perth related keyword searches in Google Australia.

With effective local SEO, you can easily place your company on top of geographical related searches. Normal SEO will ensure your brand starts appearing on top of the world’s Google Search Engine rankings.

It may give your brand a global exposure, but the chances of lead conversion are less significant. With Local SEO optimisation, you put your business in front of a small market but you get the best conversions.

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Select us as your SEO company, because we always aim to be your Ally in the Digital Space and are a certificated Google Partner!

Our team can not only help with your SEO but also in AdWords, Google my business and Facebook marketing. At Perth Digital Edge we will always look at the ROI (return on investment) for your business.

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OUR Local SEO Success Stories 

The SEO game has no time out! It is important to keep up with the trends at all times. With this in mind, Perth Digital Edge never stop looking for trends and strategies that can effectively contribute to Local SEO boosting or GEO Targeting. Let us help you achieve a productive and responsible SEO strategy.

As we are a Perth based company, we have ranked national websites locally in numerous states across Australia.

When targeting local areas it is very important that you can actually service the area (suburb or city) that you are looking to rank for. Perth Digital Edge will make you rank for your local area of choice.

Local SEO Client SUCCESS story 1

Energetics Institute in Perth – Energetics institute are the premier psychotherapy treatment facility in Perth.

As there SEO company, We have ensured they achieve first page rankings on a variety of service keywords in their industry. Also reaching the number one spot in google my business for the primary keyword “Psychotherapy Perth”

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Local SEO Client SUCCESS story 2

Fremantle Roofing Services in Perth – Through a local SEO strategy we have helped Fremantle Roofing Services effectively market there product and services. We achieved a top 3 listing for their primary keyword “roof restoration Perth” and also a number of suburb listings to maximize their overall exposure.

As they are without a physical showroom this strategy has been crucial in achieving their overall marketing goals.

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We Perform Geo-Target Marketing to Get You More Customers

Are you running a brick & mortar store somewhere in Perth? Who doesn’t want to get more walk-in customers, right? And if you want more people to come and make purchases from your store, you need to make sure your business has the best geo-marketing practices in place. At Perth Digital Edge, our SEO specialists have ample experience in applying the best geo marketing strategies. We aim to convince Google and your local audience that your brand is the best choice for product/services to purchase in your niche. We place your business through all the different Google channels giving your brand  the edge online so it can get the best organic/authentic leads online possible.

Do you want to dominate the online space with geo-target marketing? Let our experts work their magic to grow your business today.

SEO Local Google My Business Optimisation Process

Creating a Google My Business listing (GMB) is one of the main steps to local Geo-Targeting. GMB is an online software that allows you to manage your online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. This allows searchers to easily find information about your business and learn about your brand quickly. A good SEO Expert should make sure that Google my business (GMB) is the starting point for all local SEO campaigns! At Perth Digital Edge, we are the experts at creating optimised google my business listings that can boost the online presence of your business within the search engines.

We will help verify your business which can include your brand, in the Google Maps directory. As a result, your exact business location will be visible to potential customers that are searching for services nearby. Wherever you are, there is always a big fraction of the population that use smartphones to search for services online. Google is the most used search engine and presents huge opportunities to business through digital marketing. GMB is one of them!

Our SEO services in Perth optimise your Google My Business (GMB) which can lead to more sales and conversion for your business. There are many ways to optimise your GMB account. This includes ensuring that all of your business information is correct, replying to messages and adding regular updates about your business. The GMB optimisation process requires skill and knowledge to ensure the best results. Getting this right the first time is essential to avoid wasting resources.

At Perth Digital Edge, we will optimise your GMB account by reviewing and analysing all of the technical aspects. We will position your business details where it matters – in front of your customers.

Get Accurate NAP Citations with top-rated SEO services in Perth

NAP citations are the building blocks of any Geo/Local SEO strategy. Every business wishes to get listed in the all highly sought after map pack.One of the reasons why many small businesses fail to see the light of the day is because they have inaccurate NAP citations. When citing businesses on GMB, consistency plays a significant role and with our marketers working their magic behind the screen, we ensure our customers get that consistency. Our Perth based local SEO company uses a 360 degree approach to improve search rankings. Let our expert team take a highly reliable digital marketing approach to generate the best results for your brand.

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The Importance of Social Networks

Over the past ten years, social networks have exploded like an atomic bomb! Social media platforms are part of everything we do and involved in most business marketing decisions. We go to our mobile phones to look for services online and this provides even more opportunities to digital marketers. The ever increasing number of potential clients using social media, presents a great opportunity for your business to capitalise on a larger audience.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest have a vital role in any SEO campaign. These platforms provide business growth opportunity in the form of links and clicks to your website. At Perth Digital Edge, we will maximise your website through Social Media SEO. This includes publishing relevant content that can be indexed, building authority to create brand exposure and getting you quality links to improve your overall rankings.

Experience Online Growth

SEO Website Audits

SEO audits serve a very important purpose. Similar to when you get your car serviced, SEO Audits look under the hood of a website and examine it thoroughly.

On Page SEO

In the Search engine world Google is the BIGGEST FISH! They make the game and make the rules, in SEO we must find the best way to do that for you as a business. Google like to change the rules, by updating the algorithms they use.

SEO Content Marketing

Every business must have a SEO Content marketing strategy, whether that be traditionally or online. You want to stand out from the crowd in a competitive environment.

SEO Link Building

On-Page SEO is Awesome, But without increasing the off-page SEO it’s a half measure, Search Engine Optimization off-page is just as important if not more important.

Technical SEO Issues

Technical SEO is the process of improving the technical side of a website so that it functions better and in turn increases user experience and rank’s within the search engines such as Google.

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