LinkedIn is a social platform that has serious reach, with over 400 million active users every day. Unlike Facebook or Google adverting, this network is business specific. So, with the help of this platform as an advertising medium it has be much easier to engaged and reach a more educated and professional audience. Perth Digital Edge – Search Engine Optimization Perth can help you harness the power of LinkedIn advertising, so your brand can market its service or product and engaged the right target audience, so your ROI is maximised.

Business to business sales is a dynamic and growth industry within the Australian economy. If you want to have the ability to generate a higher number of B2B leads, then LinkedIn is the place to start you advertising campaign. Perth Digital Edge are a Perth digital marketing agency that can help your business thrive on LinkedIn. As an agency we always strive to be “your ally in the digital space” and we mean it, our expert staff have the skills to craft and manage the high level LinkedIn advertising campaigns.


Advertising Process

The first step in any LinkedIn advertising campaign is to understand your business needs in full so we can effectively target the right audience which will ad the greatest benefit. The landing page in LinkedIn is known as a profile page, this is a step that a lot of people overlook, and we spend a lot of time optimising it so that its ready to wow and excite your potential buyers. There a few different ways we like to advertise on this platform so depending on what the customer wants to do defines what we do next, we either digitally create traditional ad copy for your campaigns for your approval or we user a connection building algorithm to engaged to show your profile to the correct audience.

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Ad Management

As every business has a different business goal when advertising we don’t have a one size fits all strategy, we only finalize the ads once our clients approves them. We ensure that we get more leads for your business and then convert those leads into your clients. At Perth Digital Edge – SEO consultants Perth we don’t set and forget our clients online marketing campaigns, we want to make sure they are working and converts into positive leads for our clients. Our expert team will regularly check your campaign so that you get the best ROI on your advertising budgets. By utilizing a LinkedIn advertising agency Perth business can spend more time growing there business instead of worrying about their online reach, we do all the geeky stuff so you can do what you do best.

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LinkedIn Targeting

Ads can be shown in a variety of different ways within the LinkedIn platform. When creating ads our team will spend a lot of time crafting the audience targeting, this will increase ROI and make sure you are only engaging the correct audience. Some examples of target on for example:

– Skills set (set in user profiles)

– By Job Roles

– Job position

– Job title

– Demographic or geo targeting

– Relevance targeting

By leveraging these factors effectively our team of skilled LinkedIn advertising professionals can get your brand noticed.

Advertising Types

Like other social media adverting there are different ways to advertise. LinkedIn allows the following forms of ad to be created:

– Business connection outreach

– Text ads

– Pay – Per – Click (PPC)

– Graphic or a sponsored update

– Blog posts or messages

Normally when advertising online in a PPC model its all about keywords, LinkedIn isn’t like this as they structure their entire platform around business characteristics. Whenever a designing a campaign for this platform this should be your first thought “who do I want to advertise to?”.

That way, you can target those companies specifically. Sometime however, LinkedIn makes this very challenging, this can cause you to have countless man hours figuring it out and this takes away from the valuable time a business owner has each day to spend on their business. Don’t worry this is where we can help.

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At Perth Digital Edge – Perth SEO Company we love to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool! When we create a marketing strategy, we’ll talk the time to get to know your needs. We will help you find the best way to create an approachable and maintainable strategy on the platform. Our team will create awesome ads that will give you a positive ROI, so reach out to Perth Digital Edge about how marketing on LinkedIn is positive marketing choice to increase your bottom line.

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