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When you first go onto a website, what’s your first thought? Normally there are 2, firstly does it look good and can I find what I want quickly – A good website landing page design should do both. When someone asks us at Perth Digital Edge why have I got a high bounce rate and how can I get more conversions on my landing page the answer is one and the same! Create a tailored, purpose build website landing page design that gets your message across effectively.

Whenever you see a search engine marketing advertisement or display banner advertisement and you click on it, you want to land somewhere meaningful or relevant to what you are looking for right? At Perth Digital Edge we have the capacity to redesign landing pages for your company in order to make sales climb through the roof.

Our 2 tiered approach from both a marketing and design standpoint allows us to create beautiful spaces that you can use as a business to promote or sell depending on your requirements. At the end of our landing page revamp you’ll be astounded with the results.

choosing a landing page
interactive landing pages

Landing Page Development Process

Let’s not beat around the bush, Website landing page development is all about KPIs. Their main purpose is to achieve a goal selling, displaying or otherwise. At Perth Digital Edge we have a landing page development process that makes sense:

  • Design – As a digital creative team we sit down and work out a beautiful looking landing page for your brand. If your not happy we will keep working till you are.
  • Develop – our development team will then develop a landing page that you wanted so that it looks exactly how you dreamed and does what its meant to.
  • Conversion rate optimisation – lastly we implement it in your site and connect all the call to actions and this intern will increase your ROI.

Your Brands Story in a Page

Like any good book cover or store front a landing page should tell a story. They should reflect your brand and inform users what you are about and let’s face it first impressions matter in this world. Our process is designed to keep your business KPIs in mind and increase your websites ROI.

If you’re on a budget creating a landing page campaign could be just what your business needs to take that next step forward online. We recommend adding online marketing such as AdWords or Facebook advertising so that your new landing page can really stand out in the crowd.

The best part of landing pages designs that we offer is they are goal specific meaning that you can target exactly what you have in mind. This could include:

  • Client signups
  • Sales
  • Mailing list growth
  • Presenting a limited time offer
website landing page design

Get the Edge with a New landing Page Design

At Perth Digital Edge we can quickly and effectively design a landing page that converts traffic for you. Yes we are new but we
need to stand above so lets talk about how we can turn your business goals into a reality today.

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