Instagram exploded in 2012 when Facebook purchased and took it over. The platform has over 800 million active users monthly and around 500 million of them use it daily. In 2017, Instagram stories were introduced as a product addon, this allows companies and businesses such as yours to advertise effectively and cheaply.

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Marketing Basics

Whether you’re one of the 800 million active users on Instagram or you’re just looking at it as a business opportunity, you will be aware of the sponsored posts that appear in your feeds. These posts are made up of either videos, images or a carousel of images that are introduced to sell a service or product to entice the viewer to purchase.

These ads are targeted in relation to what the users are following in their feeds. With these, we can create ad copy that has the best chance of converting for companies. These highly targeted Instagram adverts have many features apart from what’s in a user’s feed including:

– Demographics (age, gender, interests)

– Real-time locations

– Ads can be displayed when a person is a part of a certain geographical location

Instagram Marketing

How to Leverage
Instagram Marketing for
your business

There are 2 main ways to advertise on Instagram: Sponsored Instagram posts and Instagram stories.

Sponsored posts

Having a sponsored post on Instagram allows the business to embed links into their Instagram post that allows direct traffic to your website and increase your overall site numbers and site SEO score. These links can only be placed in PAID posts (not unpaid) which is a befit that can’t be ignored. Instagram sponsored posts can also include a product or hashtags. These tags allow you to target your home bio or another feed so your advert can be showed. These hashtags are seen as a trust in the users’ eyes and can lower the animosity towards purchase.

Instagram stories

These are newly added features to the Instagram platform. The basic idea is that a user can upload an image or short video that lasts 24 hours that all of his followers can view. The sponsored video or image can create brand awareness and interaction with your product or service.

Advertising Benefits

Research on Instagram users and purchases is quite convincing with a direct relationship found between internet purchases and Instagram users. A staggering 35% of all users purchase things via Instagram on a regular basis. More than 70% purchase things online regularly through other non-Instagram mediums.

Since the partnering Facebook, it is also very easy to turn an Instagram ad into Facebook advertising. This allows your brand to not only profit from the FB connection but the connection to the web as well as converting the leads into higher revenue for your business.

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