Before the days of the internet to make extra money, people got a second job. These days, however, with the introduction of platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce eCommerce is fast becoming a suitable replacement. Added to that, people look online these days first for everything, because of the convenience and the speed, related to finding what they want. Perth Digital Edge can help you with eCommerce website design today.

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In the modern fast pasted world, we are all short of time and customers are fast losing patients with trudging around shopping centres for hours only to leave empty-handed because none the shops had what they want or need. As soon as there was another option people have been jumping on the bandwagon of internet-based shopping as it streamlines the process and there are unlimited options so leaving empty-handed is much less likely. If you are selling products these days regardless of size or location – if you’re a retail business not being on the internet is like not being in the marketplace, for sales, promotion and business longevity you need a high functioning website.

A good e-commerce site is a lot more than just a template it should be complete and comprehensive so your e-commerce website has the best chance to actually converting customers instead of sitting there gathering dust.

It should include:

– Branding aesthetics

– Navigation’s designed for sales pipeline

– Customer experience focused

– Page speed optimisations

– Security built in – with secure payment systems

– SEO optimised so it can be found

We can help you get the Edge online within the eCommerce space at Perth Digital Edge.


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The Development team at Perth Digital Edge has a wealth of experience in eCommerce website design, we can create highly targeted and beautiful online shops for your business. The build is only half the problem though, once you have an online store it also needs to be maintained and this is where most people come unstuck. Fortunately, we can help take all the hard work away and make it easy for your online store to flourish.

The hardest part for people when starting an e-commerce website is that they are lacking in knowledge, this creates a situation whereby people are apprehensive about getting their brand online and converting. Don’t worry with our team’s knowledge and skills, we will create a sales pipeline that you can afford and that’s SEO optimised. When we build an E-commerce website we like them to stand out from the crowd, that’s why every website we build, we wear our SEO hat. This allows us to create a website that ranks with our initial design process and our ongoing site optimisations.

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When you go somewhere and purchase a product and you’re happy it creates repeat business, that’s built around trust, A well-designed e-Commerce store is no different. Branding is the key in developing a high user experience so that everything just works and that’s what we produce here at Perth Digital Edge. Gone are the days of customer frustration with poor performing pages and continual maintenance when you build an eCommerce website through us. It’s important to note when we deliver a product we provide instruction on how to use it, this means you won’t have anxiety about adding new pages or products yourself.

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Yes, we are the new kids on the block in the Perth eCommerce game but we build sites that convert sales as our team has been doing it elsewhere for many years.

Our integrations include:

Common platforms – At Perth Digital Edge we create Shopify and WooCommerce products as our main solution for our online marketplace platforms. These are the most stable and easy to use.

Cost-effectiveness – No matter if you are a small, medium or large business we have a solution that will suit your needs at an affordable price.

Problem-solving – We have fixed some of the eCommerce websites Perth has and made them run more effectively

Need a E-commerce website? Get the edge online and lets Perth Digital Edge help you dominate your niche.

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Website Builds

Custom website development can be used in a variety of situations and can deliver great benefits to the users and business’s alike.


At Perth Digital Edge we love using WordPress websites to facilitate our client’s website needs. WordPress makes up around 28% of all internet websites out there.

Squarespace Development

Squarespace is a design-orientated website builder used by companies worldwide to create beautiful, functional websites. It was launched in 2004, since then it has become one of the top website platforms.

Landing Pages

When you first go onto a website and what’s your first thought? Normally there are 2 firstly does it look good and can I find what I want quickly a good website landing page design should do both.


When you finally get to a website finished it’s a fantastic day! Web hosting Perth services are a lot like race cars or a gaming PC they should perform the user demand without acceptation.


A good domain name is a lot like business partner, it works for you. At Perth digital edge we can help you organise with domain name registration that will greatly benefit your business growth.

Perth Digital Edge!

Choosing us as your digital marketing agency is going to produce the best results with a customer focused digital strategy. Contact to start your Google Journey, We give you the EDGE you need in the digital space.