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Its starts with a heart flutter, that feeling of finding what you want to buy. There is an old saying when it comes to the online space your either spending or earning, the only question you need to ask yourself as a business is which one are you? At our ad agency Perth Digital Edge, we create google shopping ads that have a positive return on investment and a higher conversion rate.

Display Campaign with Smart Targeting

Shopping online is a huge business as we see the consumer focus move from modern shops to online. This is largely due to the advancements in technology and its insertions into our every day lives. Apart from the convenience and the gratification of the online market, the new generation is raised on technology so its very unlikely that the online shopping world is going to peak any time soon.

With this shift, it’s a NECESSITY these days to display your product for sale online if you’re a retail store. It’s wise to consider making your business equipped to deal with the online space by allowing easy purchase, a good user experience and above all stand apart from your competitors.

Perth Digital Edge can help with the online shopping marketing with the implementation of Googles shops smart display ads. These will allow you to showcase your product effectively. When we say you want to get ahead of the crowd  we mean it. But its not as easy as it seems a lot of people try to do it themselves and it’s a all to common story that they are blow through a large budget with very little to show for it. But we can help you with that, want to get your ads shown on the first page without blowing your budget? Talk to us today.

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How Does It Work

The way the Google shopping services work is simple really, you can display your products using a certain shopping area called the shopping ad network. Everyone has seen them at least ones if you have purchased a product online if you have used google to find it. At Perth Digital Edge we love working as a Google shopping agency, and if Google Ads Shopping management is what your after we can facilitate all your needs.

What’s We Supply Shopping Network Management

So if your advertising a product for sale online there is one main goal and that’s SELL A LOT of product to make money, we can help! After understanding your business goals and why you want to get online we can create a smart google campaign that converts for you. This includes:

  • Google Merchant centre setup for your brand
  • Google AdWords Setup
  • An overview report that easy to follow.
  • Talking to an actual person – the same person every time.

Get Started With Google Shopping Ads

To dominate this space your business will need 2 things, AdWords and a Google merchant centre account. We can facilitate the entire process for you, allowing your business to do what it does without worrying about the geeky stuff.

If you trying to do this yourself and your stuck it could be that you’ve missed a few steps. You need to fist of all submit your product information to the Google merchant centre, when completing this step it is vital that all product information is filled in correctly otherwise your product wont show in the correct search results and you wont convert. The final step is to make sure AdWords and the GMC are connected correctly so your ads can start showing.

Are you feeling overwhelmed??

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Why Choose Us For Your Google Shopping Ads Management

At Perth Digital Edge we can help your company sell its products online FAST! Yes, we are new in the space! But that doesn’t mean we are in experienced… Our team is constantly learning and because we are new, we need to fight for the right to compete in the ring of Shopping ads management in Perth. Lets Talk…

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Each strategy has a different use so if we suggest it for your business its because we think its going to produce the best results. Contact to start your google AdWords journey, We give you the EDGE you need in the digital space.