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At Perth Digital Edge, we provide copywriting services for marketing purposes. In the digital world, content marketing is the key, as on average, if a business has a blog there is a 130% increase in conversions. That’s massive! If you don’t have one you’re missing out on some serious cheddar. There is also a direct relationship seen across all digital marketing platforms (including social media). If a business uploads fresh, relevant content on a regular basis (8 times higher compared to businesses that don’t), there is a 66% better chance that someone will buy from you after reading your blog.

All of this sounds good right?

Now that you’re shaking your head about not having a content creation strategy in place, let’s discuss about how Perth Digital Edge can get you an edge over your competitors with a tailored content creation strategy for your business!

Content Writing key? Research!

Do you need a copywriter? Would you like to find out the key to effected content writing? When you undertake a content writing strategy, you need to plan what to write about. Content writing without plan and strategy leads to wasting a lot of time. Perth Digital Edge offers copywriting service in various niches. We have a team of topnotch copywriters with years of experience writing in different mediums. There is no doubt we can make your brand shine and write to your brands “tone”. Trust us to be your content writing agency, we take the time to research your industry and the audience you attract so we can target them effectively. With this process of investigation, our copywriter can effectively create rich, relevant and engaging content to boost your ROI online.

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Content Development

Creating written content is by far the most challenging thing to do online. Perth Digital Edge works hard to distinguish itself as a top-level content writing company. We have a specialist team that’s dedicated to creating written words that are purpose-designed to support your brand. We don’t believe in spinnable content or a one size fits all approach, your business message is unique, and we work hard to keep it that way.

Offered Copy writing Services

Our exceptional teams of copywriters have intensive work experience in the field of content marketing. We can write just about anything that is purpose-built specifically for you or your brand including:

  • Blog Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • GMB Posts
  • Website Content
  • Social Media Posts
  • Press releases
  • eBooks
  • Academic projects
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Distribution of Content

Whenever we create content we do it with our SEO hats on! This means that any content we produce is relevant to what people are searching for which allows you to get a high conversion rate online.

As copywriters in Perth, it is important that we position your web content where it’s going to get seen, so your exposure reach is maximised. We work with a large list of industry-specific platforms where we distribute your content and ensure that you connect and become a leader in your niche. SEO copywriting services can greatly increase the reach and growth of your business. At Perth Digital Edge, we can help you expand your reach and gain credibility.

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Experience Online Growth

Graphic Design

The Perth Digital Edge team are experts in graphic design and can produce well thought out business logos that can catch the viewer`s attention. We can create various logo designs that are suited to your business needs.

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Video Production

Perth Digital Edge can help you achieve highly optimised video content through the assistance of our accredited production team. We have completed some of the best corporate engagement videos in Perth and other parts of Western Australia. We dedicate our service to producing innovative and highly-produced videos that can effectively engage, inform and entertain your audience.

No matter what kind of business you are in, Perth Digital Edge can work on the most effective promotional video content for you! Reach out to us now!

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Photography Services

Do you need an expert photographer to take shots of your products or website photos? At Perth Digital Edge we are here to help you with your photography needs. Book your photography with us and get the chance to use our well-equipped photography studio in Perth!

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