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Everyday companies around the world invest in Google AdWords in order to get a leg up on their competition. The AdWords Search Engine Marketing System (SEM) is built around one principle idea, spend money to make money by putting you at the top of the search engine results a a cost. At Perth Digital Edge we are Google AdWords Management Specialists, we keep your ROI in mind with professional data analysis and the use of the latest and most advanced optimisation techniques to make your phone ring and keep your costs low. Pay Per Click marketing is only part of any digital marketing strategy, in order to truly effective Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising should be put together to form a complete stratagy.

What’s Involved in PPC Management

If your feeling overwhelmed that’s ok… At Perth Digital Edge we always “Aim to be your ally in the digital space” and we mean it! With this in mind we don’t take any short cuts when taking on your business’s Google Adwords PPC/SEM management and digital marketing.

We will make sure of the following in regards to your online advertising

  • Set up a structured and cost effective adwords campaign and manage it effectively
  • Management of negative key words to improve your ROI
  • Ad extensions
  • Daily bidding adjustments
  • Key word research at all stages of the campaign in the text ads
  • Only deal with one person when speaking about your account for PPC
  • Reporting on Spend when the campaign is up and running
PPC management
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Why Choose Us To Be Your Adwords Management Agency

Google AdWords is expensive! The highest ever amount spend on AdWords in a month is just under a million dollars, it can either empty or fill up your bank account depending on how your strategy is structured and maintained. All AdWords management needs to be in line with a business goals or objectives, this should line up with the google’s search related inquiries your clients are making. By trusting Perth Digital Edge as your adwords management agency you can be assured that we take the time to understand your business so we can advise the best cause of action for you to get the most out of this SEM system.

When staring a new Google ads campaign for a client we start with a thorough PPC keyword analysis that looks at both the searches results per month and the costs. As with SEO every business PPC goals are different, and that why we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Its important to note that each word has a dollar figure attached to being at the top of search engine page results and with the correct word selection you can dominate your niche with a sizable investment. Its important to run SEO and AdWords together as if your landing and page content is poor then its less likely that you are going to convert. With this in mind we will systematically go through your campaign and work on optimising your conversions rate. The goal is to increase Conversions and lower costs throughout the PPC campaign management process.

Our adwords Perth expert team will continually work on your campaign to determine the best keywords for your business. Ad copy is critical when we employ SEM, as it not only engages your audience / new customers but compels them to actually purchase. When a Potentially new customer lands on your page you don’t want to just send them to any old page… you need them to get to the most relevant page possible from the ad, this is called landing page architecture and we do it automatically when constructing your adverts. The team at Perth Digital Edge are AdWords gurus!! They love data and working out the best outcomes for Perth businesses.

There are many different campaign types that are used within Google ads, some that we could employ as successfully strategies for you are:

data analysis
adwords targeting

What Other SEM Strategies are there Apart From Google Ads

Adwords Management Perth takes alot of work! When we invest time in your Google AdWords Management we consider the whole picture. There are a lot of factors to consider and google ads is only one piece of the puzzle. Some of the other SEM options that we have available at Perth Digital Edge are

AdWords Management Reporting

At Perth Digital Edge we take pride in being a PPC marketing agency that cares about the needs of our customers. When we work with you as a business we work out the goals that are going to get the best results on a Key performance indicator (KPI) level.  This allows us to provide a service that is second to none in Perth, with data and reports that give you the information that is actually meaningful and helpful to you business.

We always have our fingers on the Google ads pulse so our reports are up to date and written by hand so there not a auto generation software. This is the kind of personal service you can expect at Perth Digital Edge when you hire us as you PPC managers. Let’s talk about it today.

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