Everyday companies around the world invest in Google AdWords in order to get a leg up on their competition. Google Adwords is an effective type of pay per click (PPC) Advertising. PPC is regarded as a form of advertising that involves paying for your advertising to appear in Google’s search results. This PPC method includes Adwords, basic text ads, and online advertising. The efficiency of Google Adwords makes it one of the most popular forms of online advertising methods.

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How Does AdWords Work?

As we mentioned before, Adwords is a pay per click system. This system works by you bidding on particular keywords that you want your product or service to feature in. These keywords are related to Google’s search engine results (user intent). Your bid becomes more prominent by how high you bid for those particular keywords.

However, the majority of Adword campaigns are ill-managed by AdWords agencies. The account ends up paying too much money on irrelevant keywords and fails to produce the desired engagement. These types of AdWords campaigns create bids that aren’t adjusted properly and try to attract as many clicks as possible.

The goal of AdWords management at Perth Digital Edge isn’t to get an overwhelming amount of clicks that don’t contribute anything valuable to your business. Instead, We want our Google AdWords managers to hone in on the right clicks that add value to the business.

The benefit of useful Google AdWords management is that you’re able to attract customers searching for your particular products or services. This is extremely important as the internet is an incredibly large place that provides access to similar businesses such as yours, that’s why positioning yourself at the top of google is so important for your sales bottom line.

It’s highly unlikely that your business is a monopoly, which means this tool could be very useful. You want those potential customers to see your brand online before the see your competitors and we can help you do that. The evolution of online business is becoming more and more popular has made effective Google AdWords management essential for almost any business.

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Should You Be Using Google AdWords?

The simple answer is that you probably should be using AdWords. It’s an excellent tool for every business to use, whether you’re just starting or a highly established business. You pay a cost per click, and you receive warm leads and traffic to your online platform.

However, advertising on Google isn’t always needed, and it’s not the only solution you need to guarantee a successful business on a long-term basis. There are many other factors to consider when deciding what aspects you should be spending on your digital marketing budget. You want a strategy that includes SEO (search engine optimization)banner adsremarketing, and Adwords.

At Perth Digital Edge, we provide all these services and more to help deliver effective digital marketing campaigns in Perth. Businesses frequently ask us if AdWords agency services are needed. Although it’s a great tool, we can only tell you if AdWords management is a good choice for your specific business. Every business is different and requires a specialized campaign which we can create for you.

Google AdWords could possibly launch your business’s potential, but we can only know this when we see your business’s state and its objectives, so let’s talk – without any obligation or hard sell. Get in contact with us now to find out more and grow your business today!

What Can Our AdWords Management Services Do For You?

Our experts at Perth Digital Edge are highly trained in all aspects involved in digital marketing, especially AdWords management. We are able to look at your budget and put together a campaign that works to manage Google ad costs, such as cost per click services.

Budgeting the bidding and keeping up to date with keywords helps to make this digital marketing campaign more cost-effective. Adwords and other Google ads are an extremely profitable campaign when done right, and our experts at Perth Digital Edge are equipped to provide this for you.

Flexibility is an important feature when making use of Google AdWords. These Google ads are required to be continuously updated. Much like the rest of the world, the digital sphere is regularly evolving at a fast pace. You need to keep updating your Google ads campaign for your digital platform to remain relevant and dynamic.

When using our services at Perth Digital Edge, you gain peace of mind knowing we’re just as dedicated to monitoring your campaign, keeping to your budget, and ensuring you get the best value for money. Along with this, you get the expertise from our managers to know what changes need to be made to your Google ads. We provide the best service as we are just as involved in making sure that your business blossoms to its greatest potential as you are. With us, you’re guaranteed that your Google ads are managed efficiently, which aids in maximizing your budget and generating an increased return on investment.

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What If You Don’t Want To Pay For Clicks?

We understand that some budgets can’t accommodate our AdWords Perth services. There are a vast amount of industries that are over-saturated and extremely competitive. This, more often than not, results in the pay per click being driven higher. Adwords is a system that’s built on keyword bidding; the more businesses bidding on the same keywords can cause a problem for those with strict budgets.

Of course, AdWords is a fantastic feature for gaining immediate results in an incredibly short period. There are a few other options that are more long-term. One of these options is Search Engine Optimization. This is an effective way to attract leads and traffic. Another option would be to invest in Google ads that can be launched at a fixed price point. Both options can be done through us, Perth Digital Edge. That’s what makes us the go-to marketing agency in Perth for growing your business digitally.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Click-Worthy Google Ads?

There are a variety of reasons why a business should invest in Google ads. Here are some benefits that Perth Digital Edge can help you achieve when developing a marketing strategy that involves the creation of Google ads:


You gain the opportunity to showcase your business at the top of potential customers’ searches. This is done as they search for products or services that match the type that your business offers. More traffic is brought to your online platform, which helps to grow your customer base. This can all be done through Google ads.


Employing Google ads into your marketing strategy helps showcase your business to the people who are likely to support you. You’re able to attract new traffic by creating engaging visual content. By employing this, you have the opportunity to connect with the right people. An added benefit is that this is all done on a global scale.


This type of Google ad management helps to bring your business to the top of past website visitors through the use of an effective and engaging remarketing strategy. This helps navigate lost customers back to your business.


Google shopping ads are also another way of interacting with potential customers. Making use of shopping tags helps showcase your product in an extremely effective method that’s guaranteed to provide you with fast growth in your company’s sales. You can advertise your products to potential customers all across the world on the biggest search engine ever, Google.

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Quick Results Guarantee:

Google ads provide you with the ability to generate results at an extremely quick pace. This is unlike SEO advertising, which uses organic trafficking to connect to potential clients. It’s quite common for businesses to find that conversions, brand awareness, and website traffic increased drastically after one day of a PPC campaign being implemented. It’s a great way to gain an edge over your local competitors and competitively play against global businesses.

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Search Advertising

Paid search advertising (also known as sponsored ads, search marketing, search-engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and cost-per-click marketing) is a technique.

UX Design

Its starts with a heart flutter, that feeling you get when you look at something beautiful. User journey and EX/UI Design increase conversions rates overall. Find out how we can help you get more conversions today.

Dynamic Search Ads

Google AdWords has a interesting ad type known as Dynamic Search ads. This type of advertising is actually a very effective method to implement so clients and customers can find exactly what your offering online.

YouTube Advertising

Are you looking for YouTube Advertising in Perth? A stunning fact about video between 87-90 % of customers are more likely to buy your product after watching your promo video.

Display Advertising

Are you interested in targeting people in Perth and beyond with banner advertising? At Perth Digital Edge we are Display advertising agency that can create banner adverts that are designed with conversion in mind.


Don’t just settle for ordinary remarketing campaigns, Get the EDGE on your competition with remarketing that utilizes all the platforms including Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail etc.

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