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About Us

Why We Stand Out From The Crowd

At PDE we are here to take the frustration and confusion out of getting your business seen and heard online.

Perth Digital Edge

Our objective is to be recognized as Australia’s most reputable and trustworthy digital marketing team.

Being the largest company in town is not a reward in itself and our priorities lie in serving our clients, team, and community ethically. Our goal is to continuously improve business practices and these guiding principles, along with our values outlined below, serve as our guiding light.

So, who are we?

We are a dedicated team of innovative, transformative, and creative individuals committed to driving the success and growth of your business. In today’s rapidly evolving environment, monitoring performance, delivering measurable outcomes, and enhancing your brand image are more critical than ever. As a business, you deserve marketing that is accountable, cutting-edge, results-oriented, and educational – that’s why we develop digital campaigns that align with your business objectives and monitor progress from start to finish.

We keep you informed by presenting straightforward, actionable information that focuses on what matters to you – your spending, revenue, and brand trajectory. Join us at Perth Digital Edge and let’s create Better business everyday, Get The EDGE.

Core Values

At the core of everything we do, our values play a critical role in defining who we are and what we stand for. They serve as the foundation for all of our actions and decisions, shaping the way we interact with our clients, colleagues, and the community.

These values shape the way we communicate, both internally and externally, and ensure that we are aligned in our goals and approach. Whether we are working on a new project, problem-solving, or engaging with others, our values guide us and keep us focused on what is important.

They serve as a compass that helps us navigate challenges and make ethical, informed decisions. Ultimately, our values are the foundation of our success and help us achieve our goals while staying true to who we are and what we believe in.


Our unwavering focus is on delivering results in all that we do, with a goal of continuous growth and improvement.


We bring some serious business knowledge to the table, using innovation and industry insight to drive your business forward.


We get things done here at Perth Digital Edge. You’ll find our communication fast, timelines clear and your deadlines met – or beaten!


We hold ourselves, our team, and our clients accountable, encouraging confidence and self-assurance in every role.

Meet the Team

Our promise to you is that we will listen, do the work and deliver results – every time.

Ben Tippett


Ben heads up the team at Perth Digital Edge as a proven digital marketing specialist with years of experience in advising, SEM and SEO services – specialising in helping small and medium businesses achieve a real edge online. An avid sportsperson and Black Belt Martial Arts enthusiast, when he’s not online, you’ll find him working hard at training or out and about on walkies around Perth with his best pal Summer.

Meet Ben

Andrew Erkins


Andrew Erkins, a tech-savvy individual with a passion for both technology and people. With a background in information systems, Andrew brings a unique perspective to the table, combining his love of business strategy with his deep understanding of what makes things tick.

Meet Andrew

Leah Moore


Leah is our paperwork and process genius. The guiding hand and glue at PDE. Her background in customer service shines through in her ability to deftly manage relationships both with the team and with our customers.

Meet Leah

Steele Walster

SEM Account Manager

Steele is our Pay-Per-Click Advisor at Perth Digital Edge. Steele is one of the most respected Google Ads experts in Australia. His wealth of experience spans all industries and sectors and his advice has helped grow many small and medium businesses. When he’s not tinkering away on Google Ads, Steele likes to go surfing and spend time with his wife and son.

Meet Steele

Ravi Chauhan

SEO Team Leader

Ravi Chauhan is a seasoned expert in SEO and digital marketing, with a passion for technology and a wealth of knowledge. He has helped rank over 100 websites and is dedicated to making the world of SEO simple to understand. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, cricket, and reading business books. Partner with Ravi and [company name] for innovative and successful online marketing strategies.

Meet Ravi

James Picton

SEO Specialist

James is one of our SEO gurus, link-building, and website-ranking experts. He is passionate about using organic SEO to help businesses be found in organic search results through solid link-building campaigns. His free time is filled with watching movies, long drives, Listening Music, and Browsing the Internet.

Meet James

Rebecca Johansson


Rebecca is an award-winning photographer and takes care of all client photography. Highly experienced and qualified in the field of commercial photography, her images are key to helping our client’s websites stand out online.

Meet Rebecca

Michael Jepsen

Digital Producer

Michael is the expert when it comes to producing innovative and high-impact corporate videos for our clients. Video helps to engage, inform or entertain your audience, and a high-impact video is the best way to communicate your message to customers.

Meet Micheal

Cindy Randall


Cindy is our word guru, helping to create personality-driven, engaging, and converting website copy and targeted blogs to increase the SEO and ranking of our client’s websites. Copy will always be king!

Meet Cindy


Office Mascot & Team Supervisor (DOG)

Summer is a key member of the team, in charge of food, break times, and team happiness. On days off (and on) she’ll be at the beach, raiding the kitchen for cheese and bananas, or enjoying walkies at Edgar Griffith Park in Wanneroo.

Meet Summer

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