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Telling your brand’s story can be difficult, but by using a video production Perth exert to tell your story you can effectively increase your brand’s reach & overall message effectively. Statistically, using video content in marketing campaigns can greatly increase brand awareness by around 70% (Data from Western Australia). So far, every marketing video that we have produced has had a great ROI for our clients. As a company, Perth Digital Edge are in the process of producing video content for our own use as we believe it to be such an effective marketing tool. As a production company, our team of video production Perth video professionals work with brands such as St John’s and the Glory. So, when you hire us for videography services you can rest assured that we will create top-quality and attention-grabbing films for your business.

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We Are a Full-Service Perth Videography Company 

Everything begins with an idea- this is no different for the development of your video production. We take your ideas and fuse them with effective market strategies. As a Perth video production company, we have worked with many clients, learning the ins and outs of impactful marketing content. We always use your ideas, but we also include optimized marketing tools.

Once you and our team find the right blend, we work on a storyboard. This is where the cluster of ideas cohesively comes to life. When you are satisfied with the production plan, we execute the videography and make ideal content for your brand.

From corporate videos to documentaries, we work to ensure that all your ideas come to life with visuals, graphics, and sound. Time and again, our clients walk away happy with their video and excited for the positivity it brings.

As we are a SEO Agency Perth, we believe that its best practice is to distribute your new video content across all platforms to get the greatest bang for your buck (Including AdWords, Facebook, and YouTube). If you need assistance, our team is always available to offer digital marketing advice and services.

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Sales Driven Video Content

As a Perth video production company we strive to construct visually appealing video content that spreads a positive message about your brand. There are different ways to go about producing a video- here are some of the categories we can help you create:

  • Corporate Video Production
  • Company Video Production
  • Television Commercial Video production
  • Music Video Production
  • Social Media Content and Advertisements
  • Website and Digital Content
  • Documentaries
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Reach Your Goals Faster With Professional Video Marketing Services in Perth

Our team can facilitate every aspect of video production that your brand or business. If you think one or all of these services can create a positive message for your brand, we would be happy to discuss it with a free initial consultation.

Videography Services We Offer

– Corporate Videos

– Promotion and Advertising

– Website and Digital Content

– Music Videos

– Social Media Ads

– Documentaries

– Post Production Services

Steps We Take for Creating Quality Video Productions in Perth

A high-quality Perth video production includes various steps to make perfect and complete content.


This is where the video all starts—blending ideas to produce visually appealing and attention-grabbing content.


Our experienced corporate video production in Perth, WA has years in the industry. State-of-the-art technology and influence with set bookings help to assemble the perfect video.


Experience and high-quality editing software allow for videos that run smoothly and feel entirely cohesive.


Our excellent editing software also lets us match up the sound to the visuals perfectly. We can also include sound effects to strengthen the tone of the video.

Digital Graphics

The closing step is to add in the final touches- visual graphics. As an SEO company, we can successfully implement logos and graphics that match your brand.

Video Production

Perth Videography- Utilizing Perth Digital Edge in Western Australia

The video production services at Perth Digital Edge, located in Perth, WA, always develop visually stunning content that meets the needs of clients. To spread the word about your brand, use our professional services to give your content that special edge to stand out.

When you hire Perth Digital Edge as your video production company we aim to answer your brand’s marketing question. As we are a digital marketing agency that provides top-quality SEO services in Perth we have the skills to get your message heard online. Speak to us today so we can make your video vision a reality, hire our Perth videography experts now!

Experience Online Growth

Copy Writing

At Perth Digital Edge we love copy writing and content creation for marketing purposes. In the digital world, content marketing is the key, as on average.

Graphic Design

Digital Graphics are key in online marketing. They turn an ordinary website or marketing product into something extraordinary within the digital realm.

Photography Services

In Business to successfully market anything you need to be able to showcase it for the potential customers to see with the power of photography.

Perth Digital Edge!

Get the best video production Perth has to offer. We can help your brand stand out and thrive through the use of video, We give you the EDGE you need in the digital space.