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Instagram Marketing Perth

Instagram Marketing Made Easy

Looking for an Instagram advertising agency that delivers results? Look no further! Our agency doesn’t just focus on getting likes and followers – we use paid Instagram advertising to take your brand to the next level and increase your sales.

With over a billion users on Instagram each month, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are turning to digital agencies for Instagram advertising services. This platform has enormous potential – you can use it to directly drive sales or build brand awareness among an audience that is eager to engage with your content.

Our agency offers a range of creative delivery options to help you build a loyal fanbase and achieve measurable results. 

Instagram advertising agency
Instagram Advertising Company That Builds Brands

An Instagram Advertising Agency That Gets Results

Instagram is a powerful platform for selling products, engaging with your audience, and increasing brand awareness. With its online culture of idealistic scenarios, fantasy escapes, and aspirational content, Instagram offers a perfect market for businesses to reach their target audience. And Instagram ads provide an exceptional way to do just that is by targeting your ideal audience and driving sales.

As a business, you can leverage Instagram’s advertising tools, which offer precise targeting options and advanced learning algorithms to ensure your ads appear to the right audience. In addition, Instagram offers integrations with other e-commerce tools, making it a sales-driving powerhouse.

If you’re not using Instagram to drive sales, grow brand awareness, and engage with your customers, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. To get started, ensure your online storefront is polished and ready to sell, then integrate it with your Instagram account and start advertising. Our agency specializes in Instagram advertising and is also certified Shopify Experts. So if you need help, let’s talk!

An Instagram Advertising Company That Builds Brands

Instagram is an excellent platform for building your brand’s presence online. It rewards brands that are successful in engaging with their audience, and when leveraged correctly, Instagram can spread your content to a wider audience and foster constant engagement with your existing audience.

However, figuring out how to optimize your Instagram presence can be challenging. Instagram doesn’t provide much guidance on how to achieve the most reach and engagement for your brand. That’s where an Instagram advertising company can help. Our skilled team can craft strategies and execute tactics to ensure that your brand is getting the most out of the platform.

Partnering with an Instagram Ad Agency in Perth can benefit your brand by providing you with a dedicated team of specialists who can develop an advertising and marketing strategy, conduct market and competitor research, and give you an edge with analytics and data to keep your campaign focused and achieving results. So, if you’re looking to grow your brand and build brand awareness on Instagram, contact our agency today.

An Instagram Advertising Agency That Gets Results

Instagram offers a variety of paid advertising options that are seamlessly integrated into their platform. Unlike other platforms, your Instagram ads won’t appear as glaringly obvious paid promotions that might scare off your potential customers. With good design and clever positioning, the best ads are often not even noticed by the customer until they’re at the checkout.

Businesses can place ads on Instagram in a variety of different ways, from explore to stories, and even directly into people’s feeds. At the most basic level, a business can share a piece of content directly from their account and then use paid advertising to spread that post outside of their organic audience.

Instagram’s affiliation with Facebook provides access to the Facebook-powered Ads Manager. This tool is incredibly powerful and allows businesses to target exactly who they want, when they want, and with dynamic content to suit the customer. Ads Manager lets you narrow your audience based on age, location, interests, behaviors, and more. It also allows for automated targeting, where advanced algorithms analyze interaction and conversion data to find your ideal audience for you.

But wait, there’s more! Instagram ads have sublime integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, allowing businesses to plug their catalogs directly into advertisements on Instagram. Potential customers can be targeted dynamically, and presented with an equally dynamic range of products that have been specifically selected to appeal to them.

It’s insane, it’s revolutionary, and it’s all possible with Instagram advertising. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business get the most out of Instagram.

Instagram Advertising Agency That Gets Results

More Than Just Instagram Advertising Services

At Perth Digital Edge, we don’t just provide Instagram advertising services; we’re a comprehensive digital marketing agency that focuses on generating ROI and revenue. We’re not interested in liking, posting, commenting, or following. We’re marketers and paid advertising specialists who use our extensive experience, tried-and-tested optimization strategies, and a data-driven, analytics-based approach to drive sales and build brand awareness for your business.

We’re a performance-based marketing agency, which means that everything we do can be measured by the results we produce. If your campaigns aren’t converting, our transparent reporting and communication channels will explain why, and our marketing insights and experience will show you exactly how to improve your campaigns.


Paid advertising is not as simple as spending money to make more money; if it were, everyone would be rich! Instead, paid advertising relies on careful targeting to avoid wasting ad spend on the wrong audiences, as well as ongoing optimization of the advertising creative itself.

As a full-service agency with a holistic approach, we provide a team of dedicated paid advertising specialists paired with a highly-skilled design department. These two teams work together to ensure that your ads look incredible and are targeted to exactly the right potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instagram Advertising right for my business?

Instagram is a valuable tool for businesses looking to build their brand and refine their image. However, utilizing paid Instagram Ads isn’t always necessary for every business. These ads are particularly effective for businesses that understand the importance of building their brand in the early stages of the sales funnel and converting customers who are already familiar with their brand through social interaction.

Paid Instagram Ads are also a powerful conversion tool for customers further down the pipeline, as well as members of the target market who are ready to make a purchase. The platform’s smooth and enticing interface makes purchasing a seamless and rewarding experience, as the audience is already in a receptive state of mind and actively seeking engaging content or products.

How does Instagram Ad targeting really work?

Instagram users naturally develop a persona based on their interests, interactions, likes, follows, shares, comments, predefined interests, and content. Demographic characteristics such as location and age further detail this persona.

As a business, you can set your targeting to be as broad or specific as needed for your product, brand, or service.

The best part? Like Facebook, Instagram Ads are smart and pay attention to who clicks through, refining their targeting to show ads to people most likely to convert based on real-world data.

Can I use Instagram Ads to get more followers?

Yes, Instagram Ads can be used to increase your number of followers. By promoting your Instagram account, you can reach a wider audience and potentially attract new followers who are interested in your content. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the ultimate goal of advertising on Instagram should be to generate revenue or achieve a specific business objective, rather than simply increasing the number of followers.

Is Instagram Advertising expensive?

The cost of Instagram advertising can vary depending on a number of factors such as your target audience, ad format, ad placement, and the length of your campaign. However, Instagram Ads can be cost-effective as you have the ability to set a daily or lifetime budget for your ads, and only pay when someone clicks on or engages with your ad. Additionally, with advanced targeting options, you can ensure that your ads are only being shown to people who are likely to be interested in your product or service, which can increase the overall return on your investment.

Why should I use your service when I just run my own ads?

What we do offer is our expertise and refined understanding of digital marketing and paid advertising. We have years of experience, trial and error, and a proven process that has been honed through working with hundreds of clients – yes, hundreds.

We’re not your average “Social Media Management” company. We’re a comprehensive marketing agency that thrives on challenges. We offer you the knowledge that can only be gained through running tens of thousands of campaigns and learning from countless failures.

We know what works and how to grow your business while delivering an unbeatable RoI. It’s like going to court – you can represent yourself, but whether or not it will work out in your favor is up to you.

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Darrell ReedDarrell Reed
05:50 19 Apr 22
The hard-working team at Perth Digital Edge got my website onto the front page of google (from page 4 or 5) and have kept it there since! Easy to communicate with them over the phone or via email. Happy with the service they provide.
Tony RedwoodTony Redwood
05:35 18 Apr 22
The team at Perth Digital Edge have greatly increased our rankings and traffic to our website. We are now visible for our key product segments, and it has been helping to drive more sales increasingly across the business. Would recommend them as an SEO agency!
Paisley HillPaisley Hill
07:19 14 Apr 22
We have been using Perth Digital Edge SEO services for several months now and have seen great results. However, results aside, the customer service by Ben and the team has been nothing short of outstanding. I highly recommend it.
Bruce FisherBruce Fisher
10:17 06 Apr 22
Great group to work with. When it comes to website design, SEO and/or Google Ads- they are one the best in the city of Perth. Ben and his team are amazing, we are so glad we switched to Perth Digital Edge.
Renee CochraneRenee Cochrane
12:12 18 Mar 22
Ben and team have been working with my e-commerce business for about 6 months and we have had great results. Available 24/7, super keen to do a great job, flexible and really helpful with other tech issues that go beyond the spectrum of his directive. An all-round great guy, and an even better business. Thanks Ben!