Want the best Social Media Marketing in Perth? In Perth, Social media is a growing digital marketing trend worldwide. For this reason, Social media marketing is fast becoming a preferred digital advertising channel that your business simply cannot ignore. At Perth Digital Edge we love to get our hands dirty and create social media marketing campaigns that will convert.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy Advantages

Social media marketing provides many advantages in comparison to other search engine marketing mediums. With our social media marketing service in Perth, it becomes incredibly easy to implement social media as a part of your growing marketing strategy.

When you onboard our services for social media marketing in Perth, the following are some of the benefits you can leverage when utilising our social media marketing.

– Low cost
– Advanced Targeting
– Huge customer base
– Low budgets that work

It is important to consider that social media may not be the correct choice for every business. If you operate in B2B or wholesale then it may be more beneficial to use another platform like LinkedIn.

Social media marketing is a reasonably new marketing strategy so not every business in Perth or Australia has capitalised on this opportunity. When was the last time you considered reaching out a large audience? Time is of the essence so get your social media started with the best social media marketing agency in Perth.

Perth Digital Edge will give you the edge in your social media advertising that you have been looking for. More importantly, through a strategic social media strategy we will set you up for huge business growth and success in the future.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

When it comes to considering Facebook marketing for your business, our social media marketing in Perth can provide you with the best of results.

Facebook has more than 2 billion users each day and it is an untapped resource if you’re not marketing there. For every second that you’re not advertising in this space, your competitors are potentially stealing your prospective customers.

It makes sense for your brand to get involved.

We can help you capitalize on this traffic by designing Facebook digital marketing campaigns that specifically meet your business objectives, including targeting –

– Demographics
– Location
– Interests
– User behaviours

A correctly structured social media marketing campaign will get you qualified leads that connect you directly with the clients most interested in your products or services. Our social media practices from social media marketing experts in Perth can drive potential results.

ROI will be fine tuned through Facebook remarketing options. This ensures we will guide the correct customer to your sales funnel quickly and effectively.

Not convinced why you should invest budget in Facebook for social media marketing in Perth?

– 70% of Australians on Facebook log in daily

– Only 7.6% of businesses in Western Australia on Facebook are advertising

– When compared with regular web advertising, Facebook mobile ads have 9.1 x higher click-through rates

Get The EDGE online, talk to us about Facebook adverts to target Western Australia today.

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Instagram Social Media Marketing

Instagram was purchased by Facebook in 2012 and has grown into the second most popular social media app in the Australian market. It is particularly effective at targeting a younger audience.

Do you know more than 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day?

This is why it is essential to create advertising content for Instagram which can on-point target your desired customers. With our effective social media marketing services in Perth, you can hire someone who understands how the platform works & what type of audience will be the best to reach out. Our Perth based social media marketing experts ensure your ads can easily reach your targeted customer with minimal effort.

Without a doubt, the use of Instagram marketing for social media marketing is extremely effective. But it will only reap benefits if it’s done by a professional social media marketing service in Perth.

Instagram is a sophisticated platform. The system is built around image and video sharing. If you want your business to perform effectively in this particular market, you need marketers who must have an exceptional edge in designing noteworthy visual content. With Perth Digital Edge at work, you get exceptional social media marketing experts in Perth to create creative content

In order for your business to perform in this market, it is important that you have the creative content (i.e. photos and videos) to do so.

At Perth Digital Edge we will help you market on Instagram by helping your business create meaningful storyboards that drive your social engagements further.

If you need a Photographer or a Videographer our professional team will take care of this for you.

If your product or service is highly visual like artwork, shoes, or dressmaking then this social media medium will work well for your business. Here are a few reasons why –

– There are currently 5 million active users in Australia

– Engagement with brands on Instagram is higher than any other social platform

Upon seeing a brand post, 75% of Instagrammers are inspired to take an action, such as visiting a website, searching, shopping or telling a friend. That is a great result in the digital marketing game.

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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing in Perth

In LinkedIn marketing, there are many different methods for generating leads. At Perth Digital Edge let us do all the hard work for you with targeted digital marketing campaigns that deliver results. LinkedIn advertising is especially powerful if you are a company who is targeting B2B clients. When advertising on the LinkedIn advertising system it is imperative your adverts are shown to the correct audience. We have an automated system that takes all the stress and hassle out of using the platform to build connections. Perth Digital Edge has a strategy that utilises sales navigators, LinkedIn’s purpose built outreach platform.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Marketing Strategy

In the LinkedIn Realm there are many forms of lead generation, some focus on content creation, organic reach or authority positioning. Each method has a place, however at Perth Digital Edge we offer something a little bit different – “out-bound marketing” We believe this is the best type of advertising to implement through the LinkedIn platform as it builds connections with the customers that your business requires. Rather than a random spray and pray approach.

How do we get you LinkedIn leads exactly?

Through fully optimising and utilising the sales navigator – LinkedIn’s Purpose build outreach platform, we will put your account in front of the “CORRECT” Audience, This is achieved by targeting the user generated data within a potential customers account. Upon completion of building a list of ideal prospects on sales navigator, we connect to between 40-50 people every day for the life of the campaign. We then send strategically crafted messages to your new connections so you can create a useful sales pool for your business or product.

Spotify Social Media Marketing for your Business 

Spotify Advertising is a great marketing tool when used correctly. A Spotify ad can reach your audience through sound and visual means.

This great platform can allow you to effectively connect with your audience continually over a day, a week or a month depending on your requirements. At Perth Digital Edge we can give you the edge your brand needs to stand out from the crowd.

We have the ability to create awesome audio recording, Video advertising and display banners that will give your brand not only exposure, but an edge above your competitors. Spotify advertising has built in features for measuring performance which ensures we can generate the HIGHEST ROI possible.

Email Marketing That Works!

Email marketing is an art form. We all receive hundreds of emails every week and most get put to spam. Every now and then we come across an ad or an email that catch’s our eye. At Perth Digital Edge we understand that Email Marketing is not about the quantity of messages sent out but the quality. As an email marketing agency we can help identify your target audience and together we can create strategies. We can then provide meaningful content that will continually engage your client.

In Perth emailing business is about understanding the needs of your readers and creating a relationship of trust. You need to showcase your brand effectively. To take advantage of Email marketing as a digital marketing strategy, talk to our social media marketing services in Perth today.

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We all know that feeling, where our heart skips a beat from a good old tune. Wouldn’t it be good if you could get the same reaction from social media adverts through the power of music also?


Instagram exploded in 2012 when Facebook purchased and took it over. The platform has over 800 million active users monthly and around 500 million of them use it daily.


LinkedIn is a social media marketing platform that has serious reach, with over 400 million active users every day. Unlike Facebook or Google advertising.

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