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Squarespace is a design-orientated builder used by companies worldwide to create beautiful, functional websites. It was launched in 2004, since then it has become one of the top website platforms, targeting users who want to build their own websites without having to know to code.

Over the years, Squarespace continues to roll out new features to meet and anticipate demand by their customers.

Examples include: (List of all Squarespace features: check now)

integrated forms that link to email addresses, mailing lists and Google documents

mobile responsive designs that are configured automatically

e-commerce with payment gateways

blogging tools that can push posts to social media accounts – saving you time

Benefits of Squarespace in the Digital Space

The main benefit of Squarespace websites is that it gives owners more control over their own website. Users can log in at any time and make edits to existing copy, change an image, write and schedule a blog post. The backend is set up in a clear and intuitive way, and you also see the page you are editing in real-time ‘WYSIWYG’. Many users have made the move from WordPress to Squarespace because they have found it much easier to use.

In-built security and tested integrations mean no monthly maintenance fees. Unlike other website platforms, Squarespace sites are hosted on a dedicated Squarespace server, and all sites have a free SSL certificate as part of their hosting plan. Security updates are part of the service, so owners can get on with running their business, and not having to worry about checking whether certain plugins are still valid/working.

Beautiful design inspiration templates that are ready to use ‘out of the box. There are over 40 different Squarespace template options to choose from, ranging from the minimalistic for designers and photographers to showcase their work, to visually stunning and interactive designs for musicians, restaurants, small businesses and not for profit organisations. All templates are official integrations that are fully supported by Squarespace. This means that if there is an issue, the friendly Squarespace support team will help identify and resolve the issue. Help can be found at:

Squarespace troubleshooting

Squarespace has 4 pricing plans depending on your needs and the functionality of the website. There are no hidden fees. All plans come with a free domain name (e.g., unlimited storage, and dedicated 24/7 support.

Of Using Squarespace

It may not offer as many web design options as other platforms such as WordPress, but it is a good all-rounder for smaller businesses. Those who require advanced features such as individual profile accounts with the ability to customise profile details, upload images, and post jobs will be looking at a custom build due to the complexity involved.

Some companies may want to tweak the design of an original template to fit a certain design aesthetic, and this is where some coding is required.

Squarespace has 4 pricing plans depending on your needs and the functionality of the website. There are no hidden fees. All plans come with a free domain name (e.g., unlimited storage, and dedicated 24/7 support.

Using Squarespace Websites & SEO

At Perth Digital Edge we are a digital marketing agency first! this means that every website build we undertake has SEO built into it and our Squarespace websites are no different. There are many aspects to consider when building Squarespace websites, thankfully our team can do all the hard work so you can sit back and relax knowing that your site will rank effectively in the search engines.

Talk to our team about how we can make your square space dreams a reality.

Why should you use

A Specialist Squarespace Designer

Apart from knowing the platform and how it works, a designer will also be able to advise on the best way to display your content, determine which template is best suited for your needs, add customisation to give your site a unique look and feel (and less like a template), and get you up and running far faster than if you were wanting to build your website yourself.