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On-Page SEO

On-Page Seo Services

To enhance your position on Google’s search results, you need to comply with their guidelines. The challenge is that these guidelines often undergo frequent changes. Essentially, Google evaluates your adherence to the latest set of rules using algorithms and subsequently rewards or penalizes you. 

Improve your search engine rankings with Perth’s best on-page SEO services. PDE can help get your website rewarded by Google by optimising your content through data-driven methods.

on-page seo services

On-page meta tags and body tags

The SEO services at PDE focus on 2 key priorities for improving your SEO which are  on-page SEO and off page SEO. is how we handle the content within your meta and body tags. These tags contain short pieces of text that describe the type of content you can expect to find on a particular web page. These are the organic search results that appear on Google when you perform a search. The meta tags consist of a title tag, a meta description, and a selection of relevant keywords. Although these details don’t appear on the actual webpage, they provide valuable information to the search engine about your content, helping it to categorize your webpage correctly. The search engine also checks that your webpage content matches the information in your meta tags, so we ensure that these two pieces of content align.

Once we’ve optimized your meta tags to maximize your ranking potential, we focus on creating the “body tags” within your website content. These body tags appear in your headings, also known as H1 tags. Using keywords in your body tags makes it easier for the search engine to understand the content of your website. Additionally, it’s more user-friendly when you break up text with headings, which makes it easier for potential customers to navigate your website.

On-Page Meta Tags And Body Tags
Focused on page speed & mobile friendliness

Page Speed and Ensuring Mobile Friendliness On Page

When it comes to on-page SEO, it’s crucial to check the speed and mobile-friendliness of your website. Page speed is one of our core focuses in web design, and it’s also a key ranking signal in Google’s algorithm.

In recent times, mobile-friendliness has also become an essential factor for search engine rankings. If you have a great website that’s slow or not optimized for mobile devices, it’s essential to take a closer look and make improvements to speed up your website and ensure its compatibility with mobile phones.

URL structures that is optimised for Google

The URL structure of your website can impact your on-page SEO. A simple and straightforward URL structure helps both customers and search engines understand the webpage’s content.

Avoid using excessive numbers or punctuation marks in the URL, as it can make the URL look cluttered and cause confusion. Additionally, refrain from using lengthy URLs filled with keywords. The best approach is to keep the URL structure simple and relevant.

SEO Specialist Perth
Focused on page speed & mobile friendliness

Optimising the density of keywords in your content

Keyword density is the frequency of a keyword appearing on a webpage compared to other words in the content. While there is no specific percentage for the ideal keyword density in SEO, it is essential to use keywords naturally in the content.

Overusing keywords may make the content sound robotic and may result in Google penalizing the webpage for spammy practices, causing it to rank lower. It’s crucial to strike a balance and use keywords in a way that feels natural and not forced

Internal link Optimsation

Internal linking is a popular SEO technique used in content marketing to connect different pages of a website through hyperlinks. This approach facilitates website navigation, directs users towards more valuable content, boosts your rankings for specific keywords, and promotes special events or offers.

It’s important to exercise restraint when implementing internal linking and ensure that the linked pages are relevant and helpful to the user.

SEO Specialist Perth
Focused on page speed & mobile friendliness

Schema and AMP implementation

Schema is a form of microdata that can be added to your website to aid search engines in understanding the information contained in your on-page content. Although adding schema to your website does not guarantee an improvement in search engine rankings, it can enhance the visibility of your content.

In addition to schema, it is essential to include AMP (accelerated mobile pages) in your on-site SEO strategy. AMP is an open-source coding structure designed to make websites load faster on mobile devices while using less data. By optimizing your website’s mobile loading speed, you can improve your SEO by creating a positive customer experience that leads to increased engagement and clicks.

At Dilate, we offer on-page SEO services to assist you in developing your SEO strategy and compete effectively with other businesses. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your SEO requirements.