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Google Penalty Removal

Website Google Penalty Removal Service

At PDE we are here to take the frustration and confusion out of getting your business seen and heard online.

Google Penalty Removal Services By The SEO Experts At Perth Digital Edge

Dealing with a Google penalty? Our SEO experts will get it removed—fast. Call today!

Picture it: Your business has been soaring, and traffic numbers are through the roof. You’re getting clicks, calls, and clients, and your hard work is finally paying off. Then, suddenly your page visits have tanked, and your click-through rate is abysmal. Now, your profits are dwindling faster and faster. What happened?

The most likely cause of your sudden performance drop is a Google penalty. Google penalties are punishments that negatively affect a website’s ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). For severe violations, Google may remove your site entirely from its index.

If you fail to act when Google penalises your website, it will devastate your core web vitals. You can expect to see a drop in traffic, visibility, page visits, click-throughs, conversions—and ultimately, your profits. If your target audience can’t find your website, you’re giving away business to your competitors on a silver platter.

Call Us at Perth Digital Edge to Get You Out of Google Jail

A Google penalty has significant consequences for your business, particularly if you fail to address the root cause. As a leading choice for Google penalty removal services in Perth, our team will pinpoint your penalties and remove them to prevent more harm to your page rankings, web traffic, and profits.

Don’t Let A Google Penalty Eat Into Your Revenue

If Google has penalised your website, don’t panic. We can help! Just sit back, relax, and let us handle everything. Our team at The SEO experts Perth Digital Edge has expertise helping businesses throughout Perth and Australia-wide remove Google penalties and undo any damage to their rankings.

We’ll Get To The Root Of The Problem

Whether your Google penalty was from an algorithm update or a manual review, we’ll get started right away with a technical audit of your website to find the root cause and develop a custom recovery strategy. Find out today how we can help your business start thriving again.

Regain your site rankings and performance–call us today on 0417911482.

How Will A Google Penalty Affect Your Business?

It Can Happen to Anyone

lthough Google penalises websites that use black-hat SEO tactics (link spamming, keyword stuffing, cloaking, and the like), it can happen to anyone, even if you aren’t using malicious techniques. So while recovering from a penalty is easier said than done, it’s still a critical factor to success.

Fortunately, our team at Perth Digital Edge is here to help.

How Do We Achieve Google Penalty Removal?

Our team uses proven techniques to remove Google penalties for your website. Starting with in-depth technical audits of your website, we identify problem areas holding you back and then work hard to fix them as quickly as possible. Here are some of our proven methods:

Backlink Audit

First, we check for broken, spammy, or low-quality links, a frequent reason for receiving a Google penalty. Our delinking services are an essential part of your recovery strategy.

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Disavowal of Bad Backlinks

After pinpointing toxic links, we’ll submit a request to Google asking them to remove them from your ranking profile.

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White-Hat Link Building

Ethical link building is key to your continued success and high ranking. Once we get to work restoring your linking profile, you’ll start to see your ranking climb higher and higher.

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Quality Content

Low-quality content is another common cause of penalties and low ranking. We’ll make sure that your site only contains high-quality, relevant, informative content, establishing credibility and authority for your brand.

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General Fixes

Our team will analyse your site for any issues, such as URL semantics, irrelevant page titles, incorrect descriptions, top-heavy headers, poor user experience, and more. Our SEO experts will develop a custom recovery plan to ensure that we don’t miss a single detail.

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SEO Strategies

We use a range of strategies to fill your website with white-hat SEO techniques to boost your organic traffic and ranking while remaining compliant with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

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Different Types Of Penalties From Google

Algorithmic Penalties

Google’s algorithms contain hundreds of different ranking factors, and the company is famous for putting out multiple updates each year. Major updates occur once or twice annually, whereas minor updates occur multiple times each day.

Algorithmic penalties occur automatically and are usually the result of your website providing a poor user experience. Unfortunately, you won’t get a notification with an algorithmic penalty. Your only recourse is to stay on the lookout for traffic drops and cross-check to see if a drop in traffic coincides with an update.

● How they affect your site:

If your website receives an algorithmic penalty, you can expect its overall findability and visibility within the SERPs to drop dramatically. Algorithmic penalties often have widespread effects. For example, Google’s Hummingbird Update impacted 90% of searches!

Manual Penalties

When Google employees find that your website violates the Terms of Service, they hand down a manual penalty. When this happens, an employee manually reviews your domain. Then, you’ll receive a notification in your Google Search Console outlining the offence, which you can find under the “Manual Actions” menu

● How they affect your site:

The consequence you face from a manual penalty varies depending on the type and severity of the violation. Fortunately, manual penalties are easier to identify and fix than algorithmic penalties.

for Google

Google can impose a variety of types of penalties, of differing severity, upon your site.

● Keyword penalties:

Your site ranking for specific keywords will drop.

● URL penalties:

Your site ranking for a particular URL will drop.

● Sitewide penalties:

Your site ranking for multiple keywords and URLs will drop.

● De-Indexing or delisting:

Google has hit you with its most serious penalty if your site gets delisted or de-indexed. Your website will no longer appear in the SERPs, effectively rendering your page invisible to every user.

Common Causes for Penalties

Frequent causes for Google penalties that we look for include:

● Incorrect rich snippets
● Tricky redirects
● Poor security or hacking
● Doorway pages for keyword ranking
● Cloaking
● Malware

We also look for two different types of violations, link and content.

Link violations

○ Paid links
○ Bad links
○ Broken or 404 links
○ Link spamming
○ Low-quality links
○ Unnatural links to and from your site

Content violations

○ Thin or irrelevant content
○ Auto-generated content
○ Duplicate content or piracy
○ Malicious content
○ Spun or scraped content
○ Hidden text and keyword stuffing

How Long Do Google Penalties Last?

Here’s the truth: Once you get a Google penalty, it will continue to adversely affect your website until you take action to address and fix it. Even manual penalties, which eventually expire, will continue to affect your site’s core web vitals and performance until you remedy the violation.

Comprehensive Google Penalty Recovery Services From Perth Digital Edge

Don’t let a Google penalty affect your website and profits any more than it already has. Instead, call Perth’s SEO experts today at Perth Digital Edge to schedule your initial consultation. Learn more about our services and how we can help your website recover.

Call us at PDE today on 0417911482 to schedule your initial consultation.

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