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SEO Training Perth

Best Search Engine Optimisation Course In Perth WA

Our SEO training in Perth is designed to give you a sound and practical understanding of how to do SEO on your website. Our practical SEO training course will show you everything you need to know in a logical and methodical manor.

SEO Training Perth

Are you trying to rank your website higher in search results? Doing so can be tricky to crack if you don’t have any SEO training.

Search engines continuously evolve their standards, and millions of high-quality content pages enter the internet every day. Attempting to surface your website above all competition takes a lot of knowledge but offers enormous rewards.

Luckily, you don’t need to figure out how to do this all independently. SEO is not a guessing game. Many proven methodologies exist surrounding complex algorithms, and these strategies can work for everyone as long as you understand how to use them effectively.

As SEO Perth experts, we offer an outcome-oriented SEO training course that can teach you all of the ins and outs you need to start ranking higher today. We invite you to join us!

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the practice of improving your website’s quality to rank high across search engines. It may sound simple, but SEO involves more moving parts than just creating quality content. Search engine algorithms are very complex, so if you want to rank higher, you must master all the effective SEO strategies.

If you don’t have time to do SEO yourself, we also offer SEO services throughout Australia in:

Who Needs To Learn About SEO, and Why?

Tons of business websites that you visit every day practice SEO marketing strategies, and you may not even realize it. Optimising website content for search engines can benefit all different business types, sizes, and goals. If you fall into the following categories, you can benefit from learning about SEO:

Small business owners

Generating new customers is tricky. The market has moved beyond hanging up flyers and word-of-mouth. Today, consumers want to shop online, so you want to be the first thing they see when searching for what you sell.

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Local shop owners

If you own a shop in Perth, you may not think an online presence is as essential since people can just drive past your storefront. However, customers will likely Google something like “best tacos in Perth ” before choosing where to eat for dinner. You want to be the first thing they see when they search.

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Marketing professionals

SEO is a massive aspect of your job if you work in marketing or as a freelancer. Marketing a product means making more people aware of it and generating more leads. One of the best ways to boost this awareness is by optimising your content to appear at the top of organic search results for hundreds, or thousands, of people to see every day.

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Sales professionals

Cold calling and emailing is a proven sales tactic, though not efficient. You can spend weeks sending thousands of emails and making tons of calls without a single bite. In contrast, you could spend that same time learning to optimise your website so that people come to you, asking to purchase, scaling your overall sales efforts and effectiveness.

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Digital website professionals

If you work in digital website content creation, odds are that you’ve heard about SEO. But have you mastered it? you can learn zillions of important details through the SEO training course in Perth that will make you even better at your job.

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Why You Shouldn’t Tackle SEO Learning on Your Own

Too many people attempt to learn SEO on their own—and they almost always end up wasting their resources with few to no results.

Search engines, like Google, create algorithms to direct how their bots crawl your website and rank it. These bots consider hundreds of different factors, which are constantly changing as search engines become more innovative.

Some of the factors that search engines consider include:

● Website content quality:

Is your website’s content unique? Does it have enough words per page? Does the content naturally include keywords, or are they artificially stuffed inside?

● Website structure quality:

How fast are your loading times? Is there a straightforward navigation structure that bots can easily crawl? Do you have any broken links?

● Website authority:

Are other companies linking to your site? Do you already have a lot of site visitors? Do people talk about you on social media?

● Keywords:

Are the keywords you want to rank for too competitive? Do you include these words in the exact right areas of your content? Do you have multiple pages competing against each other for the same word (aka keyword cannibalization)?

Even after mastering these strategies, you’ll still not be done. You don’t want to spend all your resources without knowing what did or did not work. You must analyze which efforts are the most effective and which are not yielding the proper results.

Using a tool like Google Analytics can give you these answers, although learning to use this tool is another skill you will need under your belt. Typically, your data will include loads of information, making it hard to decipher what is or isn’t helpful.

Trying to learn SEO on your own is not easy. You can get answers to all of these questions and master SEO through our upcoming Perth Digital Edge training course in Perth.

Our SEO Training Methodology at Perth Digital Edge

Now that you understand how complex SEO is, you’re probably wondering how a training course will make it easier. At Perth Digital Edge, our approach includes:

• Walking through everything in plain English—no experience is required
• Sectioning content into simple and practical steps
• Going beyond boring lectures to include drills, questions and skill exercises.
• Providing you with hands-on practice customized to your business, with actionable revisions
• Enabling you to continue to utilize our notes after the course is complete

What Does our Perth SEO Training Course Include?

The Perth training course from PDE will include in-depth lessons on the following topics

• SEO overview
• Algorithm factors
• Keyword research
• Optimised content curation and SEO copywriting
• Site structure optimisation
• Link building
• What not to do
• Analyzing results

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Become An SEO Expert Today! Contact Us At PDE

It’s never too late to learn SEO and skyrocket your website’s rankability! Sign up for our PDE SEO training in Perth today by contacting us at (04) 1791 1482 or shooting us an email. We can’t wait to help you master SEO!