Paid search advertising (also known as sponsored ads, search marketing, search-engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and cost-per-click marketing) is a technique that displays ads in search-engine results whenever someone searches for the services or products offered by the advertiser. In this way, the ad displayed perfectly matches each query. In the world of Web Search, we find answers to every question online, it common to hear someone say “just google it”. Because of this Search Engine advertising (SEM advertising) can dominate niches quickly and effectively. The whole idea behind it is to fulfill the need of the user or customer. This, naturally, increases the likelihood of clicks and conversion.

In the Search Engine Marketing space, Google IS KING!

The advertising platform known as AdWords allows business’s worldwide to display advertisements for a service or product when a customer search’s for them. Unlike organic or SEO Perth results, these positions in the search engine results have a dollar figure attached to them, depending on the competitiveness of the phrase or “keyword” depends on how much the business will pay to advertise. You do not pay to display the advertisement in the search results, companies are only charged when someone clicks on their advert. This is what the term “Pay-Per-Click” (PPC) refers to.

Search adverts

Search Ads Defined

Whenever you type something in to a google (or any other search engine) the results are made up of 2 parts, organic and paid results. When you pay for search engine advertising your ad will generally be indicated by the search engine you are in with a “AD” symbol. These results are shown above normal or earned placements, some are also at the bottom of the page, depending on how much you bid for a keyword will depend on where your ad is shown.

Where Can I Buy Search Engine Adverts

If you have been on a search engine in your life its likely that they provide advertising spots for sale. A comprehensive marketing strategy should target more than one platform, but Google is a must as it dominates the space. The main issue with the search advertisements and using google is that everyone is doing it, this makes the costs so much higher. It’s easier for smaller companies to advertise on the less dominate advertising platforms, be warned Google owns the lions share of the market with over 77% if the current market.

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How Search Ads Work

The Search engine marketing space is driven by bids, the higher you bid the longer your advert will display at the top of the page and increase your likeliness of converting customers. The higher you bid the higher the overall costs will be, but be warned it doesn’t just take one click for you to convert a customer. A good website normally converts between 3-6% of the customers that enter, so the cost is something to consider as hiring a professional AdWords specialist will reduce your overall bills.

There is also another thing to consider when placing an search ad up and that’s “quality score”. Think about it, if google just cared about the amount and not the quality of the adverts it would be riddled with spam and that wouldn’t be good for user or their business. For this reason, google and the other search engines also have ad score, and getting a good ad score can greatly increase your conversion rate. At Perth Digital Edge the team of AdWords specialists have been doing this for years so we know how to write a good ad to get you the best results.

Ad Rank…

In SEO we talk about page rank, but in Search engine marketing we say ad rank. This refers to googles or search engine algorithm that determines how highly your ad is placed. Google can be a bit grey about what is required to raise your ad rank, but it normally boils down to a few key factors:

Expected Click through rate – the Search ad algorithm that is used by google can hypotheses how likely your ad will get clicked on. As the ad is shown over time, google records the click through rate of all the ads its displays. If a user clicks on an ad it gets a vote of confidence or “upvote” this causes the advertisement to be shown more often.

Landing Page experience – This is the main reason that its recommend to do SEO and SEM together. Highly relevant landing pages have a higher authority score with the ad system and can dramatically effect ad placement.

Ad Relevance – Google analyzes the content of each ad to determine how well it relates to the query. This ensures that only the useful ads are shown.

Ad formats– Google also takes into account the expected impact of specific ad formats—enhancements to search-ad format with additional information. Apart from the link to the website, ads may contain valuable extensions with structured data: extra information like ratings (see image below), prices, directions, and phone numbers.




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