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Google Ads

The Google Ad-words advertising system is one of the MOST effective ways to generate targeted E-commerce sales and leads for your business.

Generating leads through Adwords is a business’s single greatest weapon in adverting in today’s online world. You’ll wonder how they ever survived without it.

Why Advertise with Google Ads?

Getting an  EDGE online with targeted ads search or display ads to an audiences of customers that are actively seeking your product – Sounds to good to be true Right ?

WRONG! At PERTH DIGITAL EDGE we do the hard work for you to create leads into sales.

ONLINE ALERT: Ad-words campaigns can end up with a very low return on investment if you don’t know what your doing, you can begin to think that the whole thing is just a huge black whole for your hard earned dollars. At PERTH DIGITAL EDGE we are Professionals at what we do, Our team has the skills, experience and low workload to manage your account professionally to get you the MOST ROI for the dollars spent.

If you higher anyone else to do your Adwords marketing you’ll regret it, Pick PERTH DIGITAL EDGE.

We know that choosing a digital agency is a big choice, but we are here to guide you every step of the way and pledge and promise to always be “Your ally in the digital space”.

To date Perth Digital Edge has had a Positive ROI for all its customers – that a figure we stand by and we want to keep so you can trust us to have your best interest at heart.

Contact Us now about your Ad words Promotions

Does your business need a edge online with Google Ads management

We can review your ad campaign and show you how to get a better ROI. We offer a free consultation and analysis of your Google campaigns in which we will outline the improvements to give you the EDGE. All our staff are Google certified experts and can OUTLINE the mistakes in current campaign and how to fix them.

Why you’ll love having the edge online when partnering with us:

Perth Digital Edge’s Primary focus is your business. this means if you need a web developer or a graphic made or even a landing page we will do it there is NO LIMIT to service’s we provide. 

WE DON’T HOLD BACK! Perth Digital Edge  shares insights and strategies outside of your Google Ad campaign  (eg. Social media, display network re-marketing, website construction, conversion rate optimization, copy writing services, hosting services, traditional marketing  & much more)

We are a boutique agency and we only work with a small number of clients at one time, this means you always get personal service from our team PERIOD.

NO LIMITS on Keywords! Some digital marketing agency’s charge per key word, NOT US! perth digital edge gives you access to all the advertising networks including YouTube & Gmail advertising – We are in this to get you your slice of the pie. 

What you wont get at Perth Digital Edge!

LACK OF COMMUNICATION – We hate waiting! We know you hate it too! you wont wait days to get a response from an email or call that’s a promise.

a different person every time you communicate with us – Its very annoying when you call somewhere and no one knows whats going on WE WONT DO IT TO YOU! 1 contact person every time you make contact with us.

EXCUSES about why your campaign is not performing and playing the blame game to other agencies or parties involved. If here is a problem we FIX IT!

SET AND FORGET AD WORDS –  where they bill you and let your campaign virtually run on auto-pilot. we check our managed accounts daily.

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