If you are a company or brand, something you should be aware of is Facebook Marketing. This collection of paid advertisements is essential for companies looking to gain exposure and customer engagement.

By taking the time to market with Facebook Marketing, you can gain both paid and organic boosts for your company and brand presence.

How to Use Facebook Marketing for Product Launches

Do you have a new product you want to market? Is there a new item you want to current and new customers to benefit from?

When using Facebook Marketing for a product launch, the following list is going to ensure the success of your product launch.

  • Pick an audience – who do you want to have your advertisement targeted to?
  • Create giveaway – if you are marketing a new book or article, consider running giveaways to existing followers to build the hype.
  • Landpages and call to actions – create message and content that has a purpose, whether it is to engage with potential customers or sell a product.
  • Be open to feedback – a product launch can sometimes take more than one attempt – consider having a few soft launches before the major launch!
  • Know your geography – with Facebook Marketing, you want to have your product be geo-specific. Why? Product launches have been known to be more successful when launched locally.

These five steps can help ensure the success of a product launch with Facebook Marketing. Not sure if you are comfortable or know how to do the following steps? Consider Perth Digital Edge – SEO Perth. As a digital marketing agency, we can ensure traffic to your business, whether on your website or social media platform.

Benefitting from Facebook Marketing 

One doesn’t have to be an influencer to know that there are ample benefits with Facebook Marketing.

What are they?

  • They have a broad range of potential customers and clients
  • With Facebook Marketing, you can be B2B or B2C, again expanding your horizons and reach.
  • Target your competitors’ clientele.
  • Direct traffic to the company site or landing page
  • Build brand recognition

These are just a few of the benefits that Facebook Marketing has on an overall scale. The possibilities are endless, especially with the many customization features available on the Facebook Marketing platform.

Smart Marketing for Product Launches

For many businesses, or rather, old school businesses, the thought of using Facebook or social media may seem daunting if not irrelevant; however, on average, Facebook logs-in over 1.69 billion years a day. Imagine if you could get a fraction of that for your business?

Enter Facebook Marketing. This is a budget-friendly, customer-focused, and easy to use marketing solution to launch your product.

Those who may not feel entirely competent in their social media and digital marketing skills can always turn to a digital marketing agency such as Perth Digital Edge. As a one-stop-shop, Perth Digital Edge – SEO consultants Perth can help boost your return on investment.

Still wondering how Facebook Marketing can help your product launch? Perth Digital Edge can help you can improve your brand and business today!