What is SEO?

Why is it beneficial and convenient to hire a local SEO marketing specialist?

SEO or search engine optimisation is an internet marketing technique which helps businesses attain high ranking in the search engine result pages (SERP) to help your business become more visible in the virtual world.

In most cases, local SEO is what small industries need if they are looking to drive leads and sales from local customers.

There are many ways on how you can have your blogs or websites optimised such as the use of SEO optimised blogs with all the factors to successful SEO blogging with the application of good quality contents and other good SEO techniques. You can either do it yourself or hire an SEO specialist.

For better results, the assistance of an SEO specialist is needed. If you need SEO services and other digital marketing tools, PERTH DIGITAL EDGE can help you!

Before diving into an in-depth discussion… let us define what a local SEO is!

A local SEO is responsible for making your company visible in a specific location. It also helps your business increase online visibility and organic traffic to your website and earn qualified leads. Most of all, local SEO can help you outrank all of your competitors! This is an effective way to differentiate your business and get ahead.

Hiring a local SEO marketing expert will benefit your business in many ways and is convenient for you as you do not need to travel far and due to extensive local knowledge you will not need to arrange an in depth discussion about the factors that should be considered before coming up with the best local SEO strategy.

Indeed, hiring a local SEO marketing company is a Godsend!

These are some of the benefits of hiring a local SEO services:

They can easily find your location.

The best thing about local SEO marketing is that they already know your location and are already familiar with the audience and volumes of traffic that should be directed to your website. Little did we know, Google puts emphasis on local searches!

Knowing a popular neighbourhood can go a long way. Who knows? It might be an edge over your competitors. And take note, a local SEO company knows what the locals are searching for!

It will allow you to discuss expectations in person.

SEO involves a certain amount of back-end coding which involves H1 tags, titles/meta descriptions, inbound/outbound links, microdata, etc. These back-end coding changes from time to time due to the Google’s algorithm system. Discussion between client and the SEO company is always needed to iron out the changes and to know what marketing strategy is being used.

SEO involves a huge amount of time and effort for it to become successful and effective. Working with a local SEO company enables you to communicate on a regular basis, be updated with the new changes and discuss concerns and queries. If you need a reliable SEO advice and assistance in Perth, our very own PERTH DIGITAL EDGE is here to walk you through it all step by step!

It would be easier to reach out to other local businesses that are related to yours.

As expected, networking is one of the best marketing tactics in business as it gives you an opportunity to connect with other businesses and get recommendations from them. A local SEO company will know what and where to look for contacts that can help your business grow quickly. Local SEO companies will help you look for inbound links to your website, and in return, search engines will view your site as a trusted source of information.In that way, your rankings in SERP will be higher than usual!

So, save yourself from worrying! Hire a local SEO marketing company!

A local SEO company is aware of what’s trending in the area.

If you work with a local SEO company such as PERTH DIGITAL EDGE, your business information will not only be uploaded in online networks but also in local searches. A local SEO company will have done a great deal of research in your location and can easily plot out a marketing plan that is tailored to your business.

Whatever business you are in, a local SEO company will help you achieve optimal local results!

How can Perth Digital Edge help you?

We are here to assist you in:

  • Completing a local SEO competitor analysis.
  • Building and monitoring local citations.
  • Publishing and optimising local websites.
  • Optimising and managing your Google My Business Account.
  • Tracking local SEO campaigns.
  • SEO analytics reporting and analysis.

With all of this, we can assure you that you will get a high ranking in Google searches and an increase in website traffic.


SEO is not an easy job! And hiring a local SEO marketing is more realistic for you and the business!

Besides, supporting local business is always good for the community. Hire a local SEO marketing company now!


If you are in Perth, Perth Digital Edge offers a reliable SEO service. We have studied the ins and out of SEO marketing in the area and will help your business become more visible in local searches.

And as always we strive to always be “Your Ally in the Digital Space”

Call us now for a free chat!


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