Link Building In 2020

The truth is that the SEO game changes year-after-year. The techniques and backlinks that work today have no guarantee to be safe next year. At Perth Digital Edge – SEO Company Perth we have a penalty recovery service where we help people recover from manual google penalties, such as “unnatural links.” Having recovered hundreds of sites, we seen tons of actual examples from Google of links that they have a problem with.

Here’s a list of links that I definitely recommend staying away from in 2020.

1. Scholarship Links

Getting .edu links with the use of scholarship bait was a technique that worked well for a long time, until it got hit hard. Matt Diggity (one of the words best SEO experts) explains this in detail in this Video.

2. PBNs with Footprints

PBNs, when done right, are virtually undetectable… Except when they have footprints. There’s obvious footprints (like and hosting patterns), but less known ones such as OBL and bot footprints. At Perth Digital Edge – Perth SEO we don’t use PBNs that much anymore because they are seen as an outdated tactic, but if you’re using PBNs, make sure you’re working with a trusted vendor like Rank Club. However Rank Club can be a expensive solution as unlike links that are purchased on a monthly basis for a website Rank Club charges a membership fee that is for the same links month after month. This means NO NEW link power is ever passed and your stuck with the same bill without any benefit, You might want to consider staying clear if you have a low budget for link in this case. As this should only be used a last resort in our opinion.

3. Sape Links

Hacked links on Russian networks are easily detectable. Don’t expect to rank for long if you’re ultilising these links direct to your money site. To be honest if we ever find these pointing to a clients site we remove them as any benefit they ad will turn sour fast….

4. Automated Link Building on Tier 1 or Tier 2

Using software like GSA or SENuke directly to your money site had died with Penguin 2.0 update.  this Google algorithm update allowed the search engines to trace the foot print of these types of link build profiles and to be honest Google will continue to get better at tracing back tiers over time. This is why we only use WHITE HAT link Building strategies at Perth Digital Edge – Perth SEO Company. When you get a price from a SEO agency, you may consider talking to them about there link building strategy. This is the fundamental reason for the high cost to SEO for your site, sure you can get a cheaper price but as the old saying goes you get what you pay for. So if you want your site to rank and our agency or another give you a price that you think is steep – Consider that they have done the research and know where they need to build links to get your site moving up and that they know what there doing.

5. Clearly incentivised “white hat” links

Remember, Google doesn’t want you to pay for links or even trade content for links (guest posting). That said, most companies do it anyways. If you’re going to proactively build links, make sure the pages that you’re getting links from don’t scream “this was purchased!” This is again why you should hire an expert to do your SEO building links that are done badly can hurt big time.


The SEO landscape changes almost daily. Like your Tax or your legal representation its important to get profession SEO help for you website.  No matter if its a large or small niche Perth Digital Edge Can help you get more business online today. Please reach out to us today and we will become “Your Ally in the Digital Space”