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Are you wondering how popular businesses or people were able to gain millions of followers? To name a few, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Cristiano Ronaldo are amongst the top Instagram users with millions of followers. What are the secrets to Instagram marketing? Are you following the best Instagram practices to help your business gain more followers?

Did you know that Instagram is the third largest social media site in Australia? There at least 9 million active users of Instagram every month and over 60% of users log into the platform every day. 70% of users search brands on Instagram and 30% shop for a product that they have seen on Instagram. An average number of followers for a popular brand on Instagram is 1 million.

Research The Target Audience On Instagram

Perth Digital Edge will help you find the people who need the services of your business which can be done through the shortlisting strategy. This includes finding suitable hashtags and influencer accounts which your target audience engage with the most for your product. With this method, you will also find out when and where your target audience is more engaged and active. The shortlisting strategy can also provide ideas on how you can boost your brand to a specific audience and what content they prefer. Plus, you gain insight into important demographic details that should be considered when conducting a target audience search such as age, gender, location, education, etc.

Create A High Quality And Unique Landing Page For Your Instagram Followers

Do you want to increase the conversion of your Google Adwords campaign? YES! If so, work on the landing page of your site. The landing page is also known as a static page, or destination page is where your visitors “land” after they clicked a search engine optimized search result. An optimised landing page is just as crucial for social media marketing – prospective customers convert better when the page they land on relates to the content that bought them to it in the first place. It just makes sense. Landing pages are also customised with optimised ‘Calls To Action’, which clearly direct your prospects to perform an action designed to meet the goals of your business Including purchasing a product, requesting a quote, or social media goals for your content to be shared and followed by many users.

Perth Digital Edge can help you create high-quality landing pages which can help increase your conversion rates in social media marketing. Hint: You can even use the same landing page in your Google Ad words campaign, and track which campaigns are working best for you!

Design An Eye-catching Instagram Brand Board

One reason why Instagram users follow an influencer or a business is because of the design and aesthetics of their brand boards. In the digital world where competition is a dominant factor, you need to have visually attractive content to catch the audiences’ attention. Perth Digital Edge can help you create and deliver a visually compelling brand identity with the right colours, textures, patterns, photography, logo, etc. A clearly defined brand board conveys your message to Instagram users which can lead them to follow, recommend and share the page to other users.  

Optimize And Manage Your Instagram Posts 

For a brand to become trusted by users, it is important that you are publishing posts frequently. You do not want your followers to think that you aren’t serious about promoting your brand. With Perth Digital Edge, you can create better quality Instagram videos and stories which are captivating and interesting to the audience. Moreover, Perth Digital Edge can also help you optimize your bio and hashtags to reach more audiences. With Perth Digital Edge, you will also learn the secrets to viral content and driving more traffic to your site. In that way, you can gain more Instagram followers, which leads to more traffic to your landing page and ultimately more business goal conversions.

Publish Instagram Stories With Well Targeted High Quality Content

Video optimization is listed as one of the emerging SEO trends in 2019. With Perth Digital Edge, you publish stories in various media to convey and promote your brand. This will include short movies and images to feature your products and services. Using high quality content, increases the chance of your posts being shared and can be an opportunity for you to earn more followers and high conversions. Perth Digital Edge also adds an appropriate Call To Action on every story or video being uploaded on your Instagram profile, maximising engagement opportunities with your audience.

Provide Monthly Updates To Your Instagram Board 

Keeping track of the Instagram sales funnel activity is essential for you to be aware of the development of your venture. At this point, the Perth Digital Edge team will give you recommendations and suggestions on the areas of opportunities that you should be more focused on. With this premise, you become more aware of what’s working and what isn’t and can therefore redirect your effort to gain more followers and higher conversions.

Manage An Outreach Program To Build Audience Engagement

This activity involves various Instagram actions such as likes, follows and story watching to help drive click-through traffic to the landing page of your business. However, this will be an easy task as the Perth Digital Edge team manage this for you with the assistance of some in agency tools for maximum effectiveness.

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