Are you looking for a Facebook advertising agency in Perth that drives sales and leads to your business and gets you the EDGE you deserve online? You’ve come to the right place! Perth Digital Edge understands that Facebook has over 2 billion active users daily and each one of those can be your next potential customer.

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getting leads using facebook

Getting Leads Using
Facebook Adverting in Perth

On February 4th 2004 an event occurred that has changed the way we all interact online, this was of course the launch of the Facebook platform by Mark Zuckerberg. On average 2.2 billion people use Facebook every day it makes sense with this amount of user activity to advertise to get your brand noticed here.

Facebooks Organic reach is very limited right now (Built into the Facebook algorithm) so if you want to have any kind of impact you need to run Facebook marketing adverts to get your business noticed.

A huge benefit of the Facebook ads platform is that it has very good targeting capabilities that will allow you to get very granular and specific so you can reach the correct audience cheaply and effectively. Some of the customisations include:

– Age

– Gender

– Location

– Interests

– Hobbies

– Engagements

As everyone’s profile has all their personal information in it and Facebook takes note of what you are liking, sharing and posting we can get very granular and specific with ad targeting. This can be a large benefit to your business and help produce a positive ROI.

At Perth Digital Edge we have a wealth of experience being a Facebook advertising agency, this means we can leverage all that Facebook has to offer and get you the most out of a Facebook campaign you run with us. Facebook changes its algorithms often much like Google changes it SEO criteria, that’s why the team at Perth Digital Edge is always working hard to keep up to date with the most recent techniques to stay ahead of these updates so your business gets the EDGE its needs.

Like all advertising online you need data in order to make correct changes, saying this we don’t set and forget at Perth Digital Edge. We constantly adjust and look for new ways to make your ads perform so you get a better return.



Ads Management Basic


Option 1

  • 2 x Facebook ads
  • Minimum $300 ad spend (paid directly to FB)
  • Client Supplies visual Content
  • Strategy Document
  • Technical Support
  • Monthly Reporting

Ads Management Advanced


Option 2
Advanced Ads Only

  • 4 x Facebook Ads
  • Client Supplies visual Content
  • Minimum $800 ad spend (paid directly to FB)
  • Strategy Document
  • Technical Support
  • Monthly Reporting

Complete Page Management


Option 3
Complete Management

  • 5 x weekly posts on either FB or IG
  • 4 x managed FB Ads
  • Minimum ad spend of $800 (paid directly to FB)
  • Technical Support
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Strategy Document
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Remarketing with Facebook

Remarketing or retargeting in PPC advertising is now a common occurrence. Facebook retargeting works very similar to the other remarketing types however it uses pixels to target potential customers. A pixel is like a tracking ID number on a parcel but its on your website. By putting this pixel in your sites back end coding it targets users who have visited your website by using thier browser cookies.

Using this Pixel Facebook’s retargeting ads are then only showed to users who have this pixel in there cookie file, these ads will show to people (as long as they don’t delete their cookies) for a period of 180 days. The benefit of using this type of marketing is that if a customer isn’t quite sure on the first visit to your website if they want to purchase, they can be reminded about it whenever they login into their Facebook account.

Retargeting essentially re-prompts them to take a leap and purchase. The added benefit is that people who see adverts in Facebook tend to trust those brands at a higher rate compared to brands they haven’t seen within the platform so continually seeing ads builds trust within your target audience. So, what are you waiting for? Facebook advertising retargeting can greatly benefit your business as when a person is ready to buy you’re always front of mind.

Creating Brand Awareness on Facebook

Like many things in life doing something right the first time is often the easiest, launching a new brand or product is no different. If you find traditional media (radio or tv) too expensive then digital advertising might be a suitable choice for your exciting new venture so your message can get out there far and wide and you can become bigger than Ben Hur.

Our Facebook, Banner Adverts and Video advertising solutions will allow you to get your message heard at a realistic cost. Remember Likes, Comments and Shares also boost your Perth SEO Company and this will drive credibility to your brand and business online and improve search engine ranking results. If you think your ads are getting tired no issue with us.. we can re design and re edit them according to your business goals and needs.

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Lead Generation Focused
Facebook Ad Agency

Having an ad on Facebook is one thing, having an agency that provides Facebook advertising services with retargeting that gives you an edge over your competitors is something completely different. At Perth Digital Edge we create campaigns that hone like a heat seeking missile on your customers.

Using the retargeting data as a start point, we can create ads that are tailored and specific, this aligns your business goals with that of the sellers intent. This does sound a bit complicated and frankly it is! We are experts at it and continually mould the campaign over time to get you the BEST ROI possible.

So your thinking of using Perth Digital Edge as your Facebook advertising agency? Well we can’t say we blame you but what can you expect? Well firstly we produce Awesome results driven by ROI (namely lower costs and higher returns). With our ad creation specialists at the forefront of the space there is no doubt that your customer base will grow. Our professional Facebook marketing Perth team can help you today…

Experience Online Growth
With A Great Marketing Plan


We all know that feeling, where our heart skips a beat from a good old tune. Wouldn’t it be good if you could get the same reaction from social media adverts through the power of music also?


Instagram exploded in 2012 when Facebook purchased and took it over. The platform has over 800 million active users monthly and around 500 million of them use it daily.


LinkedIn is a social media marketing platform that has serious reach, with over 400 million active users every day. Unlike Facebook or Google adverting.

UX Design

ts starts with a heart flutter, that feeling you get when you look at something beautiful. User journey and EX/UI Design increase conversions rates overall. Find out how we can help you get more conversions today.

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