Before we go to SEO trends in 2019… what SEO strategy are you on now? Do you think it is effective? Perhaps you should consider an update?

Each year Google changes along with SEO trends which leaves marketers/business owners to become more competitive in finding ways how not be left out in this innovative world.

These are some of the emerging SEO trends in 2019. Look closely and never miss a thing!

Voice Search for SEO

Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa are a few examples of voice search SEO which is way more innovative than the orthodox typing that we are used to. It is expected that by year 2020, 50% of searches will be voice based with Google having acquired 90% search ability.

Have more focus on the local voice search and conversational keywords to ensure the effect of such SEO trend. In that way, you will get a higher ranking in SERPs.

Video Optimization

According to studies, 41% of website traffic came from marketing videos made by companies. It is also estimated that in the year 2020 75% of website traffic will be made through videos. Incredible, right?

It is important to focus on how you can effectively use videos to attract clients. Millenials and Gen Z are amongst the most active video viewers.

Mobile Indexing

In Layman’s term, mobile-first indexing happens when Google uses the mobile version of your page for ranking and indexing. This mobile-first indexing has been prevalent since March 2018 wherein migrating sites to mobile-first index started.

Yet, mobile-indexing is not all about mobile. There is also mobile-indexing with both mobile and desktop versions as features. With mobile being used for ranking, there is no wonder your SEO trends will bring good effects to your business quickly.

User Data Protection

No one wants to feel unsafe while browsing the web. This 2019 the European Union enacted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which allows users to secure their personal information being shared on the website. The catch is… the presence of malicious third party users is still happening up to now.

Nevertheless, the GDPR has certainly helped a lot in securing the users information!

Smooth User Experience

Statistics shows that 70% of users learn more about the company’s products and services through websites than advertisements. User friendly websites can reduce bounce rates and can lead you to higher ranking in SERPs.

Always optimize your website with heading tags, clear navigation menu and CTAs to increase user experience.

Amazon Search

Amazon is not a universal search engine but it has a similar algorithm system as Google which are used for internal searches within the Amazon pages. Studies suggest that 56% of consumers visit Amazon if they want to shop online. With this figure, we can deduce that Amazon is becoming an e-commerce version of Google.

Also, if you are selling something and you are not on Amazon, you are missing 56% of potential clients!

Quality Content Development

As many as 61% of webmasters and marketers believe that SEO is a top inbound priority while 84% of searchers and users are always expecting to read an informative and educative website. High quality content is the ticket to high Google rankings and can also help inform your readers about your brand.

Always remember that users are expecting good information when they go to Google search. Know your audience to successfully get into their thoughts.

Influencer Marketing

It is always important to have someone vouch for you in whatever business you are in. Adding an influencer in to your marketing campaign will bring positive results to your business and will help you acquire a credible and authoritative name.

To start with, try shopping for influencers on Instagram. 99% of them are using the platform. Hope you find the best one!

Technical SEO Block chain

The blockchain technology and GDPR shares the same objective which is to look after the users’ information that is being uploaded in websites. Marketers are currently finding ways how they can make profits through the SEO blockchain.

The truth is… blockchain does not have an effect in SEO yet, but web experts are hopeful to see this happen in 2019.

Page Speed

Page speed and optimization are amongst the basis of technical parameters in SEO. Page speed reflects how the site loads for each visitor which is a challenge as it is impossible to measure. Who knows? We may be able to measure this in 2019!

If you want to get ahead of your competitors, consider the duration of site load in your page!

Have we mentioned your SEO strategy yet? We hope so…

In conclusion?

Ask yourself: does my SEO plan work well for my business?

If so… keep findings ways to make it better and continue to discover new SEO trends.

If not… try other SEO techniques such as voice search, video optimisation, quality content development and so on…

SEO trends are changing and will continue to develop to better serve businesses and bring them to success. Each year, emerging SEO trends will arise and webmasters will find ways not be left out. This is such a competitive world!

Do not miss a thing!

Go now, explore the new SEO trends of 2019!

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We always strive to be “Your Ally in the Digital Space”.

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