There are various ways on how to increase website traffic such as SEO blogs and the use of relevant keywords. It is no secret that SEO and keywords are the keys to website traffic. In addition to this, blog optimisation is a technique you can use if you want to hit the bullseye in Google searches and other search engines.

The modern technology is advancing and competition amongst marketers is on the rise especially when it comes to marketing tools to effectively increase website traffic. You have to be innovative to ensure the efficacy of your marketing methods. Rest assured, with the right marketing strategy and attitude, you will achieve volumes of traffic to your website.

How can I make this happen? How can I be sure that my marketing methods for increasing traffic to my website will work?

Please continue reading as I explain…

So, what are the effective methods for increasing website traffic through optimised blog?

But before we jumped in, let us find out what is an optimised blog…

An optimised blog has a well-written content having keywords that are Search Engine Optimised and has contents of good length and format. These are a few qualities of an optimised blog.

The more user-friendly the blog is, the better optimised it is!

Make sense, right?

These are effective methods you can try to drive more traffic to your website through an optimised blog:

Use of keywords and phrases.

Use keywords and phrases that will direct searchers to your website. When writing a blog it is important to contain relevant keywords and phrases so its density will rise and will lead more visitors to site. You can use the Google analytics tool to find out what keywords drove visitors to your website.

According to statistics, businesses that use an optimised blog to increase traffic to their website acquires 67 per cent more leads compared to non-keyword optimised blogs. Indeed, the power of keywords and blog optimisation says it all!

Write a blog post that contains the main keywords.

Writing a number of blog posts about the product or brand that you are representing is effective in driving traffic to a certain website. Always include relevant keywords and phrases to ensure that your website will be the first one to appear on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

And always remember that the right keyword attracts the right traffic!

Be consistent when it comes to publishing content.

Publishing content differs on the size of your business. However, it is strongly advised to publish as much content as you can because it can result in higher indexed pages for your website and can also serve as an entry point to your website. Adding guest books, polls, survey and an interactive forum is also a must try as it can increase traffic to your website and is recognized by search engine algorithm.

Remember: the more published content you have the higher website traffic is!

Embed questions within the blog post.

Let your readers ask questions about your blog post. This will make them feel involved and more interested in your website. You can also ask them what they think about the published content. This is a perfect opportunity for you to improve your blog so that it can be better aligned with your readers.

Besides, your reader’s output could be your next topic for a blog post!

Connect with other blogs related to your post.

Connecting with other blogs that are related to your post can help bring new visitors to your site and create link-back opportunities to your sites from other websites. One of the most effective practices is leaving a comment on a related blog post with links to your website included.

Affix the share buttons on your blog post.

The share button in the blog post is another essential component in driving traffic to your website. It allows readers to share the post to other social media platforms which can help gain more visitors to your site.

Create powerful and compelling content.

Powerful and compelling contents make good blog posts as it allows your reader to stay on your page, read all of its contents and share it to other internet platforms which can be a way to increase website traffic. Write for the reader and use the best words to catch their attention.

With all of the above methods and strategies, there is no doubt that website traffic will be directed to your website!

So, how can Perth Digital Edge help you?

Perth Digital is here to guide and teach you effective methods in increasing website traffic with the use of an optimised blog. With us, you will be equipped with ideas and marketing strategies that are suited to your business which will put your business on the first page of SERP.  And in that way, you can quickly get volumes of traffic to your own site!


Publishing blogs are great ways to increase website traffic and gain more visitors to your site. In publishing the blog, you should also consider the criterion for increasing website traffic to ensure a positive result and higher ROI.

Sounds like an idea, right?

Still struggling with website traffic? Pick up the phone now.

Call PERTH DIGITAL EDGE for quicker digital solutions!

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