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Dynamic Search Ads in Perth

Google AdWords has an interesting ad type known as Dynamic Search ads. This type of advertising is actually a very effective method to implement so clients and customers can find exactly what you’re offering online. If you have a well-developed website with a large stock inventory such as a car yard or record store these types of ads can increase your ROI immensely.

They work by scanning the content of your website for keywords that have been missed in your normal search campaigns. The landing pages and ad Titles are also dynamically generated, which continually keeps your ads having a high relevancy score and saves time. A general meta description is the only user implantation needed. This article explains how Dynamic Search Ads work, and how they might benefit you. For instructions, go to Create Dynamic Search Ads.

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How Do Dynamic Ads Show in Google

There are several different algorithms that google ads uses to make matches to users search’s including “exact” and “broad” match. Dynamic advertising, however, uses its own pattern recognition software, this occurs by scraping your site from frequently used “key-words” and the dynamic ad will randomly generate the ad required in an instant.

Dynamic Ad Example

If you own a car yard and someone searches on google “1969 ford mustang” and you haven’t targeted this keyword within your ordinary ads sets, the dynamic campaign will randomly generate an ad and send people to the correct landing page about that product or service.

When Not To Use Dynamic Ads

– Dynamic Search Ads shouldn’t be used if your website changes rapidly like with daily specials etc.

– There are some industries not suited for Dynamic Search Ads including pharmaceutical, gambling and adult sites.
For Dynamic Search Ads to work effectively and at their best, It’s recommended that your website is well optimised so that the dynamic ad crawlers can easily identify content. If you have strange formats such as flash or images with deals written on them, Dynamic search ads can use this.

– Your website domain must work with HTTP:// at the beginning. If it only works with HTTPS://, Dynamic Search Ads and creatives will be disapproved for ‘Destination not working.

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Dynamic Ads & Remarketing

In terms of a remarketing campaign, Dynamic ads can be very effective. By using past visitor traffic from your website advertisements can be dynamically created so the user can have a second look at your product. This is done by leveraging dynamic advertising solutions to onboard user-based data (usually through analytics) or your CRM or 3rd party networks such as Facebook user lists.

Overall Benefits

There are a large number of benefits to using Dynamic search ads for your business or brand they include:

Save Time – As there is less work required to generate these types of ads they can be implemented quickly and effectively giving you ROI straight away.

Ad Relevance – it’s hard to continually keep your ads relevant. Dynamically generated Search ads remove this issue.

Capture Additional Traffic – as these ads find content gaps, they can target things you haven’t thought to advertise for.



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