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Copywriting is a type of writing which is used for advertising and marketing. The product itself is called copy and is content written with the intent of increasing brand awareness and to guide the target client to take a particular course of action.

The writers (called copywriters) serve various functions and help create a wide variety of copy, which may include:

  • Magazine and newspaper advertisements
  • Scripts for TV or radio commercials
  • Social media posts
  • Jingle lyrics
  • Billboards
  • Sales letters and direct mail
  • Catalogue
  • Taglines
  • Whitepapers
  • Various other marketing materials

Technical writers and Copywriters serve a similar function and at times their careers follow similar paths. Technical writers focus more on informing people and copywriters specialize in persuading them.

The copywriter will be writing about a car in order to sell it, while the technical writer will be writing the manual.

You can see Copy everywhere, it is part of a huge worldwide industry estimated to be worth $2.3 trillion.

Copywriting is different to editorials or news writing, it is purely concerned with getting the reader to take some action, which could be to buy something, opt-in or engage with a company or engage with a product or service they offer.

This is why you should consider allowing the PERTH DIGITAL EDGE copywriter to become your “salesman in print.”


There are various ways that we here at PERTH DIGITAL EDGE will be able to assist you, so let’s look at the various types of copywriting.


A marketing copywriter is an expert in analysing trends​ in the marketplace which allows them to write correspondence and advertisements that address consumers need. They are experts at influencing the public and addressing people’s wants and needs. They write the text for emails, billboards, online add etc.


Creative copywriters are experts at getting a story to the public. They create new material for commercials or video advertisements by coming up with unique concepts and catchy slogans. They are focused on creating a brand.


Search Engine Optimization Copywriting (SEO) is concerned with coming up with content which will enable a website to rank high on search engine results. Researchers utilize data learned from top internet searches and turn it into ideas for advertising. There is a technique of placing keywords enough times within the text of a website to achieve “optimization” which brings the clients product to a high ranking in search engines. This allows the company to become easier to find and more visible.


Technical Copywriting requires expertise in a particular field. For example, if you had an electrical engineering product you wished to promote, you would need a copywriter who has specialized knowledge to create ads tailored to your product.


This is a web-based form of copywriting and focuses on one subject and may be written in the form of blogs, newsletters, how-to articles etc. It focuses a little less on sales and more on getting information to the reader


We understand the corporate landscape and the commercial and regulatory factors under which your business operates. We can help you communicate within your industry and with your stakeholders in an effective way.

Our corporate communications services include corporate reporting and sustainability communication. We are committed to providing clarity and assisting you to achieve your business objectives and grow your market share. At PERTH DIGITAL EDGE will help you communicate with clients and stakeholders alike in a clear and compelling way. Our mission is to make the process easy and pain-free.


Our Copywriting team has a depth of expertise in all things digital related. We produce informative, search-engine friendly copy that will maximize awareness of your brand, boost your search engine rankings and attract passing interest into interaction and sales.

We are also happy to assist you for writing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various other social media platforms and ensure you are always looking to maximize your brand visibility through powerful, relevant content. We are here to advise you on each part of your content strategy, be it website development, pay-per-click advertising or SEO. PERTH DIGITAL EDGE are all about writing the best copy for your regular clients, search engines and casual customers.


The digital Copywriting services we provide mean we can be your digital content partner. We have an expert team of copywriters and digital marketers who are powered by rock-solid strategizing which will make sure you stand out on the web.

We are a young and enthusiastic team who are equally at home as a creative agency partner or working directly with clients.

We will assist you to:

  • Find your audience
  • Clearly, understanding what they require
  • Build engagement and trust in you
  • Cut through the crowd and stand out whether you are dealing with new businesses, blue chip companies, charities or creative agencies.

We will assist you to make an impact through strong names, taglines and slogans all put together by our expert team of creative talent.

Our caring, flexible and responsive approach means we will be trusted by digital agencies and marketing departments alike to create on-brand advertising ideas and content when needed.

Whichever campaign you are working on, we will bring creativity, insight and a dedicated and highly responsive team to work with you.

The reality of the world now is that everything is digital, including social media, web copy, to images and metadata. This is all content which needs to work in harmony to build your audience. Being smart with your copy will go a long way.

PERTH DIGITAL EDGE’s holistic approach to creating web content will keep your clients happy and help with search engine optimization. It just makes good sense to team up with is today!


The internet has lead to an increase in the range of copywriting opportunities available. This includes landing pages, online advertising, blogs, social media and others, we here at PERTH DIGITAL EDGE are here to advise on the best ways to utilise these methods to grow your business.

Headline creation is a vital aspect to consider whether, for the title of an article or the headline for a sales campaign, readers make a snap decision on a quick peek at a headline and move on unless you grab their attention. The right words to build understanding, create trust and will allow your brand to thrive. Finding those right words are key which is why PERTH DIGITAL EDGE are here to help.

Each day, our Copywriting team is focused on assisting our clients to increase their reach, launch new products and services, build a digital presence or stand apart from their competitors. Our copywriters at PERTH DIGITAL EDGE open minds and close doors. Let’s find the right words together!

There are many reasons to get your Copywriting correct from the start. It will help you advertise and grow your brand or business, so contact PERTH DIGITAL EDGE today for a friendly no obligation discussion regarding your Copywriting requirements! 


We are only a phone call or email away, so contact us at PERTH DIGITAL EDGE today!

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