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What Is Website Development

A broad description of website development is the process of developing websites which will be hosted on the internet or intranet.

There are several stages involved in website development which includes the design work, developing the content network security configuration and client-side/server-side scripting. There are various other tasks which may be necessary to achieve the desired website depending on your requirements.

Website development is also known as web development and is features the programming or coding which enables a website to function following the owner’s expectations. It focuses mostly on the Non-design parts of website building.

Website development can feature creating simple plain text pages to more complicated electronic business applications, social network applications and web-based applications.

In recent times, website development has meant the creation of (CMS) which refers to content management systems. CMS can be made in various ways from open source, proprietary or made from scratch. The CMS is a link between the user and the database passing through a browser. One of the advantages of this is that it allows a non-technical user to make changes on their website without needing to study up on technical issues. If desired this CMS process would allow even the less technical folks to make simple changes to their website.

Large organizations and businesses may feature huge web development teams which can feature hundreds of web developers and follow complex industry standard methods or a smaller organization may be, simply require one permanent staff member.

The beauty of using Perth Digital Edge for your website development needs is that we will take care of all of that for you! From concept to completion we are here for you so you can concentrate on your core business rather than concern yourself with a web development team.

Security Considerations For Website Development 

Online security is always a huge concern, particularly for those involved in. E-commerce or running online stores. Due to this our website development team always take the many security concerns into account, such as encryption, checking thoroughly through forms, data entry error and filtering output.

There are various nefarious practices malicious users abuse in order to try to collect information from your business such as email addresses, passwords and particularly sensitive content like credit card numbers. At Perth Digital Edge we always keep fully up to date on the latest cutting-edge security methods in order to ensure that you will have a stress free and safe website built.

What Website Development Can Perth Digital Edge Facilitate 

  • Server and network security set up (configuration of security for networks and browsers)
  • Client-side scripting (writing front-end code)
  • Server-side scripting (writing back-end code)
  • Content management and system development (building and writing websites)
  • E-commerce development (building online stores and e-commerce websites)

How Can Perth Digital Edge Help

Creating a website isn’t a simple process, each website development can be different based on the coding languages, what type of website is required, resources allocated and various other factors. We recommend you discuss your options with a knowledgeable expert.

Our dedicated and friendly team at Perth Digital Edge are here to consult with you from your earliest initial ideas until the complete realization of your website. Whatever questions you may have, we are happy to go through them with you, for you to make the right choices.

Our website development experts will ascertain your website needs and guide you through each step so that you can be confident that the Perth Digital Edge will lead you to have an effective, reliable and safe web presence.

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