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The thought of planning, creating and filming a digital movie can seem to be a daunting task, that is why our expert film making team here at Perth Digital Edge are here to talk through your ideas and concepts with you and form a concrete plan to create your digital movie vision.

We will walk you through the process and explain the various steps involved. You can choose to be regularly involved or you can leave the planning and implementation of your Digital Movie Creation to us. Either way we will ensure that you have a stress free experience and end up with a first rate product and excellent Digital Movie!

Trust the dedicated Perth Digital Edge team to help you make your digital movie creation a reality!

What Is Digital Movie Making

There are many ways to approach Digital Movie Making, from the fun home video experiment to put up on YouTube to the complex, highly produced marketing video which you may use to reach client’s on your website. Whatever your approach is, it can be considered a creative and fun form of communication​.

The basics needed are a digital camcorder, computer equipment and some editing software, with this you can produce a simple Digital Movie. If you require a more complex production, our professional team can put together the required equipment and personnel as required.

Quick Wins With Video

When planning your Movie Advertising campaign what we call “Quick Win” videos are a perfect way to build credibility and trust with your target audience. These are proven, but simple tips which can be shared via a short video.

They are not necessarily to do with your products or services and are generally a short clip featuring useful information perhaps for overcoming a particular issue or achieving something, which your viewers will find useful. They are a way to advertise your website as a useful source of information and attract more web views.

The following are some examples of this:

  • The best method for closing a sale to a prospective client
  • Easy changes you can make to improve relationships
  • Free tools for increasing your social media followers
  • Money saving tips and tricks

The Digital Movie Creation team here at Perth Digital Edge are just a phone call or email away. Contact us for a friendly chat and we will run through your options. Additionally if you are interested in the step that are required in making a digital movie for your needs click here.

Trust Perth Digital Edge for an excellent job produced on time and on a budget!

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