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Web Graphics are a vital part of any website. It is at least as important as the content of the site and helps to hold people’s interest while they read through your website Superbly designed graphics use creative ways to get information to your clients.

Web graphics help web designers enhance the design by adding visual appeal and coloring. A website with little or no graphics can appear dull and lifeless. The proper design and layout of graphics will improve the appearance of your website and help to attract clients.

There are various tools which assist in creating unique graphics such as Fireworks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash. Our staff here at PERTH DIGITAL EDGE are familiar with the techniques to improve your website quality with attractive graphics. Graphics are essential for explaining ideas which can’t be put into words, so are particularly effective in e-commerce sites for example to illustrate pictures of the products.

Pictures of your products on your website are a great way of promoting them, but graphics help simplify the content and allow your viewers to understand what exactly they are being offered. Logos, graphs, charts, cartoons etc are effective ways to convey your message. Your web designer will be an expert at effectively integrating these into your website.


Clarity is always a consideration. A clear web design should show things in a balanced way and make pictures, graphics seem relevant to the content. We will help you choose the best graphics to make an impact on the visitors to your website.

Colour combinations are Important aspects to web designing. Balanced colour schemes will make your website appear vibrant and alive. Appropriate colour contrast is an integral part of your overall design and needs to be considered when designing your website graphics.

When designing your web graphics we always need to consider the effect on readability. Our designers here at PERTH DIGITAL EDGE will integrate your Website Graphics in an effective way. Font sizes, layout etc will nicely balance with the rest of your content.

3D graphics can create an effective look for your website. It creates a sense of space between text and other elements. They are a powerful way to achieve great results.

Navigation buttons and menus can look attractive with great graphics. It will keep an interesting tone to your website and help to integrate the various sections on your website. We have many designs available for you to look through and together for inspiration and we can decide together on your perfect custom design.


Most people are visual learners which means we can conclude that relying on images to communicate ideas on your website is a good idea. Photos are undoubtedly important but using graphics can open up a huge world of possibilities. Graphics can combine the communication strengths of text and the visuals of art.

Website Graphics is a powerful tool which can help to enhance your advertising and marketing strategy and communicate your message clearly. We here at PERTH DIGITAL EDGE are experts in guiding you through this. We will help you put a strong Website Graphics package together.

Visual stimuli are something people love, so Website Graphics can be more effective than photos in so many ways. Marketing graphics can be:

  • An infographic to visually spread information
  • Hidden throughout your webpage to draw attention to something
  • A call-to-action to achieve a specific purpose like shares, sign-ups etc

Website graphics are not random, but a deeply considered process. There is a complex method to find the right combination for you. They can be far more effective than a simple photo ever could.


Hiring PERTH DIGITAL EDGE will ensure that your Website Graphics are high-quality and consistent. We will work in tandem with your content writing team (which we would also be happy to handle for you!) to make sure there is a balance between words and visuals. Our winning team will find the perfect combination!

All of this information we have provided is important to consider. We will assist you to ensure all of your website matches in typeface, colour, graphics and special effects. We will help you build a set of website graphics which will be a powerful marketing tool. Put your trust in PERTH DIGITAL EDGE today!

The rise of social media has turned us into a world who needs “instant gratification” and website graphics can be an ideal way to satisfy that. We can design a way for your infographics to receive more likes than your other content. This increase in your website users engagement can be utilized to increase traffic on your page.


Contact us at PERTH DIGITAL EDGE today to talk through your options for media graphics! It is a vital part of your online presence, so it is important that you get it right. Call us for a no-obligation discussion!

Our friendly team will advise and put together the perfect Website Graphics package for your business. We are here to help you every step of the way. Call us to make an appointment today!

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