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What Is Logo Design?

Your brand and corporate identity begin with your logo which is an important way to identify and promote your business. Logo design is an art form that serves as your brand identifier which showcases the essence of your brand and company. With eye-catching logo designs, your brand will be more enticing to your viewers!

Logo designs serve as a window to your brands. It is also the centerpiece which tells a story that reflects positive messages anchored to your brand or product. (Logo design is not the only factor in branding).

Different Types Of Logo Designs

Logo comes with various types and designs for you to choose from. Every business requires a beautifully designed logo to fulfil its marketing strategy effectively. At Perth Digital Edge, we will provide you with a logo design that is custom and suited to your business.

These are the different types of logos for you to choose from:


Lettermarks are logo designs that use letters or company initials as brand identifiers. They are easy to understand and effective in streamlining and promoting your brand. HBO, NASA and IBM use better marks in their logos.It is so important to note that when designing lettermarks, you must consider that the logo theme is anchored to what your company does. (Which may seem complicated if you are not experienced).

Word marks (logotypes)

Think of Coca-Cola and Visa. They use logotypes in branding their business. These names are also distinct which can help solidify strong brand on top of well-designed typography.With logotypes design, the proper font colour is a must as you don’t want a logo that looks dark and unpleasant.

Pictorial marks (pictorial marks or logo symbols)

Logo symbols are a graphic based design that use images to identify brand name or company. This type of logo is predominantly used by companies or brands that are well established such as Twitter and Apple. Choosing a logo symbol can be tricky as you need to come up with a unique image that tells everything about your brand.


Mascots are illustrated designs that serve as the brand spokesperson of your company. They look colourful, cartoonish and fun! Mascots are great designs if your brand is in a family or children atmosphere. The KFC Colonel, Kool-Aid Man and Planter’s Mr Peanut are famous mascots.

Abstract Logos

Abstract logo marks are logo designs that use geometric figures (such as Pepsi and Adidas) instead of recognizable images to represent brand names. The use of abstract logo can add more uniqueness to your brand and which can also embody positive messages.


Emblem is the oldest type of logo which includes a text inside the symbol and gives your design a classy and stylish look. Emblems give a detailed look of your brand through fine looking linework and a very detailed small imagery. Harley Davidson and few other auto brands use emblems to showcase their products.If you want your brand to embody a traditional and classic look, choose emblems for your logo design. 

Combination Marks

Combinations marks use all of the mentioned logo designs at the top – lettermarks, word marks, abstract, emblem, mascots, pictorial marks, etc. Lacoste uses versatile combination marks for brand identification.

Choose Perth Digital Edge For Your Logo Design

Perth Digital Edge takes pride in serving clients with efficient customer service and good quality work. Logo design is one of the most well thought out concept and services that we deliver in order to help you expand your digital business. These are the reasons why you should use us:

  • We work efficiently.
  • We deliver good quality work.
  • We will help you conceptualize your logo design.
  • We are open for suggestions for the betterment of your chosen logo design.
  • You will achieve the most suited logo design for your brand.
  • You can always talk to us about your concerns.

As mentioned, Perth Digital Edge is here to fulfil your digital business promotion needs. Talk to us for good quality logo designs!

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