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Our Graphic Design team here at Perth Digital Edge can offer various services to aid your business. We can assist you with web graphics, site graphics, business or product logos or simply business cards for your staff.

What Is Graphic Design

With the rise of the internet, it is important to distinguish between Graphic Design and Web Design. Although they are related and their functions can overlap there are significant differences.

Graphic Design involves problem-solving and visual communication using photography, illustration and typography.

A graphic designer has varied duties but essentially, they take ideas and messages and create visual versions of them by using images, text and symbols.

There are many ways to use the skills of a graphic designer​, but commonly they specialize in corporate design (logos and branding), advertising, web design, editorial design (newspapers, magazines and books), signage, communication design and product packaging.

Web Design differs in that it purely focuses on the web. It utilises many different skills used in the production and maintenance of websites. There are many different parts to web design which includes, web graphics design, authoring and interface design, user experience design and search engine optimization (SEO). On many occasions, web designers will work as a team in order to cover the wide range of the design process, while there may be certain designers able to cover the whole process.

Print and web design share many of the same design elements: images/graphics, shapes, lines, colour typography etc. So many of the skills and practices apply to both.

There are, however, significant differences particularly for layout requirements. For graphic design, all information must be displayed within the printing area (think the area of a business card for example ) whereas for web design there is almost unlimited space to utilize and varied ways in which to present it.

Printed projects are restricted by certain parameters such as margins and bleeds whereas websites try to follow consistent designs in order to appear similar over various places they appear (various browsers, mobile platforms etc.) and part of the web designers’ job is to be familiar with all of the different possible options and how best to produce a harmonious effect over them all.

What Graphic Design Services Can Perth Digital Edge Offer Your Business

Design can be helpful in selling a product or idea and generally aids with the marketing and advertising process.

Here at Perth Digital Edge, we specialize in offering the following services for your Graphic/Web design needs –

Of course, after you utilize our service to assist you with these we are here to help you use them effectively, whether that is through a Digital advertising campaign or any other part of your overall strategy.

Marketing And Communication with Graphic Design

Marketing and communication design for a website is an important element of Graphic/Web design that  Perth Digital Edge are specialists in implementing. This may help identify what will be effective in attracting your target audience. 

Designers will have an inherent knowledge of the website they will develop and factor in the different considerations for their target group. For instance, a business to business website will be designed in a different way to a consumer website in order to appeal to a different target.

The designer may also consider the good name or reputation of the website owner in order to ensure they are portrayed in a flattering and accurate light.

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