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What Is Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is also known​ as social media targeting is a way of describing various types of advertising on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

The great advantage of using this type of advertising is that it enables an advertiser to target clients by analyzing their demographic information and interests.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the best known and most used social media platform and has created targeting methods which allow a specific audience to be targeted with advertisements. This is a technology within Facebook itself called Facebook Ads. It is particularly efficient at directly targeting the desired users.

When answering a series of questions on the Facebook Ads Manager it is possible to define the desired target market through analysing traits such as location, gender, age, interests, job, marital status etc.

This is a particularly effective method of advertising as the Facebook user ends up seeing less intrusive ads which will be relevant to their interests and be more likely to be effective.

LinkedIn Advertising

In addition to advertising, the business focused LinkedIn, offers for-pay research. With the 590 million and growing members of LinkedIn almost exclusively business people or those who wish to work for them, it represents a vast target market for advertisers to get in touch with business owners directly.

LinkedIn has plans for a huge social network of business professionals which has great potential in the field of business-to-business research. This data could be seen by some as more valuable than advertising.

LinkedIn has been operating their Sponsored Updates as a service since 2013. LinkedIn users can now pay a fee to have LinkedIn spread their content to the vast user base.

How Can Perth Digital Edge With Social Media Advertising

  • We always aspire to achieve the best results​ for your company
  • Implementing Social Media Advertising strategies for your business
  • We apply low risk and high gain economical strategies for your business
  • We ensure that we achieve quick results

Who Can Perth Digital Edge Help with Social Media Advertising

  • Individuals who have a solid idea
  • Start ups
  • Small to medium enterprises
  • Medium to large business and enterprises
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