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What Is A Blog?

A blog simply refers to a “weblog”. An accurate way of describing a weblog is that it is a website that is similar to a diary or journal. It is an Informational website that promotes discussion on various subjects.

Posts are usually displayed in reverse chronological order, which means the recent posts appear at the top of the web page. Blogs have usually been the work of one person and often focusing on a particular subject of interest. In recent times, “multi-author blogs” (MAB’s) have become more popular featuring many writers on diverse subjects and have a more professional approach, in particular with the editing.

MAB’s have been created from various sources including universities, newspapers (and other media outlets), advocacy groups, think tanks and similar organizations. These have all helped to create a rise in the quantity of blog traffic. There have been various “micro logging” sites created such as Twitter which has helped single-author blogs and MAB’s integrate into the news media.

One of the attractive elements of having a blog is the direct connection you can form with the reader. Whether you are using your blog for a personal reason such as discussing a hobby or for promoting your business, the interaction with the reader is an important factor to consider when deciding to start your online blogging. Building your readership and developing loyalty and trust opens up the possibilities of making money from your blog.

The Money Making Potential Of Your Blog

There are several reasons why you should consider blogging, one of the main ones is the ability to make money. Some of the top bloggers in the world are making a serious income, but certain part-time bloggers can make a decent profit if things are set up correctly. We here at Perth Digital Edge we are the experts at guiding you through the setup process and advising you on how to monetize your new blog.

Another factor to consider is the ability to earn passive income. Even if you can just dedicate a couple of hours a week working on your blog you will continue to earn from your post in the long term. Perth Digital Edge is here to ensure you can earn a long-term passive income.

The first steps to ensure are creating great and interesting blog content and then finding ways to expand your readership through the promotion of your writing. Once this is achieved, there are many ways to start making money from your blog, these may include, getting paid to review selected products on your blog or selling your own products or services. However, the easiest and surest way to earn well is selling advertising space. 

The key is developing a popular blog and Perth Digital Edge are here to help you plan your strategy to achieve that. Once your blog is popular advertisers will be keen to take the opportunity to advertise on your blog. One great way to utilize this interest is to use Google AdSense as they find advertisers on your behalf and sends you a check. 

There is great potential to create a money-making blog and our expert staff are here to guide you through the setup process.

Reasons To Create A Blog

There are various other reasons to start a blog which you should consider. One big one is to share your story and opinions. Your blog allows you to have a voice and to be heard whether it focuses on something personal or your business activities.

You have the potential to share your story with the whole world and the recognition of your business (or your own achievements) is an attractive reason for some people to decide to begin blogging. This could take a diary form to keep your readers informed of your day to day activities. A blog is one of the most effective ways to get your story known.

A successful blog can gain you recognition as an expert in your field and is an ideal way to promote your business. Even movie or book deals have come about as a direct result of what began as a simple blog. That is an unlikely outcome, but your blog can still be a powerful promotional tool. 

Blogging is a perfect way to locate a community of like-minded people. It is an interactive process, in essence, you compose a post and then people comment on it, so it is an ideal way to connect with people who have similar interests. Your blog will allow both you and your readers to learn from each other’s experiences.

Why Use Perth Digital Edge To Create Your Blog?

Our friendly and dedicated team here at Perth Digital Edge will be there for you every step of the way while your blog is created. Whether it is planning, finding practical solutions or helping to get the writing process started we are here to advise and help! We are particularly strong in the digital advertising field and we will help you monetise your blog with expert advice.

Blogging has become an accepted method of both business and self-promotion. There are clear cost-effective advantages to having your own blog and the potential to interact and learn from your readers is apparent. Creating a successful blog and earning well from it is achievable with the input Perth Digital Edge.

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