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What is Content Creation?

Content Creation also is known​ own as Content Writing services have grown greatly as a form of work over the past twenty plus years due to the incredible rise in the range of online activities. Content Creation comes in various forms which we will discuss but basically, it is the writing for a website to explain what it is all about and what it may offer to a client.

The rise of the internet has truly led to a global job market and content writing services vary widely. Some examples of work offered by content creating organizations are blog posts, web page information, product description, press releases, article copy etc. Pricing can vary, but a price per word rate is often quoted.

As we have developed throughout the 21st-century typical content creation has developed into various different segments, Some of these include:-

  1. An Article is a detailed and informative piece of writing used by companies to inform in a particular subject.
  2. A Blog is a way of communicating with readers through an interactive set-up. It needs​ to be maintained and uploaded by an individual or organization as needed.
  3. Web Content is the text written on every website that informs the reader of what is being offered and emphasizes the services and topics available.
  4. A Press Release is a brief update from a PR manager informing of any new relevant information.

What type of content creation can our writers offer your business?

SEO Copywriter

can handle many writing tasks. They are suitable for creating high volume content which does not necessarily require a high level of expertise. Typically, due to the general nature of the writing, the costs are lower than something more specialised.

SEO copywriters are also general writers who know how to include target phrases and keywords into web copy to promote a websites search engine level on sites such as Google or Bing. Some are even experienced in keyword research. They are the writers you need when you need to ensure more web traffic.

Brand Journalist

Writers with journalist type skills are typically more comfortable with writing longer​ articles such as those seen in newspapers or magazines. They are expert at finding the interesting part of your product or service and presenting it in a way that will appeal to readers. They will find a way to create narratives that will stress the human interest side of your business.

Typically Brand Journalists are effective at creating headlines that will create a high number of clicks. They also specialise in creating content highlighting your companies background and mission, newsletters, community involvement etc. Pitches for third party placement, investigative blog posts or adapting stories to fit your brand type are another part of their skill-set.

Lead Generation/Conversion Writers

These writers are somewhat similar to the digital/UX writer but more focused on generating leads and creating sales opportunities. They have an in-depth understanding of data, psychology and analytics which allows them to create effective copy. They know selling methods that will overcome barriers to sales and use these to help clients move closer to deciding to buy.

They are particularly suitable for tasks such as:

  • Web banner adds
  • Sales letters
  • Landing pages
  • Calls to action
  • Online pay-per-click adds

Digital/UX Writers

With the rise of apps and more sophisticated websites, interactive environments have become more standard. They may utilise links, buttons, many different screens or other actions for the user to get to where they wish to go. This is where a Digital/UX writer becomes important!

They are experts at understanding complicated digital journeys and guiding people through the path’s you wish them to take. They are analytical and will be helpful in making sure the user gets the expected response in an app or website. Digital/UX writers are particularly adept at working on care pages for websites and adding helpful touches to confirming transactions or error messages.

Subject Matter Expert Writer

A Subject Matter Expert Writer has a deep understanding of your industry and can write expert articles about it. They are obviously harder to find than general content creators and can require a higher fee. However, if you have a particular project with narrowly defined goals a subject matter expert is worth the investment.

Subject Matter Experts can help your brand seem more authoritative and can write on specialised topics in a way general content creators can’t. They can help free up your own experts for other tasks for other, perhaps more niche subjects. They typically consider new angles to a topic and will suggest ideas that you hadn’t considered.

Subject Matter Experts are particularly suited for deep content such as:

  • E-books
  • Whitepapers
  • Executive briefs
  • Link generating content
  • How-to content
  • Pillar blog posts or articles


The great advantage to using an Influencer is they will share the created content to more varied and different people. They have a built-in audience and can share the content with them on their online platforms. They can create credibility for your products or services and create a good name for your brand.

They may already have strong relationships that will make it easier to get favourable treatment from publishers, so you should consider using their content promoting ability.

Advertising Copywriters 

An Advertising Copywriter is an expert at working in media where time and space are important considerations. They can write concisely and create short powerful messages, whilst finding unique content on popular subjects. They are particularly useful if you are in an industry with a high level of competition​.

An Advertising Copywriter is adept at creating or improving your brand voice. They are expert in traditional media like TV, radio, prints etc, but are also useful anywhere you need short and powerful copy such as homepages, Landon pages or online advertising.

Technical Writers  

Technical writers specialise in making the hard to understand, understandable. They write highly specialised content using sequential thinking to create instructional materials.

Technical Writers will be able to help you with content like:

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • How-to’s
  • Guides
  • Manuals
  • Instructions
  • Informative technical content

Why Choose Perth Digital Edge for your Content Creation Needs?

At Perth Digital Edge we have a young energetic team who will take care of any of your content creation. From a simple blog post to the most technical documents we have the team members to assist you!

Call or email Perth Digital Edge today for a friendly no obligation chat to discuss how we may help with your Content Creation needs!

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