Content is king online! A good content marketing strategy revolves around having optimised content. At Perth Digital Edge, we provide a range of content marketing solutions. Content marketing will boost visibility, drive traffic, encourage more leads and conversions. As a content marketing agency, Perth Digital Edge can provide your business with strategies, analysis and data to add value to your business.

To make your business stand out online, its content needs to stand out head and shoulders above your competitors.

Many businesses around the world from Fortune 500’s to your own competitors spend time on content marketing. At Perth digital Edge, we can kick start a content marketing plan by creating copy, images and broad content that adds value, builds trust and increases revenue overall.

Marketing that Creates a Business that’s more Human

People need to know at a glance who you are, what you stand for and that you can be trusted to deliver. What does it take to make a business more human? Recognising that your product is bought by people. People who can get distracted by too much technical language, detailed specifications and complex sales messages are hardwired to bring emotion and trust into even the most seemingly rational of business – purchasing decisions.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing services provide strategies around the creation and sharing content to promote businesses. The trick to making authoritative content is to make sure it stands out from other similar businesses so it engaging with your audience better than your competitors content does. Anyone can have a go at content marketing but the trick is for your content to stand out and stand out from others like you do. For more information about us becoming your content marketing agency please talk to one of our strategists here.

What Involved in Content Marketing?

As a content marketing agency we are using a number of strategies to share content to your audience. Social media marketing is linked to content marketing mainly because it involves businesses using social media as a way to engage customers. PR distribution involves writing press releases about an appropriate event such as a product or service, interesting stories from the business, upcoming events and other newsworthy topics. There are 2 main ways to share a press release when it’s complete, use a press release service or pitch it directly to a journalist for distribution.

When designing a Social Media Marketing campaign for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn it’s about understanding what the audience wants, being targeted with your posts, sharing and discussing your content, and engaging with your audience.

Content Marketing to Earn Links

Content marketing can go a long way to improve your SEO and earn links from external sites. There are many different content sharing options that can help your site with link building, including blog posts, eBooks, infograms, infographics, and videos. Did you know link building is a form of content marketing? With good content, Links will be created when other websites or social media platforms provide links back to your website.

The truth is that if you have high quality content, the chances are much greater that your content will be shared or referenced which earns you ever-important links – this is fantastic from your websites SEO. Content is a great way to attract interest in your business from external parties no matter where your business is located.

Reposting Blogs to Web 2.0’s

Web 2.0 is places on the internet that host user generated content. Examples include Wikipedia and blogging platforms such as Blogspot. Posting your blog content to a web2.0 means your content is available on a more public platform. It also provides a number of useful backlinks which improves your website SEO. Use canonical tagging to make sure your content doesn’t show up as duplicate content in the search engine results. The canonical tag can be used to let the search engines know the source of the original content, and helps them gain more online views than your website. Need help with this ? No worries we are here to help.

Content Marketing also Involves

Blogger outreach is another common content marketing strategy. Inbound marketing focuses on drawing customers to the product or service of your business using content which is relevant and interesting. Examples of blogger outreach services include sponsored posts, product reviews, online giveaway, and content development. Customers don’t appreciate being interrupted with content which isn’t relevant to them and the last thing you want to do is to become clickbait, rather than compete with other businesses using aggressive techniques. Instead of competing against other businesses, inbound marketing tailors content to the customer by addressing the needs of a target audience through attractive content, it must be attractive and interesting to appeal to your target audience so you can engaged, excite and attract your perfect customer.

Turn your Blog into a Value-Adding Asset

Your knowledge can be found through your blog to help your audience understand what they need to ask for. Use it to build trust in your brand and build it into a catalogue that nurtures enquiries and sales. Talk to our content copywriters about how to turn your blog into a catalogue of quality content that nurturer sales and leads to an audience that needs to know about your content, and build on what you’re offering to share free information on your own site. For more details on how to build a honeytrap blog, contact us today.

What we do at Perth Digital Edge

We dive deep into your Business so we can understand where your ideal customers are, this allows us to accurately place ads on platforms that they are using, so we can make strong connections with them so get your business meaningful marking results. We Create Customer Focused, Tailored, Cutting Edge Marketing Campaigns that Match the Behaviour of your Customers, with Creatives that Demand Attention.

We take the complex and technical, and distil it into a simple yet powerful brand, providing a foundation for your marketing. Need a perception change, brand awareness or more leads? We can create helpful and insightful content that fulfils real business objectives for the real world.

We’ll create a tailor-made digital marketing/ content marketing strategy

Don’t waste time telling a story no one wants to hear to an audience that doesn’t exist. Start by understanding who you’re trying to help and what constitutes useful, usable content for them. It important to make sure your content marketing strategy supports your “big-picture” marketing and business goals. We’ll show how you’re thinking strategically about what you want to achieve and what you have at y0ur disposal at the end of the day.

 Our approach to social media advertising

As a Perth-based agency we have perfected the science of social advertising. Process + Smarts + Analysis + Tools = Success is at the heart of everything we do. Our team in Perth continuously optimise your campaigns to maximise ROI. Our social media advertising experts identify and assess opportunities and issues continuously. As a client, you’ll have tools providing real-time, campaign performance and activity transparency.

Strategic Social Media Management Perth

Aims to build client relationships that will allow your businesses to grow and succeed. Strategy and Branding is key to creating the best possible social media strategy. Timing is everything and the tone, feel and impact of the channel as a whole should be carefully considered. We conceptualise designed versions of your feeds so you can see how all aspects of campaigns will come together. We show potential clients what sets your brand apart from the others. We create a mix of images, videos and blog posts to really get your brand message across to your customers. We also develop the key campaign threads and map out the optimal timing for each. This constantly reviewed as ideas are tested and optimised further for maximum impact.

Video Production

We create everything from on-location testimonials to vox pops, video blogs and more. Our custom-made video blogs can be used to engaged, excite and entertain your ideal client.

Video Production Specialists in Perth

The specialist video production team at Perth Digital Edge has been involved in the production thousands of videos for businesses throughout Perth, Western Australia and around the world.

For our award-winning team nothing in the video space is classed as too hard, will work tirelessly to help you achieve your business goals.

We have experience in the following corporate video, 3D graphics, motion graphics, character creation, drones, animation, 360 video, virtual reality, and more.

Find out more here or, if you know what you need talk to your customer and you want to create a lasting relationship for your business reach out today.

Newsletters and Email Copy

Execute on your email marketing strategy with our experts in the driver’s seat of your automation platform. Need help with your email marketing well…. We help leverage email marketing as part of a content marketing strategy to build and nurture leads and cultivate customer loyalty.

Content Strategy Implantation for Digital Marketing

Good content the driving force behind every website deliverable, our creative team that ensure only high-quality content is put in front of your target audience.

Our team of content marketing strategists are able to take a scientific approach to inbound marketing and content marketing campaigns using hard data to craft the perfect strategy to achieve client goals.

Case Studies and Website Copy

A case study example would be a story that a client tells that outlines the value of your brand to your customers. This can attract more potential visitors with things like landing pages, this can drive a potential sale down the funnel.

Email Content

Email continues to be the best method to reach out one on one, we say. Spam does not work. Email is the best way to reach people who are actively looking for it.

Blog Content for more Website Visitors

We’ve written highly researched web-ready text and content for clients such as Westside Auto, Complete Schools Reports, Energetics Institute and many more.

Lead Generation

No matter if you’re after c2b or b2b content solutions, we’ll be able to capture more leads before they become lukewarm and disappear.

Content Marketing Perth – Your Goals, Your Strategy = Achieved

Every search engine results page is opportunity for your organisation’s online presence. We aim to make the customer journey as seamless as possible with engaging content, passionate messaging and data-backed strategy creating meaningful business-consumer experiences. Our content marketing experts generate qualified leads, drive conversion rates and conversion rates. We’re not another marketing company. We’re tangible ROI in your back pocket. Make gains towards your business goals starting now. It’s that simple. Start now.

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We all know that feeling, where our heart skips a beat from a good old tune. Wouldn’t it be good if you could get the same reaction from social media adverts through the power of music also?


Instagram exploded in 2012 when Facebook purchased and took it over. The platform has over 800 million active users monthly and around 500 million of them use it daily.


LinkedIn is a social media marketing platform that has serious reach, with over 400 million active users every day. Unlike Facebook or Google advertising.

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