Organic Traffic Statistics

Case study 4 is a very large client which came to Perth Digital Edge with a well implemented SEO Strategy in place. In a 6 month period we where able to increase there traffic by over 65,81% This was done during the Covid-19 outbreak in Perth WA 2020.

Total Conversions

This client has had an increase of 213.23% in total conversions in a 6 month period. (during Covid-19 outbreak Perth WA) comparison on previous 5 months wor of data (pre-Covid)

Client asked us to remove Goal Value as there last agency set it up incorrectly and they didnt want it implemented.

Search Engine Results Position Visibility

This client has a large site and alot of keyword potential. They have 47 primary keywords. We have successfully put 45 of them on the front page in the top 3 position. This client enjoys continual grow and success from our SEO efforts and is now using us as an agency long term.


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